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Flu/cold or Lupus flare?

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Hello all,

I hope you all are having a nice Christmas. I am currently sick and have been since Friday, however I am struggling to work out if its the flu/cold or a lupus flare. I'm currently taking Hydro, Pres, and aza daily. I have a fever, headaches, severe fatigue, loss of taste and shortness of breath but no runny nose. However, I do have a froggy throat, it's just baffling me as I don't have joint pain, but I can't work out which one it is. I'm having to rest everyday and sleep all day which is frustrating as I had a few things planned but obviously my health comes first. I am seeing the Rhumy next month so I'll report to him.

How does anyone distinguish if it is a flare up or flu/cold?

Many thanks

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Sounds like flu, rather than flare. Keep hydrated and sleep as much as poss to help your body to fight it.

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Lil-Miss in reply to Purpletop

Thanks, either way I just have to sleep some more and it will go when it is ready. Thanks for the reply.

I agree with the other commentor. Sounds like the flu to me. You certainly have enough of the symptoms, BUT you also have flare symptoms, or at least MY flare symptoms. LOL!! It IS possible that it's both. it started with the cold/flu which is causing you to flare?! Not much help, I know, but his is a frustrating think trying to figure out what is what! Hope you feel better soon!


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Lil-Miss in reply to SuePlu

Oh dear, they all seem to crossover Sue and I'm a newby so i'm still trying to understand it all. Thanks, perseverance and plenty rest. Everything for a reason I guess. Thank goodness for this site as I don't know who else I would have asked.

Take care

Hi lil- miss

Sounds like the throat virus you've got and your doing all the right things to help your body fight it. Hope you feel better soon. X

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Lil-Miss in reply to misty14

Hey Misty,

Thanks, its always good to get advice from others on this site, as we are all going through it.

I think you are going through a flare, I too get exactly the same symptoms but no cold, sore and crocky throat yes......

I think you just got to ride it out rest and listen to your body, you know yourself best and when you feel easier im sure your body will tell you.

Good luck and hope you pick up soon. xx

PS: meant to add like you I get really bad sweats/fever when im having a flare, I always put it down to inflammation all over x

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Lil-Miss in reply to beckybooboo

Nice name!

Tell me about it, the sweats are the worst indeed! If I was in the tropics I still wouldn't sweat as much. As well, something we all go through. Do you find it is mainly at night or during the day?

Thanks chica xx

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beckybooboo in reply to Lil-Miss

I find it worse at night, sweaty head and pillow - nice : )!!! xx

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Lil-Miss in reply to beckybooboo

Same- I only hope we have a better year ! Xx

I am going thru d same thing. Aches and pain in my whole body i even have to use my walking stick .. running nose very sore fingers dis can be bcos of the cold weather. I think u should rest as much as u can and drink lots if fluid. Take care dear i pray the new year brings better health for all of us.

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Lil-Miss in reply to ijeasike

Oh dear, have you tried Epsom salt baths? They are really good and you feel better afterwards. It takes me a while to get in but when its reasonably hot and you add lots of salt, you can feel a difference.

I never realized the weather would affect the joints also! Especially rain, my goodness!

I am dreading the next few months if it snows, as I'm not sure how my body will react. How do you fare in the cold?

I pray also, for things to improve for us all! X

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Gary22 in reply to Lil-Miss

Winter is the toughest time for me, numb fingers aching joints even struggle to pick the kettle up at times. I've noticed over the years if I keep active and use the gym a few times a week it does help a lot with the joints.

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Lil-Miss in reply to Gary22

Hi Gary22,

I definitely understand where you are coming from. I struggle with opening bottles myself as well as lifting kettles such as yourself.

I think the gym is something I need to slowly get into once I have recovered. I was was told swimming, pilates and TaI Chi are meant to be very good for us.

What type of machines do you use in the gym?

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ijeasike in reply to Lil-Miss

I dnt fair well with the cold. My bath is too small and i need help to get in and out of the bath. I have dodgy knees. I am not looking forward to the next few months. Rap up there. Xx

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Lil-Miss in reply to ijeasike

Oh it seems like the cold is not a good time for everyone. I hope you stay warm these next few months. All the best xx

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abby1649 in reply to Lil-Miss

Trust me cold temps are awful. I live in Northern Alberta, Canada. Does minus 30 mean anything. I live with heating pads and warm clothes and boots. I even wear electric gloves. Can't wait for summer.

I use the machines and not the free weights for safety. Any good gym will have an instructor who will walk you through an induction and give you a schedule to work to. But I always start of very light and I can physically feel my joints becoming more flexible. My biggest issue is raising my arms so I start on the rowing machine to gently easy myself into it. I does make a big difference after a couple of weeks so I would highly recommend giving it a try.

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Lil-Miss in reply to Gary22

I will definitely try to get back into it slowly. Glad to hear the gym is helping you and that you feel more supple when you are active. All the best for the year!

Hi I am not a medical expert by any means. Just want to say check the meds Your on to see if you need medical advice. I know this Lupus is different for all of us and hard to separate from other illnesses but I am on a medication that says if I have a high temp or sore throat I need anti virals or antibiotics sooner rather than later. Just check it may not apply to you at all. be kind to yourself.

Good luck hope you feel better very soon.


Thanks for replying, I think I should go to the docs just to make sure. It's so tricky to try and understand this condition and it's many symptoms. Thanks, I hope you are having a happy new year!


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