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Protein in Urine

I have been ignoring my swollen fingers and pain in my middle finger for over a week. Every morning they are stiff, and a little red. My urine has been bubbly all week. I now have a slight throbbing pain on my left lower side of my back. Oh, good...it stopped.

How important is it for me to get this checked by my urologist who did find both my kidneys scarred 2 years ago? I left a message on machine this morning, but unfortunately we are experiencing a winter storm. Ugh!

Thought I could deal with on my own with cherries and cranberries. Ha!

I feel ok otherwise.

Kidney doctor told me 2 years ago kidneys would heal up around it. He then speculated that constant uti's may be causing the scarring. I havent had any the past two years, so i dont know. I am taking an enzyme for clotty blood. I guess i should have been continuing to get checked every 6 months. I have terrible insurance, so I stopped going

I am upset with all my natural treatments that have been working, that i cant do anything about kidney damage. I can change my diet more. I am eating less protein, but i havent cut back on salt. I love my sunflower seeds in shells. Helps me with my anxiety.

Feeling sorry for myself...ugh!

My little brother is tsking pills to remove uric acid.

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Don't rule out you haven't had a UTI in the last couple of years - I had a cystoscopy done many years ago after my daughter was born. It was in Germany so no pain relief and I was fully conscious: they asked me how often I had UTIs. Very rarely I said - oh no, they said, there is evidence of you having had a LOT. Having a UTI doesn't always mean being doubled up in pain - perhaps unfortunately! At least then you know!

Hope you feel better soon - I'm in the huff today because I'm having a flare of my polymyalgia rheumatica when a month ago I was feeling fairly sure it was at an all-time low and MAYBE I was going into remission. How wrong can you be!

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sorry pmr....the pain went away after a little bit, but I still have stiff fingers. I am cramping all over the place too. Foot twisting, cramp in my neck up to my head...took some magnesium. Not sure I am getting any relief.

What is polymalgia rheumatica? Sounds like arthritis of some sort.

What do you do about constant UTIs? I told kidney dr I was not going on antibiotics the rest of my life. I use to take a cranberry supplement, but haven't been taking it.

Hope you feel better.


PMR is an autoimmune mediated vasculitis that causes an inflammatory arthritis as symptoms. It's a pain in the butt - literally and metaphorically!

In my case the UTIs were due to a narrowing of the urethra (the connection from the bladder to the outside) so the bladder probably wasn't emptying fully and the retention of the stale urine was leading to mild infections that weren't severe enough to cause clinically obvious signs and symptoms, just sort of bubbled along under the radar. They did a urethral stretch so the bladder empties properly - problem solved. It's been repeated about every 10 years since.

As George says - this really is something to take to the doctor and not to dismiss. If you already have a renal scar it is even more important. I had a neglected UTI (an obvious one) when I was at Uni. The young GP decided I had marital problems and fancied him so kept coming with nebulous symptoms so I saw him (arrogant pratt)! The senior partner recognised the symptoms, including intermittent flank pain, as a UTI that had ascended to the kidneys and sent me straight up to the hospital for a pyelogram - confirming his suspicions and showing scarring. After that I never had to fight for a hearing about a UTI again!

The most important thing about the scarring is not to give it a chance to get worse. I do appreciate your problems with poor insurance - and am heartily grateful it is a problem I don't have. State funded medical systems may not be perfect but we don't go bankrupt for the sake of medical care when it is needed.


It would be a good idea to go to your GP soon so please do endeavour to.


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Thanks George. I actually don't like my GP. I made an appt with my kidney dr. But, maybe I don't need to. I need to find a better GP. My GP said just because Sono report said I had cortical scarring on both kidneys doesn't mean they are scarred...Uh! Really


You definitely need a new GP - the ones who think they know more than a specialist can be dangerous. Although some specialists are as bad, I'll grant you that - when they dismiss YOUR reports about your symptoms for example.

But with any doctor, you MUST have a good relationship with them. If you haven't you can end up in trouble.


Hi Natura,

It certainly sounds like seeing a Doctor is advisable. If you don't like your GP then ask to see another. Can't get an appointment? Turn up at duty clinic and wait your turn. ☺

If you ignore these symptoms and your health worsens as a result you'll be seeing a lot more of your GP so go in this morning hang around until you get seen.

You could also call 111 for advice.

Best wishes

Paul Harris. ☺


I know they can tell if you have inflammation by checking the urine. It would be worth a urinalysis to see.


Thanks carebear....i am going to try and find a new gp.


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