could Lupus be responsible Violent mental issues

i am at a loss,my 31 yr old son suffers from lupus that is mostly controlled correctly, unfortunately already being a drug abuser he tends to display violent tendencies but has stated that "the doctor" says it is known to Lupus sufferers to also have Brain issues.............please having looked and looked i cannot find any other information on this or it this just another excuse and i would love the honesty with this one ???

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  • Prior to diagnosis of SLE, I had mood swings leading to two suicide attempts. I've seen a number of psychiatrists over the years and discussed the aggression I feel (when I'm feeling aggressive you could give me a gun and stick me on the front line I'm sure I'd be like Rambo and I'm a woman with children). Initlally I was diagnosed with cyclothymia (Mood swings but less intense than bi-polar). I suffered from symptoms of Lupus but aches, pains, headaches and fatigue often get put down to depression, it was only when my optic nerves swelled that the doctors started taking notice but had me down as developing MS, 5 years later had a major lupus attack. I've been diagnosed with SLE, Lupus anti coagulent and neuropsychiatric lupus, meaning it affects my brain. Steroids make me even worse so I'm on Mood stabilizers (sodium valproate) 1000mgs and also 40mgs of Prozac per day. I also see a psychiatrist every 3 months but can always contact the emergency team if needed.

    I tend to hide my feelings esp of aggression from aquaintances mainly by avoiding social contact but close friends and family will get the brunt of it. I tend to go to bed when I feel aggressive around my children. I've dealt with this problem for years, there's nothing I can do about it except recognise when I'm feeling that way and take control knowing that i'll feel better at some point. Oh the psychiatrist diagnosed me as having an organic mood disorder related to the lupus. Don't give up on your son, there's lots the doctors still don't know about lupus. I see a consultant at St thomas' in London where they have a dedicated lupus clinic and he can't give me the answers I seek, esp as we all seem to be affected differently.

    I hope I've been of some help and not too depressing - just help him by being quietly there for him, watching but not intruding. Don't let him get away with being rude or abusive to you, if he has nothing good to say then he should just say "mum I'm in a bit if a mood, I don't want to talk tonight" but don't push him. We can't control our moods, they switch on and off inside us like a light switch. It's only my children that keep me grounded - unconditional love.

  • sorry to hear about your problems i myself have done research into behavior and anger problems the one line in you letter mentions that you take Prozac... this does worry me as it is known that people with anger management problems should NOT be prescribed Prozac as this exasperates the anger Please go back and get taken off the Prozac i can really say that this will help with immediate effect .

    take care x

  • Thank you

  • Yes, I have the same thing! I live in the USA! and who really knows how long I have had Lupus I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I am a female now 49! and put me a steroids send me over to afganistan and give me a gun because Its pure rage!!!! Yes and I have had addictions problems too! and what really makes me mad is when people are like are you sure you have lupus? maybe your just have a bad mental problem!! also when I was in re-hab I remember my room mate had severe rage problems she did not have lupus but they put her on a drug called tegretol and it really seemed to work. they also had her on Klonapin and serequil too! alot of docs use xanax that was the drug I became very very addictied to Klonapin is so much better. also I cant take steriods and he also put me on a beta blocker called inderal because my heart pounded! I am right now coming off a dose of steriods for justs 3 days. I have lost my sister, friends, I have wrote so many appology letters! ask him if his heart pounds and talk to the docs about seizure drugs because I did end up having a grand mal seizure. I am 5 foot 5 and weigh 118 and they had to restrain me I was fighting 2 EMTS off and kicking a cop I dont remember. I think they should put all of us lupus patients on a Island there is not enough awareness. but give me breast cancer and they would be knocking at more door! Hang in there! love, Krisdy

  • Sorry, I forgot I have had several suicide attemps. Krisdy

  • thankyou so much for replying i am so sorry that you to have to go through this nightmare and i wish you well, stay strong sweetie you have been a great help

