Ulcers & Bruises

I was just wandering if anyone with Lupus suffers from violent bruises and ulcers?

My mum will walk into a table and barely scrape it yet a day later a think black bruise will appear.

Her ulcers seem to harshen when she i feeling low. They have left her mouth with scars and she says they are very painful.

If anyone has any tips for either a response would be greatly appreciated :) xx

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  • Hi Beth,

    Bruising and mouth Ulcers are both common symtoms of lupus patients.

    We do have an article in our blog with some tips for mouth ulcers. You might like to take a look here - lupusuk.healthunlocked.com/...



  • Hi Beth,

    I hope it all improves and thanks for asking the question. I get the ulcers in my nose and mouth. Horrid! I am going to look at the blog for some advice too!


  • I get the occasional painful ulcer in my nose which I don't have cream for. Think i'll ask my Rhuemy next time for prescription to have cream on hand. They're so painful.

    I recently blogged about bruises. My Rhuemy nurse put it down to long term steroid use (over 3 months) even if you're on a low dose. All your mum can do is be careful not to knock herself. I wasn't given the impression by my nurse that they were anything to worry about.


  • I am from the USA and yes I get the bruising on my arms just from a slight brush against something . my daughter calls them "skin tears". Nothing to worry about , they just look awful. I do get sores around my mouth which can be quite painful, I try to be very careful about keeping my hands away from my face, I rinse my mouth out frequently and I put a thin layer of Desatin( the baby diaper cream) on the sores when I get an outbreak. I also make sure I take about 3000 mg. of Vit. C every day as that is a huge innume booster. Hope this was a little helpful. Leigh

  • I also get bruises which at times can be horrendous. I have lupus & Sjogrens Syndrome, & antiphospholipid Syndrome which can cause me to bruise ever so easily! I do get ulcers & they can be really painful .... going to have a look at the blog. I also get severe dark redish lumps in my mouth mainly on the inside of my lips, anything spicy makes my mouth feel like it's on fire! Even my strong tooth paste I have makes my eyes water! My tongue is affected too it look as if it's been cleaned thoroughly & is red & smooth in places & I have deep crevices on my tongue & it swells causing me to bite my tongue in the night. This more often than not causes small white ulcers all down the sides of my tongue! When it's like that I can hardly eat anything as I usually end up in tears with it as I'm in so much pain! All I can have is soft things to eat.

    I use Daktacort oral gel for my tongue or Nystatin (which comes in a small bottle with a dropper) if it's quite bad!

    I hope this has been a little helpful. I wish your Mum all the best.


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