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Could this be Lupus?


I am new on here although I have used the endometriosis site for a while. I have been suffering with my health on and off for about 4 years now. For the last 3 I have been treated for endometriosis although a recent laparoscopy was negative for it. I have been having recurrent bad mouth ulcers for the past year and have been checked for various things including allergies but over the past month I have not got rid of them. At the moment I have 5 large ones. I also have a red rash on my cheeks and nose, have bad Raynaud's syndrome and ache in my finger, wrist and knee joints. Plus I could literally fall asleep standing up. I went to my GP this morning expecting to get fobbed off again but she sent me straight to the hospital for blood tests and I noticed she has put connective tissue disease including sle. When I looked this up I noticed it was lupus. I have been reading up about it trying not to do the 2+2=5 scenario but the more I read the more I fit the symptoms. I have had acid reflux for about a year and I suffer from scabs on scalp and hair loss plus vertigo. The GP has requested I see her in a few weeks time to discuss my results and she said she would look at referring me to various specialists. Its almost as if she is second guessing the results. Am I reading too much into this or do these symptoms sound very familiar?

Thanks for reading


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Hi Katt - your symptoms do sound like there could be something autoimmune going on and your GP is taking the right steps in getting your bloods checked.

Even if nothing conclusive turns up in the blood tests then with the various symptoms I would still ask to be referred and most probably to Rheumatology.

The autoimmune spectrum is wide and accurate diagnosis straight away is also not guaranteed but you seem to be on the right path.

Good luck and we are hep for support when you need it...



Don is defo right we r hep of help when u need it, ur doc nws what he/she is doing get ur bloods checked and fingers crossed it's not lupus , symptoms do sound like Sumthing autoimmune.

Good luck


Yes, your symptoms do sound familiar. At least your GP is doing something for you. I do hope that you get your diagnosis as it is all very miserable. I read somewhere that someone who had the sores and ulcers spent ten minutes each morning swishing a little organic sesame oil all around their mouth and it actually worked. It can't hurt for you to try it. I do feel for you so good luck and try this oil.


Hi, sounds like it to me too - def autom immune, usually raynauds is a secondary symptom to something else - what that is will take a while unless your bloods are 100% conclusive. Unfortunately its a very difficult one, the fatigue, joint pains, rash, ulcers etc all sound like lupus sle to me but im not an expert, all I can offer is that for the last 2 years I too have been trying for a diagnosis, lost my job and suffer same type symptoms as you but its so very complex, but read, read, read get as much info and knowledge as possible, ask questions and keep asking, if your not happy ask for a second opinion at a rheumatology teaching hospital and keep fighting - your the one thats ill and if your suffering keep going, no one has the right to question you and your pain - you know your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best of luck to you, keep going, there are over 200 types of arthritis with many various symptoms, I also read that sometimes it can takes years to show up in bloods and there is something called seronegative arthritis, keep smiling and fighting.



Thanks for all your replies.

I will wait to see what the results are. I am used to keep trying for a diagnosis after fighting for one for endometriosis for 4 years.

Although I really don't want anything wrong with me it would almost be a relief if something was found. Not sure if that sounds really silly!



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