MY Little Wolf

Hi everyone, not written a blog for ages, not been too good ,bit up and down getting nowhere fast.But I`ll survive as we all do. I have been catching up on everyones blogs and I can certainly relate to a lot of others dilemas. I do have difficulty trying to explain to people how I feel especially when they say how well you look, I wish we could have a pair of xray glasses to show them whats going on inside.I `ve come to the conclusion if we had a £ for everytime someone says it ,we would have enough money to fund our own clinics. I am sorry to read some of the bad news people have blogged and pleased for those who are feeling better. I thought I would cheer all you dog lovers out there with my new profile pic, It is my own little wolf , he listens very patiently to all my troubles and doesn`t answer back.

Take care all of you and most of all keep smiling !!!!

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Hiya, sorry to hear you have been struggling - I can certainly relate to you! We do survive, that is what we do best. :)

Love your 'little wolf'. My dogs are the best tonic and keep me going, they never complain and always want to listen and seem to understand.

Keep positive. :D


My two cats are my saviour, when I feel really rotten, they come and sit on my lap and we have cuddles, stroking their fur makes you feel a lot better.


i have a wonderful cat, he is an absolute wuss but you are right, they seem to sense when you are ill and give a lot of affection, even in the middle of the night. i would be very lonely without him


Hi, people dont know what you go tnrough just because you look good on the outside they think you are ok, last year i nearly died i collapsed at home i was in hosiptal for three months at times my family thought i would never come home, i have 4 kids and my husband died, but thank god i must have done some thing good that god has given me a second chance, my kids cherish the every day that i am here with them, be strong and that will be tne only tning that keeps you going.


Love the pic :) Wish I still had my doggie to cheer me up! Hope you're feeling better soon.


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