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Sudden flu like feeling


Does anybody get this where they can feel ok during the day just usual aches etc then by evening feel kind of flu like and just bit rubbish. Then generally by morning flu like feeling has usually gone. It just seems so random, don't get me wrong it's good that it doesn't come to anything but just odd that u can just suddenly feel like this.

Ps I have lupus and aps X

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Hi sara_A

I get this symptom a lot and it's always in the evening, I was diagnosed UCTD 14 years ago and I would get bouts of this every now and again at the beginning of a flare but I've been poorly for the last six years and over the last year my symptoms are pretty much constant especially the fatigue and joint pain. I was finally diagnosed with SLE last week and I will get this feeling of flu quite frequently and my whole body aches and I have the shivers and it only ever comes on in the evening but nearly every evening between 9 and 10pm I start getting the shivers without the fluy feeling that doesn't come to anything. I can now tell the time by it! , it's so random it's weird! I've no idea why this happens in the evening and no other time of day!

So you're not alone 🙂



Hi Sara_A

I also get like this, go about my day as usual and then all of a sudden it hits and I can only describe it as like having the start of the flu. Same as you it's mostly in the evening and gone by morning.

L x


Might sound stupid but if you only feel like this in an evening do you have artificial lights on?or watch a favourite programme on tv/pc etc,

I only ask because I always get that sudden flu feeling around lighting sources or after getting home from hospital or office/shop lighting.Took me awhile years ago to realise the connection.It isn't just the rash thing I get as sometimes just feel a warm glow but the achy,wiped out dithey flu feeling is the key to me knowing I've been round something my system doesn't like.

Hope things improve for you


Hi there I've not really commented for a very long time, but I saw your post and thought I should reply. I have sjorgrens , lupus and hashimotos .

The flu like feelin is very common often when I've over done things or am embarking on a flare. In fact in the beginning I was constantly starting to feel like I was about to get the worst flu of my life then after a day or so it wouldn't go any further .

With regards to lighting I don't get flu like, I sweat horribly I start to look like I've stepped out of a swimming pool . It's oh so glamourous stood in house of Fraser trying to get a make up sample and Knowing you can't ask someone to help you or touch your skin like that. Ironically if I lave my coat on and am fully covered I can browse a lot longer than when I have short sleeves or something. It makes me feel faint too.

Sorry I'm digressing. I hope you can get on an even keel sometime soon.


Oh my god I get this sweating thing! It's totally ridiculous and soo embarrassing! Even stood ironing I can be really sweaty and I don't know why!

I struggle with lights but only in that I can't stand just normal daylight sometimes. I have to wear sunglasses some days even when it's not sunny just normal daylight. I don't get rashes or anything with light.

So today I feel ok again no flu like stuff, do u know why we get like this?


I don't really know an exact reason other than fluorescents can trigger an immune type response. When I'm taking steroids I'm told they can be responsible as can other lupus meds to make us sweat like ,mad . I wear sunnies all year , it looks good lol , it helps with the sjorgrens dry eyes and migraines .i always wear them in th car, but mine are prescription.

The flu like feelings are how do I explain it, it's the same process as your body fighting a virus/ infection without having one, hence it feeling like you have it. It's attacking you as oppose to a virus but to us it all feel the same .


Yesss I get this all the time. Before I was diagnosed with lupus I used to think that it was allergies. I would feel pretty good during the day and then towards the end of the afternoon early evening I would start to feel achy and congested and feel like I'm coming down with something with a sore throat, and then by the next morning I would feel pretty good again. Since my diagnosis I put Two and two together, No I realize it's just part of the disease process. I don't know if that's any help to you but I wish you all the best XO XO Nan

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I too get like this, generally when I've overdone it. Or, as has already been said, owing to the uv from certain lighting. In this lighting I get sore stinging/burning eyes, my hands and wrists hurt and I get incredibly fatigued and achy. This continues even after I get home. When it's not due to lights I sometimes feel as though I have sun burn on my face, along with the achy flu type stuff.


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