Blood in Urine

I had severe pain in my left kidney a few weeks ago. I visited my doctor but she said that it was probably muscular pain as my urine at that time was clear. The pain passed after 4 days. It's been two weeks since that episode and I now have dark cloudy urine with blood in it. It has been sent for analysis and I have to wait a week for results. Has anyone else had this and should I be concerned?

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  • That sounds like an infection, Jade had similar and her results came back in a couple of days..her's was e coli and she has been given antibiotics.... she started hers yesterday and we are now waiting to see if she reacts to these.... I hope the results come ack quickly for you x

  • Are you pyrexial, if the pain is in your flanks could be renal colic, anything else in urine? protein, leukocytes etc?

  • I have been to the Doctor today and there is pus and blood but they didn't mention anything else. I have been given antibiotics to take for three days.

  • .? When u say pus can you explain further , has this been detected in the speci you sent? If so you need a follow up, has the gp commenced on ciprofloxicillin?

  • The pus and blood were in the sample I gave. I've had three days of Trimethoprim 200mg. The symptoms seem to have gone now so I think they've worked.

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