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"The Mark of the wolf !!!!"

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I recently went on holiday and got pneumonia and ended up in hospital. On my release I was told to get another X-ray of my lungs after 3 weeks. I went for my X-ray yesterday and once the radiographer realised I had Lupus, she asked me where my mark was !!!!!

I didn't quite understand what she was on about because I had never heard this before.

She said that people who have Lupus have the mark of the wolf !!!

Talk about feel like an outcast, I felt like a complete freak. I had to go home and google it and it said that Lupus is the Latin word for wolf. That may be so but it doesn't mean we are "branded" with a mark.



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They called it lupus because they said that people who had it, looked like they'd been mauled by a wolf. I think it refers to skin lupus. Interesting, when i first developed cutaneous lupus on my throat and chest, the shape looked exactly like i had been bitten by a wolf.

I do though think what your radiographer said about the mark of the wolf, sounds like a complete load of nonsense.

Hi, I too have to comment on a medical professional who also commented on the wolf mark. When I was first diagnosed a GP at my practice thought it highly amusing to refer to my red face and neck in relation to the wolf. I too hadn't heard of the reference at that time, whilst she went on to explain to me, she continued to be amused by this anecdo

te. Very insensitive!

This kind of ignorance proves all the more how important it is to promote the truth surrounding lupus and take it out of the Dark Ages. Whatever next...? We hunt in packs at the full of the moon?

Well, maybe I'm weird, but I think wolves are beautiful animals and would far rather resemble a wolf than a human with lupus.


Whilst i hate the disease, i don't mind the link to the wolf. Like MaggieS, wolves are beautiful and intelligent animals.

I too don't mind being linked to wolves , as said in previous replies they are beautiful animals. I have the distinctive red blaze across my cheeks and nose, and when it flares up bad, the marks up my arms and chest do look like I've been mauled by some kind of wolf, it has never really bothered me except when people constantly assume I've been away on holiday even in the winter.

Did you know that it is also called the butterfly effect, that is why our symbol for Lupus is a butterfly ? It is the symbol for hope .

It is upsetting when people make thoughtless comments, as if we haven't got enough to put up with. But we have to rise above it and tell them that there comments hurt, otherwise they will never learn or understand the complexities and suffering all Lupus sufferers go through.

Keep your chin up my friend, take care everyone . Trish xx

I was told I had Lupus in 2005, I have never heard the wolf bit before I know about the butterfly. I find it amusing, I laughed, its nice to laugh. Life is hard my mother always said "Life is Wonderful, if you don't weaken". So I say we have to stay strong, charish the good days we have, and laugh when possible. Laughing is the best medicine you know. Um wonder if next we might change into a werewolf next.....:)

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Jennylyn in reply to lason

Be careful a wolf shaped head is not a myth.I can prove this .I have a red shaped wolf on my Left upper arm.I suffer from SLE Lupus.

I have Lupus and yes I have the mark of a wolf head on my left upper arm.it is red in colour.It has been recognised by my Rheumy and my GP.

It is true I am a normal person I do have the mark of a wolf on my left upper arm. I suffer from Lupus.

I look more like a lizard human off Star Trek because my rash is more of a speckled brown thing that goes down the side of my neck on each side. It's similar to pregnancy mask and gets worse in the sun. As I say I could take. Part on Star Trek and not need makeup.

And I'd like to add I like wolves. Butterflies are nice but they are also a sign for thyroid cancer.

Lupus being Latin for wolf is so named because symptoms of lupus can often be diagnosed as other things so think of the phrase 'a wolf in sheep's clothes'.


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