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lymph node swelling

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I was wondering if anyone gets swollen lymph nodes at all?

My ones under the armpit seem to swell and become very tender every now and then. I have seen it can happen with Lupus and I have contacted the doctor to be in the safe side but I was just wondering if others have the same or similar.

22 Replies
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Hi Tinkerjack1912 I get very swollen Lymph nodes in my neck, feels unbearably tender to touch like im bruised. X

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Soothingsea

it is horrible isn’t it . My arm keeps catching it and it is so sore now. X

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Sishey1 in reply to Soothingsea

I have the same - the lymph nodes/glands in my neck have been swollen for the past 10 years - without exception - I had a scan on then a few years back with nothing to see - the doc has no answers 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I have swelling in my right armpit, the swelling varies from hardly anything to what feels like a golf ball. My GP took it very seriously, went to the breast clinic, had ultrasound and mammogram, all normal. I have had this for over 2 years, i went back to GP who again sent me to the breast clinic, nothing found. GP feels it is a very reactive lymph gland, I just live with it now

Whenever I flare the swelling under my armpit is worse, its very odd

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weathervane in reply to bathouse

i have the same experience with Sjögren’s. When i was diagnosed all my lymph nodes were enlarged, the ones under my arms were so enlarged I couldn’t put my arms down by my side . If i flare my lymph nodes also flare up , the last time i went to gp as i was worried as I had a lumpectomy last year, it was ok . If you are concerned do talk to your gp or rheumy. I hope things improve for you x

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to weathervane

thank-you. I have an appointment Monday just to be safe. X

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weathervane in reply to Tinkerjack1912

i hope all goes well, best wishes.

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bathouse in reply to weathervane

interesting, I’m not diagnosed with Sjogrens, I have severe dry eyes, have punctal plugs and on Ikervis immunosuppressant eye drops, my eyes are so dry! My bloods are always ‘Normal’

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to bathouse


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I had one in my neck in the early days , not painful but quite large. Rhuemy called in the general surgeon who was in the OPD at the time. He said come in and we will whisk it out ! So it was done as a daycase , that was about 20 years ago, no problems since. TTreatment may be very different these days, he was very old school.

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Potatoheat

Thank-you for your reply. I’m seeing the dr Monday will go from there.

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Hi Tinkerjack1912

I have the same problem in my groin, neck and arm pits. This was one of the major issues when I was diagnosed in 2019. I had biopsies taken under arm to rule out CA. Now I have learnt to live with it though when I go for check up I always mention it to my Rheumatologist.

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Liz556

Thank-you. I’m sure it isn’t anything to worry about.

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Same as most of the above. I get minor swelling under my armpits, and as soon as this happens I know it's a sign of a flare or a soon-to-be-flare.

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to SurferGuy


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yes it also happens to me under arms groins & neck, they get very painful i think it is probably our bodies telling us to rest as it could be a sign of being run down or a virus. You are not alone here you have your lupus friends on this site.

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Looplylady

thank-you so much for your reply. I must admit I am struggling with fatigue at the minute. Just exhausted.

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I never had swollen lymph nodes with flares so when i noticed an enlarged NON PAINFUL lymph node in my armpit I was concerned about breast cancer. I had a mammogram, ultrasound, and mri. It showed more enlarged lymphnodes in each armpit. All specialists wanted to wait becuase they assumed they were reactive because I have autoimmune. My intuition told me otherwise so I pushed until one of the doctors agreed to order a biopsy. I had one biopsied and I have been diagnosed with indolent follicular non Hodgkins Lymphoma. What is important to know is that my lymohnodes were NON PAINFUL. That is why I asked for the biopsy. We are at higher risk for certain cancers due to our autoimmune diseases. I am glad you are in tune with your body and asking questions. ♡♡♡

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Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Piscesdreamer

I am sorry to read your diagnosis. I am glad that you’ve got it looked into though. It is confusing what symptoms are related and which are not.

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IsabelleFR in reply to Piscesdreamer

Hi Piscesdreamer, sorry to hear about your follicular NHL diagnosis.

Like Tinkerjack1912 and the rest of you in this thread I was also detected swollen lymph nodes (for me it was both armpits). Radiologist says one in particular needs to be checked/biopsied because it has been growing for 1+ year now, it is hard, mobile, "centimetric", roundish, and without fatty hilum. I cannot wait for the biopsy because I am a bit worried. Still 2 weeks to go before seeing a gynecologist...

Just like you Piscesdreamer I have Sjogren's syndrome (among other autoimmune diseases.) I believe I've had Sjogren's for 20 years but no GP could make sense of my odd symptoms before now (or they said it was mild Lupus.)

Good luck to all,

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Piscesdreamer in reply to IsabelleFR

Hi Isabelle, please let me know if you have any questions. This was my first core needle biopsy. I had a positive experience. The specialist who performed the biopsy was amazing. I know its difficult, but try to take your mind off of it for now.


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IsabelleFR in reply to Piscesdreamer

Thank you so much Irene for your kind message.

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