Lupus Triggers

It is very interesting to note that, so far, the indications seem to be that a virus or infection is suspected as the main trigger for lupus. It certainly was for me. I caught mumps as an adult, in 1969, I was very poorly with it and really never fully recovered. With hindsight, the tell tale signs of lupus started straight away, but lupus was not diagnosed for another 10 years. During this time joint inflammation caused multiple joint deformities. Thankfully diagnoses come a little earlier these days and modern medication is much improved. We must still strive to raise awareness!


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6 Replies

  • Agree, my lupus started after a bout of glandular fever. That was many years back . I'm 75 now and in reasonable health with lupus in remission I had early diagnosis and treatment and haven't needed meds. for most of my life . I avoid sun if possible and use high SPF all year round

  • We seem so similar in many respects, apart from the time taken to diagnose lupus! I am 69 and apart from the joint problems, am reasonably fit and well, and not on any medication for active lupus. I can take some sunshine but don't overdo it. After speaking to many people I am wondering if I had glandular fever too following my mumps due to the severity of symptoms and there seem to be quite a few for whom glandular fever was the trigger.

  • Agree, pleased that you and I seem to be "lucky" that lupus seems to be kept under control.. Like you I can take sun in small doses - just have to be careful!

  • Hi I had glandular fever as a teenager and my gran had thyroid problems they say there both linked to lupus x

  • I got hep c about 30 years ago and have been sickly off and on ever since... Maybe you have an idea!

  • It was plurasy with me

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