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On a lighter note .. Alter Ego ... Do you have one ... ? Have you named them ??

I seem to spend most of my life these days in alter ego mode, so much so I have decided that they really must have a name ... a bit like Princess Regina Falangy aka Phoebe in Friends ....... the minute I walk out of the front door my Alter Ego appears, she is the bright smiley one, who smiles and says "hello luv" to everyone, who seems to have a spring in her step, who seems to struggle to say No, and offers to help, even though the real me is screaming SAY NO SAY NO SAY NO, I tell you something, she uses up an awful lot of energy and spoons (I am loving the spoon analogy) that I need for other things at the mo.

If you can think of a good name for my Alter Ego, please let me know ?

Do any of you have an alter ego that appears ?


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Little Miss Sunshine is one I like but thats mostly because its a story I read to my do understand about the show of smiles :) and wanting to say no but because we assume people wont understand we say yes - at least I do and then pay for it later....


Oh, I love your post. So funny & so true! I often wonder to myself why I use up most of my spoons trying to be Mrs Smiley, Happy, Normal, when inside I feel yuk. Which is the real me, I wonder? The 100 year old bag lady that's stuck in the house most of the time, or Mrs Smiley who ventures out now & again when the spoons allow.


tee hee hee .. so its not just me then :)

Chrisj aka Little Miss sunshine .. I find I kick myself when I have said yes when i mean no ... I then spend time worrying I might let them down .. then I use a spoon worrying about that .. these bleeding spoons get used up so easily .. I need a spoon tree !

Roobarb aka Mrs Smiley .. I too feel like you do .. which is the real me .. but i know the my alter ego is the real me .... or the real me I use to be .. so this week I have allowed myself a day of being the Lupus me where I try and hold all my spoons and then a day of being the real me .. sod the spoons they are clattering all over the place .. I have to go and paint a kitchen ceiling tonight .. so tomorrow I will be back to lupie me .. but for today I shall be Princess Regina :D

Either of you pls feel free to PM me and I will give u my email ... its nice to talk to others that get the whole Alter Ego trip lol



Thats is so true!i am in complete alter ego all the time!infact i should name it like you lol;)do you know what???????ive come to realise that people talk to the alter ego and actually dont talk to me!so i continue living as alter ego ,mmmmm!!1i must find a name ,take care brave;)


I love it when there's a positive post my alter ego changes weekly last week I was Wonder Woman and sang the theme tune in my head whilst I worked full time, cleaned the house, car, gutters, did the shopping the list was endless this week I'm the Derbyshire sloth as I'm pooped. Roll on next week when Miss Ballbreaker makes an appearance as I've got to chase a few people up lol as you can see my alter ego changes constantly I must have split personalities lol xx


Gosh this made me smile, I think not only is my alter ego there for other people but also for me, a tiny holiday from being lupie. Must put some thought into naming her.



loveeeeed your post. I can really relate to the whole 'saying yes, but really wanting to say NOOO' thing, it's been driving me insane and the alter eagers too... been feeling like a right crackhead..

Thank You!


@ Brave .. yes people talk to my alter ego rather than me, inlcuding my family, but tbh, the real me can be such a misery I would rather talk to my alter ego lol :) .. hoping it will get better as they begin to understand a bit more.

@ghogh77 I love the fact yours changes, I feel like wonder women this week, although today I feel more like blunder woman hahah ... would it be possible to send Miss Ballbreaker down here to shout at my builders for me please :)

@mol61 .. effo name ur alter ago, I also think ur right, its a holiday from the aches pain and general bleurgh of being a lupie

@chucch ... you would be proud, I said no to helping at the school fair today, I feel mean, but in the end I had to say I am sorry but no, I cannot help, I can't commit and then worry that I won't be able to help and will let you down, so no ! yeay for me !! I laughed at ur crack head comment so much so I spat a mouthful of tea over the kitchen.

Any of you please feel free to PM me .. there isn't a support group local to me and I am not one for sitting round in a circle saying I am a lupie and I have no clue how I got dressed this morning lol .. so a chin wag over email would be great :)

Jem x


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