Can't get Plaquenil Hydroxy chloroquine anymore

I had been taking plaquenil 200mg hydroxychloroquine sulphate for many years, when switched to a quinoric version I was unwell. The Dr said to make sure Plaquenil was requested. I have just tried to put a repeat prescription through and Plaquenil is no more. I was offered quinoric, which I can't take. I have done some investigation and found out that Zentiva have taken over the plaquenil brand, my chemist can't seem to get hold of this make and had got Black Rock. Is there anyone who couldn't take other brands of hydroxy chloroquine as it caused stomach problems? What have you done and have any of you used Black Rock? I am really worried as I only have enough plaquenil to last till Thursday. Thank you.

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  • Same problem. I phoned Sanofi who confirmed that their sister company Zentiva are making a generic that should be the same as Plaquinel, and said pharmacies should have no problem getting it. My pharmacist can't so am trying 2 other brands in the mean time.

    I've been forced to take Quintroc for a week and all my symptoms have returned already. And I've stayed in bed til 2pm thanks to exhaustion :-(. It is also causing me tummy problems.

    Not good at all :-(

  • Dear Bonnie

    I sent an email yesterday to Zentiva, I await their response and will let you know as soon as they get back to me.


  • Hi louise put my perscription in and told them about the zantiva, but likt you they said they cant get it, they said they will give me all the planquinell they have i think its 42 tablets and try and look for a diff brand as i am allergic to the quinoric and generic brands...can you let me know if you get a email going to have to ring my rhymy this wk after bank holiday to see what they say i think its very bad thaf no one has informed us from our hosp/pharm that this is going to happen x

  • I will get back to you as soon as I hear, hope you get a positive response.

  • For a drug like this which is for chronically I'll people with unusual immune responses it is unreasonable that they have left us in the dark like this.

  • I will get back to you as soon as I hear of anything. I am so frustrated with the lack of knowledge that the medical profession have regarding the Plaquenil. It is the coating which the other brands don't have (they are cheaper to supply without it) that cause the stomach issues. The more fuss and exposure about this, maybe something will be done. Will keep you informed, as I'm having sleepless nights about this..

  • Thanks louise, will keep you posted also.

  • Hello, I have had Plaquenil - Sanofi instead of generic hydroxychloroquine the last few months and it has been so much better, no nausea or stomach pains, so am gutted that they have stopped making it. I am going to collect a prescription this afternoon so will be interested as to what I get. I will also discuss the Zentiva generic with the pharmacist which from googling have seen it has the same ingredients and comes from the same manufacturer. Will let you know how I get on.


  • Hi louise, i collected my percription today, and pharmacy confirmed sanofi brand planqinel is no longer, bless them they have given me the last they had and are ringing consultant in the morning..I have also left a message on lupus team at the hosp asking to call me about this. Keep you posted.

  • this in uk

  • Good news I have just collected hydroxychloroquine Zentiva, you need to tell your pharmacist to contact customer services Zentiva 01483 505515 and request this brand. It was quite a struggle, then you need to ensure that you state this on your next prescription. Good luck


  • Hi, I was given quinoric this month, I start them on Sunday i'm hoping it doesn't have a impact but concerned having heard people saying it has caused them problems.

  • Thanks louise, your a star.

  • Saw this via a usa lupus site, ,anyone know if teva brand is available. Got quinoric awful taste and not for me usally get. Teva brand

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