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Blood cells in urine ?

Hi all, I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had red and white blood cells show in a urine sample with no infection showing on further investigation? I feel a little concerned since my red blood count has also been borderline high for several months now and lack of communication between my GP surgery where my blood has been taken and rheumatologist for the urine which is a different county. Should I be worried ? anyone no if there might be a link between the two tests ?

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I did run a series of urine tests with varying degrees of red and white blood cells. It was my new doctor that got concerned about it and did lots of extensive tests and in passing mentioned clean catch urine samples. On googling this I found I had been giving contaminated samples because nobody had ever told me about clean catch. I did the latest round by clean catch and there was no red or white cells to be seen, they were coming from skin and vaginal matter contaminating the sample.

Having said that, if you are doing clean catch then the cells in the urine are not normal and need to be looked into. There are many things they could mean.


Thanks for your reply, what do you mean by a clean catch? i was given a cardboard container to use and then I had to pour it into a sample bottle.


There's heaps of info on it if you google it but the general idea is that the urine is not to touch any skin particles on the way to the container and nothing is touch the inside of the collection containers, no skin or fingers etc.

I started a whole thread on it a few weeks ago because I was astounded that in all my years of doing urine tests NOT ONE doctor had told me how to do it properly. If it wasn't for the new doctor's comment in passing that got me curious, I would still be sending him on a wild goose chase with all the nasties in my urine!!😊


Just had white blood cell in urine don't mess about turned out I had sepcis 5 days in hospital if you feel ill go to dcs don't do what I did ( I'll be ok tomorrow ) I wasn't


Was told at my last renal app in june that there were a few white cells showing in a urine sample, then much later a letter from my gp saying it was nothing to worry about

I had an e coli infection last year that led to kidney damage, the hospital told me then that there were white cells showing. Then earlier this year saw my gp and she diagnosed shingles which, as far as I know, has cleared I'm a bit puzzled as to where the infection if any is coming from. I have another renal app next month, must remember to ask if all is ok...

My red cell count dropped while I was in hospital last year but its up again now. Ask your doctors about it, get them to explain. At the moment my counts are being followed because of kidney damage


Hi there, I am in the same situation at present, since about December I have had almost constant blood and protein in my urine. I saw a urologist in the end recently and he ordered at CT scan to check for stones and any other problems. It turns out I have 2 tubes coming from one of my kidneys which I would have been born with. I haven't seen the urologist since the scan results, but have been told he wants to see me again, so I'm not sure if its a complication with these tubes causing it or something else. I know the rheumatologists got a bit concerned at one point with the number of times i'd had protein and blood in my urine, and the urologist said it may even be down to inflammation. So I know it does't answer your question as i've only had one test so far and am not sure what the plan is yet, but if your worried I would definitely make sure its followed up xx


FOLLOW UP, totally. It could be many things but... it could be lupus in kidneys.

In 2008 was my first urine test showing red cells in it, but GP said was nothing to worry about. Same in 2012, urology ckecked me all over and Dr said not to worry. Then last year it was worst, but it helped to diagnose me with lupus. Sadly, 10% of my kidneys are now damaged... the first time I saw a nephrologist (last december) he said "you were treated awful!".

I really hope you don't repeat my story and that you don't have "lupus nephritis" and lupus SLE like me, but you need to be ckecked by a nephrologist and a urologist, both.

I started with red cells, then white cells and some protein in urine during a flare... they checked the urine under the microscope and looked for "red cells morphology", if they are abnormal then it is caused by kindey inflammation, if normal then is something else. But by all means, don't let this pass! Be your best advocate, and even if it sucks to go from test to test and doc from doc you deserve the best treatment. Go pee in every cup until every test makes sense and you feel better. :)


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