Symptoms & mean GP

Hi everyone,

3 years ago I was seen by a rheumy who diagnosed me as having arthritis of the hands.

I was given medication and have had no problems for over 2 1/2 years.

A few weeks before Christmas I started to feel extremely tired plus my eyes became dry the GP prescribed eye drops, which would sting when I drop them in my eyes.

Then I had the cold. I return fom work on the Friday and stayed in bed until the Monday morning.

Christmas Day started preparing dinner when I noticed my hands were a little stiff and they ached. Went to bed, woke up Boxing Day riddled with pain in every joint. Again, stayed in bed until the, 29/12/14 saw the GP on the 30/12/14.

He was a locum GP and a mean one to boot. I explained everything to him, he said I have RA. I informed him of my appointment with the rheumy, March 2015. So I asked if he could contact my consultant requesting that my appointment be sooner than later.

His response " I am a locum GP I am new to this practice, I don't know how things are done here anyway what you have is long term and not an emergency"

So he prescribed naproxen and I left feeling, confused, belittled, hurt, embarrassed and humiliated.

03/01/15 the pain in my joints was severe felt like nails were being hammered into my joints, I had fever, headaches, confusion-I didn't know where I was, I was scared, had mid to upper back pain, pain just under my sternum, stomach pains which ment frequent visits to the toilet, plus I was exhausted.

My body no longer belonged to me, I couldn't cope so my husband took me to hospital.

The doctor was so kind. He suspected lupus rather RA, he contacted my GP requesting that they contacted my rheumy to bump up my appointment.

Saw a locum GP on the 06/01/15 she was great she contacted my rheumy so I am waiting for an appointment.

Has anyone had these symptoms and had a GP that has made you feel worthless ?

Universal blessings

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  • So sorry to hear you had such an awful time of it... You've basically described my symptoms back in mid November although my hands not so bad as my legs...the pains under the sternum I too had which was so excruciating I ended up in hospital where after three days they decided on removal of my gall bladder...I have sle, pmle, mild ra and cfs

    Your mean doc...well what a waste of space, it is upsetting when we get treated like that, yes our conditions are long term but does that mean we need to suffer such discomfort and pain!?!? So frustrating I really do sympathise with what you're going through.

    I have read many cases where additional stress has caused Ibs I would keep a diary of foods consumed and body reactions as I know acidic foods such a tomatoes can cause stomach upset but fatty foods affect the gall bladder, I was surprised to find I had gall stones and the doctors didn't suspect it as it's generally a condition associated with older overweight people whereas I'm struggling to put weight on

    Try and stay positive, I think the Gp's that are mean to us are that way because they have no idea about the illness and don't like to admit the fact...I was very lucky when my Gp first heard of my symptoms he said I have very little knowledge of lupus and made a referal to see a specialist

    Stay strong of mind especially when your body isn't playing nice

    Best wishes X

  • Hi Gill_35,

    Thanks for suggesting the food diary and I will do my very best too stay strong

    Universal blessings

  • Hi Powerhouse

    So sorry to read you have been very poorly over Christmas and New Year and have had to fight for the right help!. It does sound like a flare of your illness whether it is Lupus or RA it doesn't matter as the flare flu- like symptoms are the same and can make you feel very ill.

    I'm afraid there are nasty doctors with the wrong attitude and you found one who may have just been having a very bad day!. No excuse to talk to you the way he did , they don't realise how vulnerable we are and how it makes us feel when we have enough to cope with!. I have had 29 years of battling to get a diagnosis and have met some horrible doctors along the way but some nice ones too as you have. Thank goodness you will get an earlier Rheumy appt and I hope it's soon. Let us know how you get on and I hope the Naproxen has helped?. X

  • Hi Misty14,

    I forgot to mention the other symptoms. One I believe it's called brain fog, plus dizziness and my balance is somewhat off. Plus my muscles ache.

    I, spent the weekend in bed and I am still tired.

