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Would you like to have a pamper day in a spa and tell your story on a show for Channel 4? ***APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED***

***Thank you to everybody that contacted us with an interest in being part of the show. Applications are now closed. Those of you that applied should be contacted in the next couple of weeks.***

Optomen TV are currently working on a factual entertainment show for Channel 4, called Hotel GB. Some of Channel 4’s biggest names will be working together to run a hotel and spa and they want to invite people to come in to the hotel and tell their stories.

The production would really like to feature a lupus patient who experiences sun sensitivity. They would love to get someone in who has always wondered what they would look like with a tan, but because of their condition, has never been able to get one.

You must be available between 29th September and 5th October. The show itself will be broadcast each night from 1st October to the 5th October. The hotel is in London, but all travel expenses will be paid.

Any applicants must fit the following criteria;

-Female (aged 21-50)

-Lupus patient

-Sun sensitive

-willing to have a spray tan (this will involve taking your clothes off – but this will not be shown on TV)

-confident to appear on TV and tell your story

If you interested in taking part, please email

Please ensure to include your full name, address and telephone number.

Please also attach a recent photograph.

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I would be interested but would not be available for the full days between the dates :(


Would have been happy to share my story, but i'm black and defo don't need a spray tan lol


I am 29 and have lupus when I was about 23. I have had a Pneumonia and then a stroke this year and I am having to learn how to read, talk etc... Again. I was in dubai and had to come back to UK as I had the stroke.

I would like to discuss this hard time.

I look forward to hearing from you



Hi Paul,,

I have left you an email,,think i be very interested in educating people on the sun and what it does to the Lupus Patients skin,,i still look a sorry mess!!i did once in 6 years have a spray tan,,took a lot of guts though to strip off!!Sorry no photo sent with email,,this can be sent soon if you need me too!




Hi Paul

I would have been interested in taking part, but I am 53, so too old !

I'm very allergic to the brings me out in purple, itchy lumps, and can also cause my Lupus to flare up. I have Antiphospholipid Syndrome too, so I have to be really careful in the summer.


Hi Paul, I'm Black, over 50 and don't need a spray but desperately in need of pampering - any other offers that I might be suitable for? Well, it was worth a try :)


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