plaquenil and citalipran

i am atking plaquenil for my lupus sle and was put on citalopran for depression after 3 weeks i woke up one moring opened my eyes and my eyes and brain made the room spin like i was on a merry go round but very fast. i was sweating. i called the ambulance dilated pupils 6mm and very nauseous. i like the plaquenil made me sleep and more calm but i think i have had a reaction. doctor wants me to carry on. i just cant take that happenning again any thoughts plaese x

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  • I was on both in Aug last year, felt like I was high as a kite fought with everyone my brain was working overtime, only good thing I got some sleep. By the time I went back to my Dr I thought they would lock me up she said i am so sorry you weren't able to see me sooner these tables don't agree with everyone and took me off them straight away

  • I take the 2 together and have had no problems...


  • I take the 2 and have similar attacks, including personality change. However, I also had these attcks prior to starting medication. My opinion, through experience, is that it is the lupus and not the meds x

  • I have been taking Hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) for the past 12 years and also citalopram for the past 6 months, i feel the citalopram helps the mood swings and i personally believe that regardless what the dose is i will still have a flare - just dont do what i did which was stop taking them as you will get sick - i have had gastric flu and pneumonia just after christmas becuase i was feeling fine and stopped the meds.

  • Hi tintin, like lauraa11en, I've had these episodes when not on the meds. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to work out the difference between lupus symptoms & side effects of medication. I really think you should discuss it with your GP to see if you can come up with some way of working out which is which.

    Best wishes. X

  • I take both and don't seem to be having any problems, its the prednisolone that seems to give me the most issues side effect wise. All the best

  • thanks everyone for your great input as usual..since i have beed diagnosed i am allergic to so many things but this was frightening to the extreme. i loved the sleep side of it a great comfort but thought my eyes were never going to be the same again really wierd x

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