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Thinning hair and trying to cover it up!! ;-)

Sadly,I'm sure there are many of you out there with thinning hair, has anyone found a solution or a disguise?

I've looked into hair transplant - yes I'm at my wits end - but no one will accept me because of the lupus!! I've tried wigs but they make me itch and I feel more self conscious and worry that it may fall off :-)

I have dark brown hair which my hairdresser highlights blonde to try to cover up my thinning. But even that isn't working anymore. I have a lot of hair at the back it's just on the top of my head at the front.

I'd be most grateful of any help

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I know how you feel! My hair is thinning around the hair line and on top. I had my fringe cut yesterday to try and cover it up. There is a product on the market from Kerastase called Aminexil, the reviews are good but I've never tried it. Mainly because I know it's expensive! I'm loathed to start trying these miracle cures to baldness but my hair is what completes my look. Maybe I'm a little vain but Lupus I can just about cope with, hairloss I can't! I'm not sure of the chemical composition of this product and if it might trigger a flare so I need to research that first, but i must start doing something. I know how you feel. Let me know if you've tried any hairloss products yourself.

Kind regards



Personally I've gone down the bic razor route and never looked back....also have a fine collection of buffs, beanies etc for those High UV or cold days......


Hi Acorn 1,

I fully understand how you are feeling.

My hair is getting thinner all the time and I have no hair at the front receding back and at the sides.

I have already written a few blogs on this site about hair and you can look them up easily. You will find lots of comforting words from all our understaning cyber friends if you find them.

I have a volumiser fitted and it clips onto you remaining hair and mixes with the hair you already have, and it looks like your own without wearing a wig.

I used to have it permenantly fitted and adjusted every few weeks, but it got to be expensive, so now I just clip it in myself.

I know how you feel, and it is a very lonely and helpless feeling when you look at yourself. However, rest assured you have a lot of understaning people you can just jot a line to when you feel down about it, and someone will be there to understand you.

The razor route is not for me unfortunately as I think you have to have especially attractive features to get awy with it and I don't consider myself in that category unfortunately!

Goood luck and I hope you feel better soon.

Margaret x


Thank you for such comforting words Margaret. I've just restarted Azathioprine so I know my hair will be getting even thinner soon, I'll look up the volumiser in preparation. My hair dresser said yesterday that it's not as bad as I think it is but when I can see my scalp through what was lush, hazelnut hair I can't help but panic. Your words are comforting. I'm not quite at the razor stage yet but admire the woman that embrace that option.

Thanks for your advice, I'll look up your previous blogs.

Alison x


I've had my hair fall out completely when I first was diagnosed with Lupus. I used to wear scarves. However, it grew back. Nicer than before. It fell out again while I was having a flare. I wore a wig and stayed away from chemicals for colouring and straightening my hair. I used baby shampoo and conditioner, which is milder on the scalp and hair. Also I took vitamins. This all helped with my hair growing back. I hope your hair grows back. Because of my ethnicity, there are a lot of herbal oils that I can use. Not sure how they'd work on caucasian hair, the oil might be too heavy. However, try treatments for the scalp, to help stimulate the scalp and growth. Massage your scalp too. Avoid the harsh chemicals and use products that have more natural ingredients. Hang in there. You'll hopefully soon have your mane back.


My mum used to use bandannas when it was warm and i helped her colour co-ordinate those so she still felt stylish. She has recently cut her hair short which makes it look thicker?


Lupylupus --- I would be very grateful for any information as where to purchasing a volumiser.

It's such a 'minefield' out there' I don't know where to begin!

Many thanks,



I have been prescribed Minoxidil 5% by the consultant at St Thomas' hair loss clinic. It started working for me within 2 months. Have not regrown all my hair but can scalp is less visible through hair. Must be used forever to keep working and this dose has not been tested on women -- only the 2% has been, so not recommended if you are still in baby making stage of life.

Before that i tried nearly every type of scalp coverage on the market. Liked the spray on one by Bumble and Bumble (in Brown) best. But there was a shake on product - can't recall the name - made up of tiny fibres that cling to remaining hair and that worked well too. It came in a small dark blue tin. Also I went for various consultations for weave on hair pieces but never went through with them. Always thought a good wig may be on the cards, and maybe even came to accept that.

It was a difficult time for me. As my Mom was dying, I felt losing my hair was the least of my problems and that helped keep things in perspective. However, hair loss is traumatic -- it brought me to a very low place (never mind all the other "losses" associated with chronic illness). Luckily nowadays there are a variety of treatments to help and I hope you find one that works for you.


PS there was a time when I thought cutting my hair very short was the answer as well. Now looking back on those photos I think my scalp showed through more than if I had kept my longer hair to use as coverage. But worth a shot if the style suits your face. good luck!


I too would love to know where you can get a volumizer from, Please x I was quite surprised at my reaction on my thinning hair and have gone down the very short hair rote, it does feel better and others say it looks great!!!! me I'm not to sure. :/ xxx


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