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How do I know if I having a lupus flare?

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I have been diagnosed with mild lupus today and recently with hypermobility spectrum disorder. It is difficult to know which symptoms to attribute to which condition. I've had a really bad winter. Flu followed by tracheitis and a couple of other viruses. I'm ill again this week, temperature, rash, sore glands, headache, sore throat,chills. How do I know if I am having a lupus flare up? WhT does one feel like. It seems these past few months I always feel ill.

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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. A flare is an increase in symptoms. For me, I experience increases joint pain, pleuritic chest pain, ulcers in mouth and an increase in fatigue. I sometimes experiences rashes too. It helps to mark down your symptoms to track them.

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Emmazebra in reply to Sarah4314

Thanks will definitely write down my symptoms x

What Sarah said about tracking is important!

It's good to know if the joint pain your suffering is because perhaps you worked too hard the previous day or because you are having a flare.

My feet and legs often become very sore and stiff during a flare up. I get fatigue throughout however it is worse in a flare up, getting worn out before midday! Other than your symptoms getting worse the only other indication would be in your bloods which is easy to book via your GP or may be tracked by your Specialist :)

Hope you feel better soon XX

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Emmazebra in reply to Penguintaz

I suppose my blood results from yesterday will show if my ana has increased. Thanks x

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Hi Emmazebra,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK community forum. I hope that you will find this a helpful place for information and support.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been so unwell lately. It is difficult to say whether you may have a virus, a lupus flare, or a combination. Are you able to see your GP?

Lupus flares a different for everyone, just like the disease itself. Generally a lupus flare is whenever your disease activity increases and you experience a worsening of symptoms and/or the development of new symptoms.

Have you been started on any treatment for your lupus yet?

If you need more information about lupus and LUPUS UK we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at

Thanks. My gp doesn't want to get involved he wants to leave it to my rheumatologist who I saw yesterday. Dr Ho (kellgren centre) said my lupus is mild and nothing to worry about but I feel so unwell all of the time. I feel like it is getting worse. I have had virus symptoms, rashes swollen glands achy joints again now for two weeks and feel like I have been hit by a bus today! My family have had same virus and they were all fine after a couple of days. I've been started on the anti malarial medication beginning with h (can't remember the name) that information pack sounds good thanks

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Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Emmazebra

Viruses do tend to take a bit longer to clear in people who have lupus, and they can potentially trigger flares too, so look after yourself as well as you can; eat healthily, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

I imagine the antimalarial is hydroxychloroquine. This is often a very effective treatment but it can take a while to kick-in - up to three to six months. Hopefully you will find it helps to alleviate your symptoms.

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