PLEASE CAN YOU HELP last week i burnt my neck and shoulder and arm its my depression is getting worse for the past 3 days i have been in my bed crying i feel alone i wont do anything silly but i feel like getting in my car and just go away from it all where no1 knows me

i just feel like running iam sorry for anyb spelling mistakes i just cannnnnt stop crying please help

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  • Hi, there. I used to feel the same for a long time. My GP noticed and was referred to someone who I could talk to and tell them how I felt. It took me more than a year to accept that depression can be part of the illness (Lupus) and also a side effect of the medication. I guess you have to learn to accept what is going on and be strong enough to face it headon. Fight it and don't let this fight you. It's been 7 yrs since I started having these episodes of major depression. Take care. God loves you.

  • Dear Scottie, please dont feel bad about crying it lets out all the pent up emotions which we have dealing with Lupus is not easy at all, have you spoken to your GP about it? I am on anti depressants was very dubious about them at first but they have helped so much I agree with Pipido it is all a part of lupus and medication it might help as wlel to have soemone to talk things over with have you got a close friend who would listen and understand how youa re feeling? of course this site is wonderful we cna let our emotions out and know we are not alone sending ((((((((hugs)))))))) Your way x

  • Please take care. Sometimes this horrible illness can make us feel so low. If you have a good relationship with your GP, go see him or her. Don't struggle on your own. Everyone on here knows how you feel. Hugs, louise xx

  • Big hugs to you scottie and i really hope you are feeling a bit more positive today. I am very up and down with my depression and i am getting to the point where i am going to request antidepressants to level me out. i really hope u have someone to talk to or just give u a hug. please listen to all the above comments and everyone on this site is so wonderful and caring so if we can support u we will. take care xx

  • Scottie,please don,t suffer alone,go to your gp and ask him or her to refer you to a counsellor,i see one every so often and she is very good,but please fight every one of us is stronger than we realise,remember we are all here for you,hugs x

  • Poor you. On top of all the physical stuff we have to deal with we get this as well... But, as everyone else has said, don't struggle alone. I would also highly recommend meditation which is great for both pain management and depression. See the writing of Jon Kabat Zinn who pioneered courses in hospitals for people with long term conditions coping with depression and pain. Hope you feel better soon. Sending you positive vibes xx

  • Dear Scotty;

    I feel with you you Scotty. This must be so aweful for you!!!

    I, with the rest of the good folks here, recommend you find someone to talk to.

    Don't go it alone. That would be terrible. I am glad you reached out to us. I see there is a lot of caring here.

    I am a retired Unity minister. I am going into my morning prayer, and you will be on my prayer list for the next 30 days.

    Much love to you from Eva

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