Brassed off

Brassed off

Sorry but just need to whinge. Fed up! feeling really bad today, hands and wrist all swollen and sore, as is my left knee.... and i have fatigue that feels like i am moving through treacle....and joy of joys i have two nightshifts tonight and tomorrow night, which i have to contend with.

Financially i have to work but it takes me 2-3 days to recover from each 12 hour shift and then i'm back to work again.

Feeling really depressed with this damn illness today. hopefully i will have a quiet night at work.


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  • Sorry to hear about your struggles with fatigue and pain. I think it is good to have a place to vent like this forum. You do have a lot to contend with. I like this quote, "I get up, I fall down, meanwhile I keep dancing."

  • Hi Maddieroo,

    I like the quote, it made me smile

    Thank you


  • Hope you have a quiet night. Are your employers sympathetic with you. I get the treacle analogy, I often think I am wading through a swamp and there is quicksand in my head! Take care.

  • Hi Jaxqueline,

    Busy both nights unfortunately and no my employers are not sympathetic...i thought as i worked in the NHS i would get a lot of support but it has been a fight to reduce my hours and change from early starts to nightshifts, which i find easier. Also if I am off it is like the third degree, even though my sickness absence is better than most of my able bodied collegues! I think they see someone with a chronic condition as not being a fuly functioning member of the team

    I hope your employers are better than mine

    Take care


  • I know how u are feeling i worked this weekend and it was rough iam a nurses aide so i take care of people and i get really sore and feel stiff at times and the past couple of weeks i have tryed dealing with it without seeing a dr but i think i probally need to do something soon and i feel tired at times. i hate feeling like this very depressing but i know things can be worse.i just hate going to dr they want to send you to other drs and sometimes i feel it is unnessary.

  • Hi Diane

    I had an awful weekend, what started out as sore joint pains just got worse, by the time i had finished my 2 nightshifts i could hardly move.

    This flair has been really bad with swelling on the soles of my feet, ankles and in particular hands and wrists, but also my bottom lip swelled up really badly, and the white of my right eye went all blood shot!

    I am at the consultants on Wednesday so hoping i can increase my steriods....If you are suffering you should go to the dr, i know how you feel though it just seems to be a never ending round of drs appointments and the truth is I don't think they really know what to do

    Hope you are feeling better soon..i have a couple of days off, so i am not back in work until Thursday and Friday nightshift hoping I will be recovered by then


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