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Back for Bank Holiday

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Hello everyone

Sorry to miss last week due to tech problems. I hope you'll agree 'cutie pics 'is back with a bang with this little one!.

Meet 'Miss Tiggy ', a baby hedgehog that we're feeding up for winter. I managed to get so close to take the pic she wasn't bothered by me. Its the first time we've had a baby as mostly we've been feeding adults so she's particularly special. Hope you like her.

Do hope you are all having a happy , healthy and safe bank holiday.


P.s my podiatry appt went well. He's recommended a steroid injection which he will do or my rheumy might do. Im waiting for my next appt in a months time with podiatry to find out. Frustrating as in a lot of foot pain and the new insoles are not helping!. X

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Too cute! I don’t get to see these guys in my neck of the woods.


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misty14 in reply to KayHimm

Now you know kay what has caused my extra foot pain but it was so worth it to get the lovely pic!. So pleased you like her too. My U.S penpal has just told me they've got a skunk sleeping in their porch and an apossum visits for food too so you never know kay what might suddenly show up!. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Xx❤🦔❤

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True! And thanks!

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She’s lovely! How do you tell the sex?

Glad you like her stills. You can tell a hedgehog's sex by picking them up and looking but ive never picked one up!. I could have stroked this little one i was so close but wanted the pic and didnt want to spook her!. Im assuming she's female but i dont know for sure. 🤣

Keep well and safe and hope you get that appt soon. Xx❤🦔❤🦔❤🦔❤🦔❤🦔

I’ve read they are quite cuddly and not too prickly to hold at all. I saw one in my garden about 10 years ago but not since, we leave a hole in the fence so they can come snd go through our garden if they wish. Hope you see her every night 🦔

Thats wonderful stills that your garden has a hedgie highway for them. If you put a bowl of water out and some cat/dog food in jelly you never know one might come!. We get a big adult one come as well and they sometimes come together!. She doesnt always come each night but she came tonight! Our neighbours have them come too and we compare notes. Its lovely as we live on an estate!. Take care . Xx

💕❤️ That is the cutest of cutie pics! Miss Tiggy is adorable! Not that I’d want to hug her though! 🤣

No Bank Holiday here in Scotland. Weather is lovely though. Taking it easy this weekend as I ventured out for a short time yesterday into town. I’ve to book an eye test and wanted an idea of how busy places were and what to expect. It honestly wasn’t too bad. Town was fairly quiet and no crowds. Will make sure I book for a weekday as weekends, I imagine, will be a different story.

I’m glad to hear you podiatry appointment went well. Hopefully a steroid injection will work. It’s a shame you will have to wait a month though. So sorry you are in so much pain and the insoles aren’t helping. Are they making your shoes too small? Xx 💐🌹🌸🌷

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Thank you ge, so pleased you like 'Miss Tiggy. I havent picked one up either and have heard that they're not as prickly to feel as you'd think. I could have stroked little un but didnt want to spook her for the photo but i was close enough!.

That was a good idea reccying town before booking an eye test. Ive negotiated going for one too and can recommend a weekday is much better than a weekend!. Your schools are going back soon too so that will help. Ours go back in just over a weeks time.

Im glad you feel more confident about going as i did too and so needed glasses changing!.

Hope your all still keeping well like we are. Im hoping ill get my podiatry appt in a couple of weeks and he will do jab. When in need don't you find time goes extra slowly?. The insole is fine its just not stopping the pain when i walk!.

Good luck with your eye test and take care. Xx🦔❤🦔🤞🦔❤🦔🤞🦔❤🦔🤞

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Our schools have been back for two weeks now. Unfortunately cases have been rising. Nicola Sturgeon isn’t ruling out imposing restrictions again. Makes feel a little more anxious again. I am double vaccinated so can only hope I don’t catch it but, if I do, get it very mildly.

We are all keeping well. Hopefully the next two weeks will go by quickly for you. Look forward to the next cutie pic! Xx🦔 🐇 🐹 🐴

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Glad your all keeping well and safe ge. Thats whats going to happen here with schools/ uni's going back and the aftermath of all the tourists, our cases will rise too. It will make me anxious too ge but as you rightly say our jabs hopefully will help us have milder illnesses if we do get it. Im eligible for a booster which may happen in sept. That will help too but may make me poorly!.

