Swelling of legs and Ankles

Hi All , I have noticed a tightness and swelling in my legs and ankles , it subsides overnight but by the end of the day my legs ankles and feet are puffy tight and look a weird shape . I initially thought it was because maybe I had gained a few pounds , but it is now happening more frequently , My daughter has also commented on it several times . Any advice would be much appreciated .

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  • Are you taking heart medication? That tends to cause swollen legs sometimes.

    You should check it out with your GP - to look at the kidney (and heart) function.

  • Hi Purpletop ,no I'm not on any heart medication and the last bloods I had 2mths ago said my function was fine .I'm confused 😳

  • Just don't try and self diagnose, swollen ankles is not a good thing, see the GP soon about it, who knows.

  • I suffer with swollen ankles tbh I just put it down to being on my feet all day.

  • Hi Geordie-chick,

    How long have you been getting swollen ankles? Have you mentioned this to your GP? It might be worth doing so on your next trip as it can be indicative of kidney problems.

    If you'd like more information about how lupus can affect the kidney's then we have a factsheet called 'LUPUS and the Kidneys' which is available here:



  • Thanks George. Tbh it happens quite regular but I done really keep a check on it but I will now.

  • There are lots of causes from venous valve insufficiency to early heart failure with a load in between. Maybe you need to be more active during the day, always sitting with your feet up when you do sit down or maybe support stockings would help. But you DO need to see the GP so they can do a few tests to rule the other things out. Don't just ignore it.

  • Hello. I have varicose veins and venous eczema - which is extremely itchy. I can get swollen ankles and my skin can feel really tight in my lower leg/shin area. But my bloods always come back fine. I have SCLE (sub group of SLE and SLE) but have never had organ involvement. But as the others have said, always mention new symptoms to your GP and rheumy so that they can decide if it's significant or not. Best wishes.

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