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Senior GP WILL refer to Lupus specialist!

Hi all

Well. I read my prepared request. The snr GP straight away went on the computer and I asked for the form with the password. He said he was trying to do just that but MRI would not come up. He said sometimes if my RHEUMY not ok it, it would not come up (?) I reiterated my lack of faith in current rheumy and gave details. He kept trying and showed me the screen full of hospitals in and around Manchester from cheadle to macclesfield but no Man Royal Inf. He said the only way was to write a letter then and proceeded to note name etc on screen as he had difficulty remembering Prof Bruce's name. So, easier than I expected but whether my reasoned, reading approach and/or the presence of my hubby sitting there had an extra incentive, we can't know. Watch this space.

Aside to Paul. Have you heard of some hospitals not listed on the choose and book site? Is there a reason for it do you know?

Thanks for all your good wishes and positive vibes sent over the ether for today. I felt that I had an army behind me.



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Footygirl there is an army! Iv recently had a small battle, but thanks to advice on here was able to engage the enemy .....and sort a truce out!

Best of luck for the future


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Hi Footygirl

Great news from your GP appt. Good luck with different Rheumy referral. Keep us posted. X

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Keep up this good campaign...don't let them use any any smoke & mirrors excuses

Please do keep us posted

XO 🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


Hi Footygirl,

The E-referral service (previously 'choose and book') allows you to book your appointment with 'more than 90%' of healthcare providers. The NHS website doesn't give a reason for this but clearly this service is not available for all hospitals.

You can find out more here:



Is it maybe because although the NHS uses private hospitals as providers, they have to offer it as an option, you couldn't choose it - do you see what I'm getting at?


No flower. I think he was using GP humour. For whatever reason couldnt find internationally renowned Lupus professor who practices at a major hospital 30 miles away. Never mind, got my referral. Just through 18th May so keep everything crossed for me guru! Will keep you updated come May.




No - I meant George's comment about only "more than 90%" of providers being available on ebooking.

I've failed totally to find links for world-famous medics in a hospital I used to work in! 

A GP with humour?????????????


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