Good luck with your optician's appt. I did find Specsavers were good at observing the masks, space and cleaning all the apparatus before use whilst i was in the room.

Keep safe. Xx🦔❤🦔🤞❤🦔❤🤞

Love Miss Tiggy and her name. Glad you are going to get some help for the pain, but a month seems like a long time to wait. Why does everything take so long? Enjoy your weekend and take care.

Healing hugs.

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Thank you pumpkin for your lovely reply and im so glad you like 'Miss Tiggy'. She came tonight and is just so cute!. Thank you for your lovely wishes for my podiatry appt. I really appreciate your support. Don't you find when your in most need of something the time goes extra slowly?.

Im hoping my podiatry appt is in a couple of weeks and he will do the jab as i so need help with this foot!.

Keep well and safe yourself pumpkin. Xx

This picture is full of cutie , cuteness 💕💕. We haven’t had any hedgehogs in a long time , I wonder if all the cats round us scare them off? Sorry to hear your insole isn’t helping. I go to the podiatrist in a couple of weeks , hopefully my insole is finished, though not hopeful as temporary one was uncomfortable. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻you will get the steroid injection soon and it works .

Having a very quiet bank holiday as very tired and nauseous for last few days . Hope it will improve soon . Are you able to enjoy the lovely weather??

Take care xxx 💕🤗🤗😘

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Im sorry weathervane your suffering side effects from your treatment this Bank Holiday. Do hope you feel better soon, nausea is horrible. Have you any anti sickness pills?. They can help. Is that the end of your treatment?. Hope so!.

It looks like we may be at the podiatrist at the same time. Sorry your temporary insole isnt helping!. I dont think they do help very well when conditions like this have worsened!. Maybe you will be offered a steroid injection like me?.

My foot is so painful and i can feel the nerve irritating. It is like a trapped nerve in your foot.

As ive got to be home because we've got so many tourists down in our area and my foot, im having a craft bank holiday and really enjoying it!.

So pleased you liked 'Miss Tiggy' weathervane. Our neighbours have them coming too. We've got a lot of cats surrounding us which hasn't put them off so its just luck if an area has them or not!. Have you got a 'hedgie hole ' in your fence in your back garden?. Do you even have a fence?. They usually come out at dusk so if you put a bowl of water out , you never know one might come!.

I do hope you feel better soon, lots of rest like im doing so im thinking of you. Take care Xx🦔❤🦔

Hi Misty Miss Tiggy is oh so cute - I haven’t seen a hedgehog in about 15 years even though we live in the countryside, how wonderful that you have her visit you - I caught up on Secret life of the zoo yesterday, do you watch it ? I absolutely love it and there were some giant otters that had 4 little pups - it was the cutest thing and really put a smile on my face.

So sorry to hear about your foot, I’m hoping that month goes by quick for you .

I’m doing really well , scar has healed nicely and feeling better every day .

Sending lots of love and have a lovely bank holiday ❤️

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Hi svfarmer, so lovely to read how well your doing and feeling now!. Thats your furry nurses isnt it and coming home as soon as you could?. I hope you go from strength to strength now. So glad you liked 'Miss Tiggy'. She came tonight and likes hoovering up all the crumbs left by the birds under the birdtable!. She really is adorable and its such a privelege to be this close to wildlife.

I don't watch Secret life of Zoo but i love otters!. The pups are adorable and i love seeing the adults on their backs banging stones to get their food!. They're so clever and adorable!.

Ill look out for the program as i love wildlife ones!.

Keep up the good work svfarmer and i hope your enjoying the sunny weather. Xx

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

The secret life of the zoo is on channel 4 Tuesdays @ 8pm it really is worth a watch. And yes my furry nurses have defiantly held me get better. Xxx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thanks svfarmer ill have a watch. Hugs to you and Mira and Bea, furry angels!. Keep safe and improving. Xx

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Hi SV, I’ve been thinking about you and so glad to hear you are doing so well with the scar healing and your furry nurses taking good care of you. 👍🏻👍🏻 Does that include Ian?😆 Thanks too for mentioning The Secret Life of the Zoo - I’ll ask hubby to record it for us. We often watch Animal Park in the morning which is also lovely. 🥰 Nature is so wonderful and such a healer. Take care SV and let us know when your next op will be. Love and hugs 🤗😘xx

