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Seizure in thumb

Can anyone help me with this Last night I went to pick up something with my left hand and my thumb just stiffened and seized It would not move and I had to get my husband to massage it till it eventually released. It still doesn't feel right I've had my whole body seize where it just won't rend to my brain but this was so different I am on 30mg pred 15mg of methotrexate 200mg hydroxychlorequine plus the usual pain and other drugs Thanks any info would be helpful

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Yes, my left thumb does the same thing , is it the lupus? Doc says yes, not so sure. Let me ask you this ? Does this thumb problem move around

? First my hip is so bad can't walk, couple days later its my knees, sometimes everything a at once. Other times its just a certain part . Is that lupus or something else !



Thanks David I'm not sure if its Lupus many years ago I did have problem with both thumbs which used to stick up for no apparent reason Had my own hairdressing salon so had cortosoid injections to keep me working This tho is diff and because I'm now on these meds wasn't sure if t was meds or lupus See doc next week so will ask then Thought if others had experience I could go in informed Thanks for ypur reply Rona


Sorry meant to say first time had this with my thumb Never had hip etc do that only ever whole body seize on me Must say both thumbs feel odd


I have had it with various fingers. My husband massages out. Almost like a locking feeling.

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yes..went to fill kettle that has flip lid on its spout (you hold open with thumb on button)...holy moly, I almost went through the roof..


Hi when I was first diagnosed 30 odd years back I had this problem, the thumb used to lock for no reason and was quite painful. The next time I saw my rheumy I mentioned this and he said it was a classic symptom of Lupus known as Lupus thumb. I have occasional bouts of the thumb going into this spasm, just put up with it now. Hope this has helped.

Caz59 x


Thanks for all your replies will just put up with it Just cos it was different from before I did wonder if it was the meds take care x


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