Hi,I read somewhere recently in the reply there was the comment "100% of people with lupus have allergies" do you think this is true?

Hi, I posted on another forum recently, and I had a reply that included the statement that "100% of people with lupus have allergies"

Do you all A; Believe this is correct and B; have an allergy (or several allergies) yourselves?



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  • Interesting questions.

    All I can say is (A) it seems very likely and (B) Yes I have several allergies which seem to trigger asthma for me.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • Hi Jojo,

    Yes, I have allergies and allergy-related asthma. I'm allergic to moulds and tree pollen - and also chemicals in paint, solvents and perfumes. I have an intolerance to dairy foods, and can only tolerate small amounts of wheat.

    Interesting to see how many others with Lupus have allergies.

  • I don't have any allergies as far as I know

  • i dont belive every one with lupus has allergies though i do think its more common and i do have allergies

  • I too have allergies, to some meds, ie Septrin, asthma, hayfever etc.

  • Hi. Had lupus since 1999. Had NO allergies until contracted Lupus. Now allergic to azatirapen (not sure of spelling) !!! Kiwi fruit. and find it difficult to eat things that I could eat before - anything really to do with fast food, but pastry is the worst.

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  • I don't believe every one has with Lupus has allergies

    I wonder what research has been done into this

    Good question

  • Nope, I don't have any allergies (yet!)

  • I think many people with lupus have allergies. After I had glandular fever, I developed allergies to penicillins, cephalosporins, Septrin, pollen and shellfish and then lupus kicked in later.

  • morning,

    since becoming ill I have developed intolerances to wheat and dairy, i also react so much worse to insect bites and antibiotics upset my stomach much more than they used to. I also seem to be getting hayfever too.


  • I don't believe everyone with Lupus has allergies but I seem to be developing more and more intolerences and allergies. I can no longer take Arthrotec as I have a severe intollerence to it. I have developed an intolerence to milk and several other things.

  • Nope, no allergies or intolerances here. Asthma but only when I have a cold now really. Can't say that I'll never have any over my lifetime but it's certainly always silly to say that 100% of Lupus people will have anything I think!

  • Reading the answers it doesnt seem like everyone with SLE has allergies...

    I get hay fever but I've had that since I was a teenager and it tends to be mild. I'm now 65 and was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago, the SLE one came after that....no allergies to drugs. A couple of doctors have told me that sjogrens and asthma tend to go hand in hand with Lupus...hay fever too....I think we're all individual, you cant lump everyone into the same box of sypmtoms even though they're diagnosed with the same illnesses..

  • Hi, everyone,

    Thanks very much for your answers, on just the replies so far, it seems that more of you do than don't.

    I don't even know for sure if I have lupus, I was as fit as a flea until last summer/ autumn, and then gradually became very ill, i have only just returned to work after four months of illness.I have had tests and scans and biopsies for all sorts, and by ruling lots of other things out, my doctor suspects Lupus and Sjogrens.

    Looking back, I think i may have developed a UVA/B sensitivity/ allergy

    ( fluorescent light or being outside seems to set off a rash) or which triggers the onset of all my other symtoms ( which may or may not be lupus, seeing rheumatology next week to start thorough investigations), I was never allergic or sensitive to anything before this all started up, and I'm hoping I don't develop any more!

    Thank you all again


  • I suppose if you look hard enough everybody will be allergic to something.........in saying that I'm allergic to grass.


  • No allegeries- bizarrely enough I am really fit and Healthy- apart from the SLE Lupus (LOL).

  • I have developed allergies and sensitivities to both food and medication since having Lupus

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