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Ahh thanks Spotty and yes Secret life of the zoo is such a good programme - Thankyou so much for your best wishes - I will put a post up tomorrow with Mira and how I’m getting on regarding next opp etc xx

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👍🏻👍🏻 Looking forward to your post SV. 🤗😘xx

Miss Tiggy is just SO cute Misty and a very special baby. 😍🥰 She is also a lucky girl to have you and your parents feeding her up to face the winter in hibernation. 👍🏻👍🏻 We never see hedgies here but maybe just as well as we have both 🦡🦡 and 🦊 pass through our garden each evening. Good to hear your podiatry appt went well but very disappointing and frustrating that your new insoles are not helping.☹️ You’ll be looking forward to your steroid injection next month. Hoping you still manage to enjoy your holiday weekend. 🙏🏻 Thanks for sharing Miss Tiggy with us Misty. 🤗😘xxx

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Thanks so much spotty for your lovely reply. I am finding this bank holiday tough with my foot being so troublesome!. BUT, im determined to be positive so im enjoying doing some crafting and sitting down!.

Hoping steroid injection is in a fortnight's time with podiatrist but even if its not im glad i will see him soonI hope you are enjoying the weekend with some crafting too or maybe in the garden?. . Hope you have the lovely weather that we have.

Keep safe and well as possible spotty. Xx

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That is frustrating having a painful foot over a holiday weekend ☹️, but it is good that you are enjoying some crafting. 👍🏻 Is it your lovely cards you are making? I had a cancellation Rheumy appt on Friday as well as my GP phone appt which I’ll tell you about when I reply to your lovely message. I did some crafting yesterday at the end of a very busy day but I’m resting today and don’t do crafting on a Sunday out of respect for my Mum’s old tradition of never crafting with anything sharp/cutting on a Sunday, or ironing either. It makes me do other things, so not a bad thing.😁It was the MOST beautiful day here yesterday but very overcast today with drizzle forecast for later. 🥺 But a high pressure is supposed to be over us tomorrow so hopefully we’ll enjoy a much better day then. 🤞Enjoy the rest of your weekend Misty and don’t forget to let us see what you’ve been making. Love and hugs, 🤗😘xx

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That was lucky having a rheumy cancellation appt on fri as well as gp appt. Gosh what a busy day spotty, mentally wearing. Do hope it was helpful and i look forward to hearing how it went soon but not too soon as resting is important first!.

Thats a lovely tradition from your mum not to do ironing or cutting on the Sabbath of course!. I wish my parents could adopt it as we did ironing this aft and i got cross. I wish we'd left it!. Its lovely you still observe it, she'd like that im sure!.

I can't really show you what im doing as im making xmas gift tags and you'll probably be horrified so early. Im just enjoying doing something different and not being so tied to time!. Thats what a Bank Holiday should be about.

Recover dear spotty and i hope you have a better week. Ive got my gp tel appt this fri which i think will be very helpful. Keep safe. Xx🦔❤🦔❤🦔

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I’ve just sent you a message Misty so you’ll see in it how the appts went on Friday - both very helpful. 👍🏻 I’m resting today after a busy day yesterday, but yes I was mentally fatigued Friday evening. Yes, Mum’s tradition can be a bit frustrating if I’ve got my teeth into something like knitting, crochet or sewing and have to set it aside on Sunday, but I enjoy it all the more on Monday when I can get back to it. I don’t really enjoy the ironing any day but make it more palatable by watching something on TV at the same time.

That’s a lovely craft and a practical one that you are doing. Christmas will be here all too soon, so not a bad idea at all to start early.

Enjoy your bank holiday Monday Misty and I hope you are able to relax and forget about time. 🙏🏻 Take care. 🤗😘xx

Aww Love Miss Tiggy, such a cutie❤️🥰 🦔 xxx

Thanks dianne, so pleased you like her. Its such a privelege to be this close to nature!. She really is a cutie!. All the very best for your important family day on tuesday. Keeping 🤞for you all.

