lupus thumb

lupus thumb

has anyone seen this on the london lupus center site?

My thumb is exactly like this and the rheumy did not pick up on it!

This is what they say:

Lupus Symptoms on Tendons

Perhaps the most common rheumatic feature of active lupus is inflammation in tendons. The patient may not, for example, be able to stretch the fingers flat - "saying ones prayers". Occasionally, this abnormal pull by tendons on the joints may lead to deformity. An unusual, though almost characteristic change is the "lupus thumb" - a locking back into the "hitchhiking" position. This tendency of the inflammation of tendons waxes and wanes as do so many of the features of lupus. It is often the only sign of disease activity in an otherwise symptom-free lupus patient.

Hand and xray of a hand showing a patient with Lupus and chronic tendon inflammation leading to deformities including the "hitch-hiking thumb".

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  • I have hitchhikers thumbs. Although i didn't have them when i was first diagnosed. They seem to have developed over the years. My husband only noticed the shape of my thumbs a little while ago.

  • does taking the plaquenil stop this happening x

  • tintin49, generally any drug that is prescribed to you to decrease inflammation caused by lupus should in theory prevent eformities caused by tendonitis. I've been on plaquenil for 6 years or so and tendonitis has been with me almost all the time. I have massive shortening of tendons but mostly in my legs... so I'm no sure plaquenil does stop it...

  • I take plaquinil and I have just developed darn painful thumbs in last few days..very ouchie! Diclofenac isn't helping this time either...I have been in the sun a bit last few days as my daughter is visiting me (go walkies etc), & one rotten sleep ,and much night sweats...

  • thank you artemis thays intersting to know. i am so very sorry about what has happened to you. lupus is awful as we all know i just wish that drs would be more up on this disease.

    all the best and thanks for sharing x

  • I have the lupus thumbs, though not as severe as these pics, but the pain in my fingers and thumbs is awful. Finding it very disabling.

  • Yes I also have had this from time time to time I must say that because it was so painful I had to go private and pay for cortisone injections which did work Though initially for the first two days after the injection it was Climb the walls pain. I still have problems it not as bad more my thumbs just stick up involunterarily with a little discomfort So maybe these jabs helped long term Hope you can do some research on this and it may help you Love and Hugs x

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