Would you like the chance to have your lupus story in a magazine?

Today we have had an enquiry from a freelance journalist who is looking to write an article for a womens’ magazine.

If you are female, live in the UK and you’re interested in sharing your story to help raise awareness of lupus then please send your name and a contact telephone number to laurenashleighfreelance@gmail.com

A fee will be paid to the person who shares their story if it is published.

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  • Paul the email bounces back to me I would be interested


  • This error has now been addressed and the correct email address is now listed. Thank you.

  • i just had the same problem about 1 minute ago as i am keen to submit my story.



  • I tested it out and it got through to Lauren fine. Perhaps try again?

  • Tryin 2 send email won't work?

  • I tested it out and it got through to Lauren fine. Perhaps try again?

  • Good day -

    Hope all is well in the UK. Please understand this is not directed to your site or anyone in your establishment. I enjoy your site find it very enlightening and gives me a sense of normal. This is my frustration , here in the US I find the same concern. Know one is interested in how lupus effects men. Always stories and interested in stories of how women deal with this horrific illness. We are all in the same team. Hard enough getting support for men, let alone having someone listen to our story. I will not give up on supporting men & woman. If you would relay this to your publisher . Www. Mengetlupustoo. ( not yet but very soon ) for me. Or my email would be greatly appreciated! No one should have to live with this, yet feel like your alone. Lupus has its way of doing that on its own. Many blessings to anyone & there families or friends with this.

    Just needed to have my voice & frustration heard.

    Thank you


    Tampa Florida United States

  • Hello David

    Lupus is less well known here than in the States, and yes as a bloke with it, we are the rarer breed. Lupus certainly does have a way of isolating people for a number of reasons and the internets is a wonderful resorce for us as sufferers.

    My view of this article is that anything which raises awareness can only be a good thing, but as the awareness builds, - it is essential that us men are not forgotten.

    Interestingly the older US texts always said that Lupus sufferers tended to be black women. This is certainly not reflected in the groups which I have been involved with. Perhaps that 'fact' is not longer pertinent.

  • Hi David, Nice to hear from you. It would be really interesting to hear your story. How old when diagnosed, how it affects you. what symtoms do you have. etcetc. \Because there are many more females with Lupus than men we dont get to hear the male side of the story i for one would be very interested perhaps you could become a regular for us and keep us up dated with how u r getting along. Best Wishes Deb Ive just joined the site too ive had lupus for 21 yrs.x

  • heya i would love to share as people dont understand what we go through on a daily basis i myself have been very ill on nad off for years changed doctors and many months of tests i have lupus i lost my hair my skin im constantly fighting viruses that wont shift people dont see the inside of this horrid disease

  • I would be interested

  • I would love to but I live in the USA! Krisdy

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