Hope your enjoying the lovely bank holiday weather . Keep safe and careful. Big hugs.🦔❤🦔🌺🦔❤🦔🌺🤞🙏🌺

Thanks Helen, the day has changed to Wednesday! I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the date as she wants it to be a surprise for everyone , only you are privy to this info, no one else knows other than us and her sisters🤫😜😃 . You’re so lucky to have Miss Tiggy in your garden , I keep hoping but no sign of any hedgehogs here 😞

Take care, will keep you posted with baby news.

Big hugs 🤗 🥰💕🦔💐xxx

Oh my goodness dianne, thats really very special. Im keeping 🤞tightly crossed for her and will look forward to hearing your news. Hope it all goes well.

If you put a bowl of water out you never know a hedgie might appear. Specially this time of year as they're feeding themselves up for hibernation!.

Big hugs and keep plodding. Xx🐢❤🦔🐢🤞🌞🐢❤🦔🤞💐❤🦔🤞💐

I’ll do that Helen👍, I wasn’t sure whether to put food out because of the foxes, we have so many here and they’d sniff it out straight away, the fox cubs seem to live between us and the neighbours behind us, all the gardens here are very mature and long so it’s like a big park for them, so also hoping hedgehogs are around too, I’ve got my gap in the fence for them. 🤞Have a happy Monday, hope the sun is shining for you and Miss Tiggy 🥰💕🦔❤️💐🦔🦔🦔 🦊🦊🐿 🐿 xxx

Id forgotten about your fox cubs dianne. They'd make such a wonderful 'cutie pic'. They are very special and your gardens are so perfect for them. You might not want to put food out for hedgies because of them!. Its up to you really.

Miss tiggy doesnt come every night so i miss her and love it when she does appear.

Its cloudy here and cooler suddenly. How about you?.

🤞for this week for you all lovely. Ive got gp chat on fri which i think will be very helpful.

Big hugs. 🦊🦔❤🦔🦊🤞🦔❤🦔🤞

Yes it’s dull here too Helen, I think we’ve got a few days of cloud now, not much wind which is nice, we do get the sea breeze here! 💨 Good luck for your appointment on Friday. Big hugs 🤗 🥰💐🦊🥰🐿🦔xxx

Thank you Diane, looking forward to your news. Big hugs. 💐🌺💕🌺👍💐

Lovely to see Miss Tiggy ! What a delight to get up so close. She is a very lucky little hedgy to live near you and the neighbours .Hope that appointment for the foot comes soon!😍xx

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misty14 in reply to cuttysark

Hello dear cutty, so pleased you popped up and saw 'Miss Tiggy'. I hoped you might and lovely you like her. She is such a 'cutie'.I do hope you might get new prickly residents soon because it was sad how you lost yours!.

Thank you for your lovely email which really made my Bank Holiday. I will reply this week after my gp tel appt on friday.

I hope you all had a lovely time yesterday, wonderful you could all get together.

TAKE CARE and keep safe. Xx🦔❤🦔❤

Hi Misty, OMG I love this little hoglet.A Facebook friend of mine has become a hedgehog foster carer. The rescue give her a little hedgehog that needs feeding up before release. She currently has Thorna Hurd 😂. She weighs every day and takes photos so everyone can see the changes. It’s amazing to see. I am so sorry that they have left you in pain. I wonder why your podiatrist could not have done the steroid injection during your appointment? I really hope you get it soon lovely xxx

Thats just amazing cecily, what a lovely job to be a hedgehog fosterer!. I guess though thats what we're doing unofficially with our hogs and hoglets. Our neighbours get them too so we compare notes!. Its such a privelege to be able to be this close to them!. I could have stroked it i was so close getting the pic!.

Oh cecily, you've hit it about the podiatry appt because i really thought he was going to do it. He'd asked me all about other injectiins ive had and outcome and then he suddenly said he wanted to ask my rheumy first and so slightly deflated i trudged out thinking a month isnt too long but it is when we're in such pain isnt it?. I should get his clinic letter soon and my appt for 2-3 weeks time. 🤞.

How is your knee?. Have you had the physio phone call yet?. Do hope it went well.

