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Two Cutie chicks

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Hello everyone

Just thought id post these beautiful barn owl chicks who were peering out at their new world at a birds of prey centre in Yorkshire.

I hope you all agree what cute balls of fluff they are.

Hope your all keeping as well and as safe as possible in these challenging times.


P.s. i had my ultrasound test yesterday for foot and possible gallstones. Luckily i don't have gallstones but do have a mortons neuroma( trapped nerve) in foot after my foot op. The test has aggravated it a bit so i hope it will settle. Ive had such a good result from the steroid injection. Will hear from my gastro now about the liver tests and digestive symptoms so will keep you updated. Thanx so much for all your support. X

13 Replies
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Beautiful little balls of fluff! Like wee cotton wool balls with eyes!

It is good that you don’t have gallstones. So sorry you have a trapped nerve in your foot though. Hope you hear from your Gastro soon.

We are all fine here. School holidays have started. I had my 4th covid vaccine last Friday. Pfizer again. I had no side effects other than a sore arm which only lasted two days. Got a letter yesterday with an appointment for a pneumococcal vaccine. Since the Behçet’s diagnosis I have been classed as immune compromised. Not immune suppressed as I am not on immune suppressants.

Hope you have a lovely week. Xx 🦉🦉

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Lovely hearing from you ge and so pleased you've had your 4th vaccination. Well done for coping with it fine. Its great your Behcet's diagnosis is leading to better recognition and help. So important to have the pneumonia jab as well. Its so vital for us to have answers about our health.

Thanx for your lovely wishes and so glad you liked my balls of fluff. I hoped you might.

Ive learnt today ive got biliary colic which is gallbladder irritation and is very painful. It does come and go luckily but i do need gastro advice so hoping to hear soon.

Wonderful your all well ge and take care in the school hols. Keep safe. Xx🦉💕🦉

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How gorgeous are those fluffy baby owl chicks ❤️ I’m very glad you have not got gallstones Misty , my friend has them last year and ended up having her gallbladder removed, she was in so much pain. Hope your foot settles back down - lord of love xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thank you svfarmer for your lovely mesdage. So glad you liked the owls.

Ive learnt today from my gp ive got biliary colic so may have to have gallbladder removed as got lots of symptoms including pain.

I do hope your friend recovered well from hers and it must have been such a relief ti be better. My mum went thru it and she did well too.

I do hope its your big day soon and you have a wonderful time. Hope the sun shines for you all. Keep safe and well. Xx

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

Thanks Misty - yes my friend was in so much pain and once she had the gall bladder removed she felt so much better- I’m so sorry your going through all this , I so feel for you - look forward to more cutie pics soon - take care xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thanx so much svfarmer for all your support. I really do appreciate it. I think this is what ill have to do if it can't be treated.

Waiting for gastro letter so in next fortnight i should have more news.

TAKE CARE and keep safe. Xx🦉💕

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svfarmer in reply to misty14


Shall we name them, they are soooo cute.Sorry to hear about your foot x

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misty14 in reply to

Thanx stills for your lovely message. Luckily my foot is still good after my steroid injection. Ive got biliary colic at the mo which is so concentrating my mind as its very painful. Glad you liked the chicks and i hope your feeling better these days. Xx🦉💕🦉💕

How about: Sage and Seer. 🦉

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Such cute little owls and already look so wise. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. How are you doing? Is there anything to help you with the bilary colic? Hope you get some relief soon. I can imagine how run down you must feel with that kinc of pain. I have had kind of a set back with intestinal issues after thinking that doing what the immunologist was at first helping. I am going to reach out to him. He said if I showed a response that it would be a good indication mast cell activation is involved. At first I did, now, not so I don't know if it was some kind of weird coincidence at first or what. Kind of feeling down about all of it at the moment. I was trying to be cautiously optimistic, but realize that I started to think there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I should realize that there are no easy fixes. Sorry for rambling. How today isn't too bad for you. I always keep you in my thoughts.

Healing hugs.

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misty14 in reply to Pumpkin2009

Thank you for your lovely message dear Pumpkin. Im sorry your suffering a setback but in some ways its good you've had this reaction as it could lead to better treatment. 🤞for when you contact the immunologist. Having a cause is so important as it can lead to answers/ treatment so be glad dear friend.Its not nice having intestinal issues this weather so i hope you are drinking lots and resting as much as you can.

Thank you so much for thinking about me. I don't know whats triggered this latest bout and i must admit the pain was getting me down this am. If you know a trigger you can avoid it and hopefully keep well. Im going to ring my gastros secretary if i don't hear on thursday but i suspect he's on hols. You might find the same so ill be thinking of you contacting yours.

Glad you liked the owls, hopefully by my next one we will both have some news. Take xtra care in the heat and sending healing hugs to you. Xx🦉💕🦉💞

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