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unsure of flu vaccination????

Hi all,i have had flu jabs in the past ,before lupus was diagnosed ,and always reacted really bad to them ,so havent had one since,however , as i now have a multitude of autoimmune issues including lupus my immunity is even worse than ever ,i seem supersensitive to most meds and vaccines and am worried to have a flu jab ,any info would be much appreciated!thanks ,heaps ,good health to all ,brave;)

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Go For it.having Flu could cause you untold problems.But check with Doc also!


An alternative viewpoint.

My wife suffers with asthma so 5 years ago, on the GP's advice, she had a flu jab in October 2007. She felt awful for the next six months and since that time her health has declined. We believe, and one specialist suspected (but could not confirm), that the flu jab and resulting illness was the trigger to her ME.


Thats interesting ,thankyou,i have always reacted badly to vaccines and now with lupus and all the other ailments i cant imagine puting anymore stress on my system ,i kinda feel ,eat well ,live well and hope i dont get to sick over winter???my system still hasnt recoverd well from the shingles months ago so to put another strain on me worries me ,thanks foryour input,i have a client that also reacted very badly with the flu jab ,she is an asthma victim and has never had another one since ,keep well brave


There are several things you should know.

When you have lupus, the three things most likely to kill you are uncontrolled infection, kidney failure, or cardiovascular event (heart attack or stroke).

People with lupus should get flu shots and pneumonia shots as recommended. People with lupus should NOT get live immunizations. The nasal mist for flu immunization is a LIVE virus. Do not get that. The injection is a dead virus. Get that.

People with lupus have less immune response to the flu shot than healthy people. If you can, get the stronger dose that is recommended for people over 60.


Hi Brave,

I had the pneumonia vaccine at the end of summer this year and had quite a bad reaction to it. I had a fever, awful pain in my arm, swelling in my arm, malaise and I didn't eat for a good few days. I would still go for the vaccine again and the flu jab because I feel the benefits far outweigh any reactions I may suffer.


The first flu jab I had did cause a reaction was a bit sickly for the first few days that was around 7 years ago I ahve had them ever since and have been fine all I get is a bit of a sore swollen arm which healthy bods do, I also had the penumonia jab I had flu when I was healthy and it knocked me silly so I certainly do not want it now, get it done it really is worth it and they recomend it for Lupus patients


Have had the flu jab several times and this is the first year have had red and swollen arm.

Nevertheless, I know that catching the flu could cause serious problems for lupus sufferers. It is like all vaccinations even baby ones, some people have what is usually a mild reaction, but I understand serious reactions to the flu jab are very rare. I too have allergies and have had anaphylaxis in the past so I am also very wary and anxious when I go for it, but the advantages seem to outweigh the small risk. Although flu is not about very much at the moment, it will arrive at some stage and I remember the worry over bird flu and how everyone was clamouring for vaccination. We are never entirely sure which strain will hit us

each year or how serious it might turn out to be. Guess you have to make your own judgement call but please do take advice from your GP if you have concerns. I asked my consultant and he told me to get it, so perhaps ask yours too as your history is different and more complicated. Hope this helps.


thankyou ;))


I've always been wary of medication and don't like to take anything that's not absolutely necessary, so have never had a flu jab but over the past four years my reaction to cold/flu bugs has got worse and I've changed my mind. Two years ago I ended up with pneumonia after a heavy cold and then in October I got flu. After a week of flu symptoms I started coughing day and night to the point of making myself sick. I couldn't sleep and was worn out. Along with the bad chest I developed cold symptoms too. Eventually I ended up at the hospital and was given antibiotics and a steroid inhaler. These have helped but I was too ill to go out for an entire month and I'm still not over it.

As soon as I'm well enough I'm going to see about getting a flu jab, which is not a live virus so should be OK. Even if I get a sore arm or tiredness for a couple of days it'll be worth it.

Whoever is treating you for your Lupus will know your particular case and can give you advice but it looks like most doctors are in favour of Lupus patients having the jab.


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