  • Hi, so sorry to hear your story but also quietly pleased - how terrible eh! but it means I'm not on my own as I'm the only luney lupy I know - lol. I'm 49 in April. I have 11 and 7 year old children and the swollen optic nerves that got the doctors interested actually happened when I was 11 weeks pregnant with my first child. My father has an aggressive nature particularly if hungry - believe it or not, so I've always been confused as to whether I have an inherited mental condition or whether it is the lupus tho my docs say it's the lupus. I had to get a psychiatrist once to speak seriously to my husband to tell him not to push me because I might possibly kill him. Needless to say my husband and I have been separated for the past 5 years, my illness being the final nail in the coffin so to speak. The chronic fatigue doesn't help either.

    I hope you manage to make amends with any family and friends you may have upset but you must also remember that it is you that has a chronic illness. All the best to you and yours. xx

  • i actually dont have to make amends it is my son who has the problem i just have to put the pieces back together but thank you for your response

  • SLE can cause inflammation of the brain, which only has limited ways in which to respond - profound depression and phobias being fairly common. Going on medical research and my own long experience of brain involvement with this disease, I'd tend to disagree that lupus, in itself, causes violent behaviour - if anything the contrary. However, if your son's disease is being treated with corticosteroids that's another matter entirely. "Roid rage" can be pretty severe and often uncontrollable. If he's not being treated with corticosteroids then I'd tend to believe the violent episodes are linked to his illegal drug abuse. Hope that helps.

  • thankyou for you response i to take the same steroids for COPD and most people tell me i still the most chilled person that likes laughing(not much has been done of late) but like you think most of out bursts are drug abuse reactions, normally when he cannot get his own way!! at 31yrs old !!! personally he has given me a beautiful grandson who at 3mths old is my main concern

  • So sorry to hear of your problems with your son.His drug taking could exacerbate his mood swings I would think but if he's on a low mentally with the Lupus and also taking drugs I can imagine it would cause him to be less in control.He needs help with his addiction,I've been through it with my son,but he has to want it.My son didn't and I nearly ended my life because of his mood swings and aggression.I think that is the first step forward to finding the cause of his behaviour.Eliminate one thing at a time.It appears Lupus however is a more complex disease than most thought.It can affect the brain but to what extent I don't understand fully.His consultant needs to look into this for his safety and others around him.I wish you all the very best to you and your son.I hope you find the answers to his problem.

  • he has been through reha 3 times!! his words! no he started rehab 3 times and never seen in through , he will take anything from paracetamol to bloody worming pills given the chance he has a 3mth old child my grandson i have to try something.

    but unless he wants to stop the drugs and using the lupus as the excuse he will never recover and all i can do is protect my new Grandson. Thank you for your time take care

  • Gee, that's rough Orange - you must be at your wits' end, especially with a baby around - but, as you say, he has to want to stop and clearly doesn't yet. If he continues to overdo the drugs he may well end very ill indeed and perhaps change his mind at that point. It's incredibly cruel and selfish of him to keep subjecting you and presumably other family members to that kind of behaviour. If it's possible to cut him out of your life to any extent then I suggest you try. If you fear for baby's safety then approach Social Services. Harsh steps I know but sometimes necessary. Sadly some people simply won't be helped and children don't always turn out as we'd wish. Hugs x

  • Yes he is being honest with you. I have lupus ,and had major major relapse back in September 2011 - february 2012 and in that time, i took my dads car, i also assulted someone, without meaning too, and was someone i barely knew. I took and overdose. I done alot of things that 'wernt me' and its true! please ask your rheumatologist to do a brain scan, it sounds to me he may have some mild form of brain damage, and with me, they done a brain scan very late, and after i done these things! it is important to go see about this. to get treated asap. I had brain damage, and my hair fell out and allsorts. please go seek elp asap. hope this helps. and i had a very bad case of it, and want to give people my help and advice because of my lack of knowledge of it, was poor, or the support i recieved wasnt much!

  • Lupus can affect the brain in so many ways, it can cause siezures, psychosis, depression, mood swings, paranoia, but so can prednisolone which is one of the common treatments.

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