    Universal blessings

  • Hi - I have had similar symptoms in the past and have a diagnosis of seronegative RA with add ons including Sjogrens and small fiber neuropathy. It is horrible coming across unpleasant GPs but at least this one was just a locum - worse when you are stuck with them everytime. I'm very lucky with mine in that they always take me seriously, can occasionally be a bit snappy when I present with too many new or recurring symptoms over too short a period of time. But when this happens I point out that this is a multi-system disease and I don't have anyone but them to ask because my rheumy only comes to the island where I live every few months and there is no rheumy nurse or helpline. They are mostly great.

    If you come across anymore unpleasant medics I suggest you look them in the eye and tell them how they are making you feel if you can summon the strength to do this. I did this once many years ago when a GP was foul to me about symptoms which, looking back, were probably related to those of my autoimmunity now. I endured it once, then had to see him again a second time and when he tried it I looked at him and said "do you really think I would come back and see YOU again if I wasn't completely desperate with pain?". Like all bullies he backed right down then and there. It turned out that I had a virus infection affecting my inner ear which had caused a large blister to form on it. Also that his wife had walked out on him for another man the day before my appointment.

    With chronic conditions it is really important to have strategies in place to deal with the less pleasant people we sometimes come across I think. I hope you can get your appointment brought forward. It is especially important if you do have RA because early diagnosis and treatment can prevent damage to your joints occurring.

  • Hi Twitchytoes,

    I have made an appointment for the 28th of this month, with the GP. She is very popular with the patients, where possible looks at alternative treatments and she is one of the practice partners.

    But my appointment with her is not of a medical nature, it's to complain about the way I have been treated.

    You live on which Island?

    Sound very difficult to get the medical treatment that you need.

    Universal blessings

  • Hi Powerhouse

    Think very carefully about complaining about the locum Doctor you saw. Doctors stick together and you need them more than they need you at the moment!. Good luck for your Rheumy Appt. X

  • Hi Misty14,

    Thanks for the advice, I do need them more than they need me.

    I am still upset about the way he spoke to me and how I was treated.

    Universal blessings

  • Hi Powerhouse

    You must still feel very upset , you've every right to but in time it will fade, it did for me!. It's good he was a locum and you may not see him again at your surgery. All the bestX

  • Yes it can be really difficult to get specialist treatment for rare conditions where I live but I'm lucky that my GPs seem to believe me and take my requests seriously for the most part. I think I probably have several different autoimmune diseases mildly. Not mild enough to be classed as undifferentiated connective tissue disease because the RA diagnosis was apparently based on text book symptoms - but mild enough to have been stamped out quite effectively by 2 years of Methotrexate plus Hydroxichloraquine. So I'm presently off all drugs and six months on there's stil no sign of RA which is very unusual.

    I understand your wish to complain about the nasty locum but please check your eye drops dont contain preservatives ie state "preservative free". Eye drops shouldn't sting. If you have drops that aren't preservativefree I would push your gp to prescribe PF ones instead as this is important for long term usage.

  • Hi Twitchytoes,

    Thanks for the tip regarding my eye drops, I will, definitely check.

    Universal blessings

  • God Bless good GPs and Rheumy's . I suffered much as you did for 8 months. I was sleeping 23 hrs a day. My sister and daughter took me to the hospital as I was almost comatose. They admitted me thinking poorly controlled RA. I rallied well enough to be discharged after 5 days in time for a scheduled appt (my 2nd) with my Rheumy and she took one look at me and sent me to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, She suspected massive clot in right leg and suggested they test for Lupus as well. Sure enough, Its been a 16 month odessey but I am stable now and hoping for the best. Not real happy with all the meds I have to take but adjusting to my life as it is now.

    I also thank God for this site. I don't feel so alone now.

  • Hi

    Last night no sleep, felt very unwell. My joints aching, back pain just under my ribs, stomach discomfort, temperature, plus I am sure I was hallucinating.

    I am exhausted. I can sleep all day and still wake up feel extremely tired.

    Lately difficulty in talking, expressing myself, finding the words.

    I hate the feeling of being trapped,scared and not being in control.

    Good news is that my Rheumy contacted me yesterday morning, I have an appt. on Friday at 10.30

    Universal blessings

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