Swollen Lymph Node in Neck

Hi all, just been to GP as i have a swollen lymph node in the left hand side of my neck, so i am awaiting a scan. Has anyone else had this? The reason being when you look it up on the net you get some dodgy and depressing results! I have not had an infection in sometime, the last was a urine infection. The other alternative was Lupus, but i just dont know what it is. So just seeing if anyone had anything similar. :)

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  • Hello! I have swollen lymph glands nearly 100% of the time - somewhere or the other. I have two in the back of my neck that I can feel most of the time. I get one in the front of neck too, at times. Also when I was in the worst of my big flare that led to diagnosis, I had the ones in my left arm pit swollen and extremely sore. I also experienced shooting pains from there down my arm. I have told GPs and two rheumys about this and never been sent for further tests. The ones under my left arm went down when the hydroxychloroquine worked it's magic. Are you currently in a flare? I guess you have to be positive and think at least your GP is being thorough. That's reassuring. Don't google it again. I'm sure it will be fine. Lupus does funny things to our bodies. Best wishes.

  • Thanks Wendy, always good to know someone else has the same. I shall not be googling it again! Must be in a flare but I'm on quite a lot of medication anyway. Yes, I was very lucky i saw a decent GP and if I'm still concerned i have the lupus nurses number at our hospital i could ring. As with all things lupus theres bound to be someone out there who has had similar. Did they put you on anything else? Cheers Wendy :)

  • Me too! I always get glands swollen in the neck, mine tends to be more pronounced when I'm tired. As Wendy says good that the doc is checking, if you need any medicine they can decide which/what you need. I always mention mine, they always check and say that's ok. The only thing I take that helps is paracetamol. Googling it great but needs to be put into context. It's like the medical profession they have to give you worse case senerio but doesn't mean it will happen. X

  • Hi Chris21, thank you for responding actually feeling a bit rough today hands and feet really swollen! If ain't one thing, its another!!! Well i let you know results when i get them, still have to wait for the scan though. Take care xxx

  • Stop worrying. Your test will let you know hopefully that you might just have an infection that can clear with a bit of meds. Or possibly you might have blocked salivary glands which often clear themselves with massage and warm compresses. Swollen nodes or glands aren't necessarily an indicator of something serious. However, if it turns out to be something like Lupus, the docs can refer you to a Rheumatoligists who can treat you and keep it under control. Stressful unnecessary worrying can cause more issues. Try to limit your internet searching , there are too many unknowns at this point and you will get a lot of results that most likely will not apply.

  • Hi kaspinallsgr8, Thanks for response. I do have S.L.E, sjorgens,APS and now fibro myalgia and was put on a new medication for the fibro in December You've just jogged my memory (which is often foggy ) that the side effects are extreme dry mouth which I've been getting. So you've cheered me up as it's probably down to saliva, fingers crossed. The only other thing is buzzing in my ears, breathlessness and really tender tops of my arms (like they have been punched by Mike Tyson) but that could well be a flare coming on strong! Thanks again ☺

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