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plaquenil success story?

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hi guys,

I was prescribed Plaquenil last week by my Rheumatologist on my first visit (after many years of various pains and symptoms).

Well last night and more so today I've been noticing that I actually have saliva, so much so I'm getting it hard to get used to it. Could the Plaquenil be starting to work already?

I did have one of my eye migraines last night going to bed,but it didn't develop into a full blown one and I was able to fall asleep (for a while anyway).

Feeling optimistic.

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Well, that med took quite some time to kick in for me, and even then the results were quite subtle. We all have very different reactions to meds and are such different individually that I'm feeling very optimistic for you, too xx

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Thanks for sharing.


For me; I felt a little nauseous for the first few days but nothing major. Like the other commenter I felt the results were subtle. I did notice however that it has a positive effect on fatigue levels so I definitely felt better on that front.

All the best to you

Used Plaquenil for Lupus symptoms, constant pain, extreme fatigue and overall ill feeling. Within 2 months of taking Plaquenil the pain and fatigue had subsided, not completely but has greatly improved over the last year and half. My health and immune system has also improved and I went from being sick all the time to very rarely sick.

If anyone's curious you can find Plaquenil 👍 here: (code "GET10" to get discount). Good luck to all ❤️!

I think Plaquenil is fantastic personally, and whilst it took a few weeks to properly kick in, once it had most of my aches and pains started to subside, as well as my rash. I still get a bit achey here and there but it seems to be doing its job of preventing flares for me. For me there's no side effects too.

But be warned, Plaquenil often takes about 3 months to kick in properly so don't be distressed if your symptoms come back slightly in the first 3 months, but keeping optimistic and hopeful is really important to improve! Best of luck with everything!

Your prescription must say hydrxochloroquine Zentiva on it it is the same active ingredient as Plaquinil. My understanding is that the only difference is the excipients that bind the drug together are different. I think I am saying the same thing one of the other responders mentioned. Do you call your drug excipients fillers? Sorry about spit reply it is difficult to use my hands as I am having a major flare up right now. I couldn’t tolerate plaquinil many years ago, although I have been thinking of suggesting I try some of the drugs that I could not tolerate once more. Concerns I have are Mast Cell problems with the drug or the differing excipients. I have had allergies since childhood which have become worse over time despite taking Telfast (fexofenadine hydrochloride) daily 180 mgm maximum dose, non drowsy tablet. These were ordered my my then Allergist I think that may be the same as an Immunologist. I tested positive in varying degrees to all of the ras testing.

I carry an epi-pen since I last had an anaphylaxis some years ago. I have not been back to see this Specialist for quite some years. He is one of the best Specialists in Australia in Mast Cell problems and after reading some of the other contributers posts I am starting to wonder if my allergy side of things is linked to my Rheumatoid problems. Anyone got any thoughts on that for me?

I have avoided the generic forms of medication because they have different exipients but maybe I should give methyltrexate and other meds I have tried in past to get on top of my worsening condition. Clearly I would only try one different drug at a time.

Advice from people with experience here would be of great help & valus to me

With thanks

Melbourne Girl


Hi Melbourne-Girl, No, it say Plaquenil on the box, still going well Thank god.

Glad things going well it’s good you can still get the Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine). They made the same drug in a generic form and called it Zentiva (Hydroxychloroquine) it is still the same drug.

I hope so patmacfin as I am considering going back on it. I haven’t had it for 20+ years

Even though we are all different I have a very good Pharmacology Book so I will look it up

If you haven’t had any saliva for a long time then you get some after approximately a week then one would think it had to be connected but I will look it up in this manual for you when so get a chance.

All the best



Apparently you can start getting some improvements in 2-3 days with some people. Others may not notice a difference got a bit longer, so good luck you patmackfin

Wonderful news!

Great hearing success stories, keep us in the loop with further improvement you get. I get happy to hear success stories and it also gives me hope that mine could turn into a success story (it’s very motivational)!

I will be following your success posts,

Best wishes always



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