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Throat swelling medication

One of my main symptoms is swelling round my throat. It feels like my windpipe is being cut off and can be extremely frightening. I have to sit up in bed at night just to be able to breathe to go to sleep.

In desperation I have taken three tablets of Diclofenac today, but I have read about nasty side effects of this medication. Does anyone else have these symptoms or knows any medication which can help? I am on Plaquenil but nothing else long-term as yet.

Many thanks for any thoughts.

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Sorry I dont have any experience of these symptoms But I would reccomend you speak to your GP or Rheumy ASAP to make sure its not some kind of alergic reaction....

x x x


I too have this throat also seems to close when I'm eating. I mentioned it my rheumatologist and I've been referred to the ENT dept. I have my appt at beginning of April. May be worth asking for a referral. Hope your symptons ease doon, as I agree its frightening x


Thanks for the replies. I have wondered if I am having some kind of allergic reaction too as this does seem to happen when I eat. Thanks so much for the advice and the idea about the ENT - I will be sure to mention it to my new Rheumy when I meet him on Thursday. DPJ66 - would you let me know how you get on?

Many thanks


I have just read that an allergic reaction to Plaquenil can cause throat swelling. I wonder if that's what's happening...?


I will definitely let you know how I get on. Its interesting what you've read about the Plaquenil - I have been taking it since 2004. Good luck with your appt on Thursday x


Just a quick update on this - in consultation with my Rheumatologist I have stopped taking Plaquenil for the moment as it may be causing the breathing and throat problems. This is an allergy to Plaquenil, rather than a side effect.

On the package lealfet information for Plaquenil it says:

"Signs of an allergic reaction include: a rash, swallowing or breathing problems, swelling of your lips, face throat or tongue."

Since I have stopped taking the Plaquenil I am no longer experiencing any of these problems. My Rheumatologist has advised me to wait a week or so and try taking another tablet and see if the problems start up again. If it does, she will have to advise re: an alternative medicine.

I must stress that I have a history of being allergic to other medications too and that I have stopped using the medicine in consultation with my specialist.


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