Countdown the wedding is only in 19 more days

Countdown the wedding is only in 19 more days

So I was hoping that I would go into remission before the wedding but I didn't think that it was going to happen I'm still going to take the pictures with my really pretty heels that I have I just can't walk in them but I hope that that day I just feel little bit better a little bit of energy something one good thing came out of this is that I was able to lose wait to where I feel good and my dress I want for another fitting I have two more left after this one I can't eat anything from his ulcers in my stomach and stuff I thought that that would heal up by now but that's okay it always could be worse at least I can walk without the Hills heels today I'm dealing with this horribly bad migraines that I get from lupus that are super bad and I can't stand to be in the light or even look out the window so I have to kind of stay in and stay in a dark room it's sucky but yesterday was fun I want this one I got my hair done and then after that I went to the seamstress then I went out to eat with my parents it was such a long day I think that's why I'm so sick today

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  • Hi Juliet, you look absolutely gorgeous...sorry you are in a flare and I can only hope that you get enough rest and recover before the big day.... shoes will be good for pictures, but it doesn't mean you have to walk in them if you can't, the dress is the show stopper and your lovely smile (hair looks lovely too)... Do let us know how the big day goes and thanks for sharing your pre-wedding's made my day...Maggielee

  • Such a lovely photo.

    Here's hoping you're getting all the yucky feeling now and may be get a feel better day at the wedding 😆

    I know what the migraines are like as had one for last 2 days think its the stormy humid weather we have here in uk at moment.

    Really good to hear all pre wedding arrangements getting done so you can look forward to big day.

    I had to use my elbow crutch at my wedding to walk down aisle but had it all decorated up with matching flowers and ribbons and satin/lace gloves covered my wrist supports.I paced myself and managed to enjoy the day and am sure your day will be so special.

    Quite excited for you !

    Do please post photo after the day,when you're rested and up to it, as be great for us all to see a happy event.

    Be thinking of you and wishing you and yours a wonderful day and future

  • Thank-you I'm just glad I can walk 6 months ago I was much worse off.I will be sharing little pieces on here and of course on the day. We need something nice to think of.We deal with so much negativity with this. And I'm excited to celebrate the good part of my life. I have a partner that wants me even tho I'm sick.That's so hard to find someone willingto look past this all and just love you.

  • Thank-you we don't get to many post about celebrate. But our relationship is something that deserves a hurrah, we have been engaged since December 12th 2015 .I was pregnant but we wanted to adopt after getting married. But then I got pregnant on our own so we waited to get official engaged. I believe God had us meet each other and we changed each other's lives in the best way. When we met I wanted to die literally. I was sick didn't believe in love and knew I could never have children according to my dictors.Ryan my fiancee was in love with me we were friends.he was fighting addition and he said he got sober to fight for my love for a year. I Fuente know he had a problem with drugs. But knowing I helped him change into the living father and hubby he is today. I know that this was God's plan. We saved each other's lives in a beautiful way. I was always a good girl no drugs and he knew getting sober as hard as it was would let me know the real him.

  • True love will find its way☺

    I do believe things happen for a reason and you two being there for each other through all that life has thrown at you to give your beautiful daughter a loving life must be part of God's plans .

    Keep strong for each other and let your love for each other and God's love for you both shine through .

    Can't wait for wedding updates 😆

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