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Does anyone else have this problem? I suffer quite a bit with right side pain and each time it flares I get a urine sample tested. The results always the same blood and protein trace cloudy but no infection. I have now been told this is normal for me!

I've under gone tests on my kidneys and told I've a leaky right kidney but nothing has ever come from that!

Now I'm in the middle of another flare of this pain and have been given a weeks course of steroids. My gp and consultant are great but I'd like to be armed with more info or reasons for this.


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  • It is confusing isn't it? Everything you read says that you are not supposed to have blood or protein in your urine, it is not normal. I have had blood for years and now showing trace protein. Over the years (before diagnosis) I was told I must have passed stone, or I was treated for infections that were not there. Last week Rheumi said "well you are still showing high blood in urine" like he thought it was suppose to go away. I told him that after 10 years I didn't think it was leaving and I was more concerned with the protein. I guess "trace" is not enough to worry about. So, like you say - what should be reason for worry is "just normal for us"!

  • We are all in the same boat then thanks for reply xx

  • We are all in the same boat then thanks for reply xx

  • I too have had blood found in urine had all the tests and scans they haven't found a reason for it, just said I have go have blood tests and blood pressure taken every year go check for problems with kidneys I'm a little worried about this

  • Ive had this for 10 years now also, we know how you feel

  • my gp or rhuemmy don't check my wee at all? only ever had it checked when I was first diagnosed. I have asked both when I see them but they say the other is ment to keep an eye on it?! lol

  • Which one of them is ordering your blood work ? Don't they check urine at same time?

  • mainly my rhuemmy gives me blood forms and occaisionally my gp. no they say its not important as bloods tell you more info

  • I guess that means that your first test was good so not to worry. Probably be included in your annual exam with GP.

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