Nephew wedding today, hope fatigue is not on the guest list!

had a really bad day yesterday so stiff and tired but feel a bit better today. Hopefully this will last as I am going to my nephews wedding today and dont want to end up asleep in a corner! I am already a bit miffed because I can no longer wear high heels and have put on quite a bit of weight in the last 6 months so I am not happy with my outfit even though I am told it looks good so if I lose my energy as well it will just about round the day off.

I am not sure why but ever since the fatigue has taken over and I feel washed out all the time I just feel scruffy all the time regardless of what I am wearing.

I had better go and start to get ready slowly and hope that when I have finished I feel a bit better about myself lol.


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Know exactly how you feel Jonesy, I deal with the same tiredness week in week out. Feel ok for a couple of days then bang its like my energys gone awol, nothing there and everything's an effort. Add the shortness of breath, joint stiffness and I wonder at times if life is worth living. Whatever I wear doesnt feel right and I have days of depression, even a shower doesnt do the trick like it used to :( Hope the wedding went well and you survived x


The wedding was beautiful. Managed to stay until about 10.00pm but think I am going to suffer for it today so only going to do what is absolutely necessary. How I felt about my outfit did not really improve and being only 5' 2" inches in a family of giants meant I was often in the front of photographs but I am sure the bride who looked like a princess will be all anyone will notice lol. Thanks for your support



Hi Sue,well from one Sue to another,it sounded like I was reading something I had written.Glad all went well at the wedding.My son got married 6 weeks ago I I also had the same worries but just about got through it.I wasnt that happy with my outfit in the end,lovely dress that didnt look too good with my bloated belly.I am have such bad times,joints ache,I have torn ligament in my knee,just hurt everywhere.The fatigue is a nightmare.Hard to put up with and people just dont realize what we have to put up with.Sue x


Hi Sue,

I know how you feel. I had a wedding reception last night and it was the first social thing I've gone to since being diagnosed with SLE in September. I wasn't looking forward to it as I've put on weight on my face due to steroids and like you not comfortable in anything I wear. But it was my husbands family so felt I had to make an effort. Managed to last till midnight which was amazing as in bed by ten at lastest usually. Got the usual comments "you're looking really well" and "doesn't look like there's anything wrong with you" which makes me want to scream.

Very tired and sore today but off to bed now and hopefully won't have to get up early tomorrow to take kids to school. Glad you enjoyed your day. I think it does do us good just to get out for a wee while.

Keep positive and keep smiling




Hi Sharon. Nobody told me I look well but I have been looking pale for a while so maybe they didn't want to risk it lol. Really tired and achy, and I have been feeling sick since the wedding because I had terrible reflux on Saturday night and I am trying to decide whether to go to work today or not.

It was nice to be with all my family at the wedding and we have some lovely photographs. It was the first time I had been out somewhere special for some time and only went because my daughters had bullied me into it as one of them thinks I am becoming a recluse lol. I just do not look forward to going out because of how I feel about myself at the moment. I have another nephews 40th in December so I had better start looking for another outfit and hopefully I will like that one.

Well I had best go and make my mind up about work but really tempted to go back to bed.

Sue x


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