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Swelling on the brain?

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I keep getting these headaches where my head is throbbing and I feel like my head is swelling up is that possible

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i have had the same thing including migrane over the last five weeks ive spent 4 days in hospital had a mri and 2ct scans waiting for a further mri and electric tests on nerves

be ginning to wonder if the hydro is causing it getting quinoric at the moment one thing i do know its not pleasant g

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It's really mad and painful it hurts so much and I just feel like sleeping all the time I have took quinoric before but seemed to contribute to my headaches the plaquenil is OK for me they both have the same ingredients hydroxychloroquine but the quinoric is a more cheaper approach on the nhs I will have the mention there headaches to my good thanks anyway

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I mean gp

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hello ladies i used to suffer with bad headaches but since coming off hydrox i dont anymore, i used to get cluster headaches day in and day out i felt like my headwas going to explode, my gp gave me more meds to take one everyday forever but then my dermy suggested coming off hydroxy i did and im been headache free for 5 months ,hope ive helped

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Hi I too suffer with headaches regardless of taking or not taking the medication. I would feel like my head was in a vice grip constantly, have visual problems and was unsteady on my feet. I also suffer with blackouts. Ive had the lot - CT scans, MRI and nothing. I do have my eyes checked on a regular basis as ive been on hydroxy for years as suffered with swelling at the backs of my eyes and haemorrhages to the vessels. Have they done a lumbur puncture to measure the pressure?

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