Swollen lymph nodes

Hi All, wonder if anyone can help. I have MCTD for 20 years now and have had swollen lymph nodes many times which has been put down to just part of the condition. Now my daughter has for last 2weeks a swelling in supracaviclar area and is goin for an urgent ultrasound on Tuesday (worried +++) . All her bloods are normal including ESR and CRP, could she still however have Lupus? I'm nearly wishing it is that and not something even more sinister 😟

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  • Hi Bronagh2015, how did your daughter's ultrasound go?

  • Thankfully all went well Paul, nothing of great concern at the minute but it is to be followed up so that is reassuring. Thanks for your concern.

  • That's great to hear. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Wishing you the very best of luck in the Marathon Paul I hope it's not too hot, I will be watching the telly cheering you on! 😄

  • Thank you Bronagh2015 :)

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