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I've just had a call from Optomen TV who are currently working on a brand new show for Discovery TLC Channel. The show will explore different medical conditions that are not very well understood, looking at the causes, what it's like to live with the condition and what treatments are available.

As a part of the show, they will want to speak to people affected by these conditions, and one condition that are considering for the show is lupus. If you are over 18, live in the UK and would be happy to take part in the show, you can request an application form by emailing

If you are put forward for the show, please let us know by emailing

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  • this sounds really good i think i send off for an application :)

  • Hiya Paul,

    I dont mind giving this a try. Will apply for an application form.

    Thanks fo letting us know about this!

  • Good morning Paul

    Thanks for this. Do you happen to know if the prog will be covering fibromyalgia? This is a hugely misunderstood illness.

    Kind regards


  • Good morning Lyn. I don't know I'm afraid. It's very early days in the development of the show. They are contacting a few organisations to get some applications in. They didn't mention the length of the series or what other conditions there are considering covering.

  • Many thanks Paul

  • So glad to see that Lupus is getting some 'airtime', and hope it contributes to overall awareness raising.

  • I put in my application yesterday.i hope they received glad they are looking into awareness for Lupus

  • I would love to it but not sure I can stay awake that long or if the adrenaline made by the body would make me very ill , i bed riddenost of the time as it .

  • Hi Paul any chance you could inform us when it will be aired if it comes about, like all of us lupies I will look forward to watching it. Thanks

  • Hi Shanti. I'll do my best, but we often don't hear from the producers again once they've got what they need. It'll probably be summer/autumn that the show airs, but that's not a guarantee. Hopefully if they work with somebody from here, that person will keep me updated on what's happening.

  • OK thanks Paul.

  • Thanks for that Paul, I have emailed them and will wait and see :)

  • i have emailed them, hanks for that Paul :)

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