Keep safe and as well as you can. Xx🦔❤

I am so sorry that is professional etiquette gone mad isn’t it? Why make you wait in pain? It makes me so angry for you lovely. My knee is still unstable. I have to be really slow and cautious walking as it suddenly just goes on me. No no phone call for an appointment yet but I do have an Ophthalmologist appointment on 16 th next month to see if I can safely restart a lower dose of Hydroxy. In fairness to the Rheumy in the awful five minute telephone consultation he sent me a prescription for a years worth of 3 in 1 mouthwash, two months of Colchicine and a referral to Ophthalmology. I am experiencing real gut pain and bouts of awful nausea but not the diarrheoa that I had previously so fingers crossed I can tolerate it long term. I hope you get your injection soon Misty xxx

Thank you cecily for your wonderful support. I really appreciate it and do agree re the medical etiquette. They will let people die worrying about who should be written to whilst the patient is suffering!. It is so maddening. Im so sorry at your knee still, you've got to be so careful with it. Keeping 🤞you hear about a physio appt soon!. Thats a good bit of progress and so important to get Opthalmology appt. Good too its soon.Hurrah for that Rheumy, thats the trouble with the phone no way of knowing if he'd listened or just put phone down!. Will be good if you could try hydroxy again but you need your eyes checked first!.

Thats better too about Colchicine . Ive been so lucky with no side effects. Tough having gut pain though but good no diorrhea and it really does help Behcet's!.

Good luck for this week and keep safe and i hope ive got news next week. Xx🦔❤🦔❤🦔❤🤞❤🦔💐

Thank you so much. Your beautiful photos always make me smile. I truly hope you get that injection soon. Living with pain wears you down and really impacts our quality of life.Keep smiling Misty xxx

Thank you so much cecily, thats really kind of you. So glad you like the pics. I love doing it, it helps me 😀Your SPOT ON about what pain does to us!.

Hopefully we'll both hear soon. 🤞. Ill keep you posted next week. Hope you have a better week. Hugs. Xx🦔❤🦔🤞🦔❤🦔🤞❤🦔❤🤞❤🦔

Thank you Misty. Do you mind me asking if you have Lupus and Bechets? Xxx

Not at all cecily. I thought you might. I've got UCTD like lupus and take colchicine because it's also a treatment for Pericarditis which can come with lupus. Xx

I have been told that I have Lupus, then not Lupus Bechets, then Lupus again, then UCTD, the Lupus and Bechets, and Fibromyalgia. Then Fibro and hysteria. Then UCTD. Then MCTD so I have no idea what I have to be honest. All I know is that I feel very rough most of the time and I am grateful that the Colchicine limited the flares this time. I had oral, nasal and genital ulcers for four weeks during my last two flares this year but I took Colchicine on day 2 this time and the nasal ulcers were gone in five days and the others in nine. A week later I got oral and genital ulcers pop up but they died back in six days. Xxx

That is so damaging psychologically cecily with being told so many possible diagnoses!.

Gloomyeyore here on forum has had similar symptoms to you and she's also responded well with colchicine. Shes just been given Behcet's diagnoses!. You might like to watch out for her and chat. Keep safe. Xx

Yes I feel very lost and very insecure. I don’t want to be sick but I need recognition that I am sick if you know what I mean. It is no wonder new Doctors treat me with derision when I have labels such as hysteria , grossly obese and as one wrote “ she will no doubt be disappointed as she desperately wants to have Lupus “?..? Who the hell would want it? It makes me so cross. Look after yoursekf Misty xxx

I do understand cecily because of my experience. It wasnt that you wanted lupus but you desperatly needed validation for your symptoms!. I found the medics complwtely changed towards me once i got my diagnosis .it took me years for them to ignore those awful labels lon my notes like fibromyalgia, growing pains and all in the mind!. I developed other conditions too so that helped.

When you think about it cecily, its so cruel the way we've been treated and it does make us cross that its still happening. They're supposed to be better trained these days.

Keep fighting and safe. Xx

I am so sorry that you have had this too. So many of us have despite being diagnosed by one Consultant it is undone in a heartbeat. It is so unfair and demoralising. Thank you for your kindness always and for understanding. Big Cwtches xxx

I do still feel very insecure cecily specially seeing new consultsnts. Despite my better diagnoses it doesnt completely leave you and im always on my guard!. Keep safe Xx

I know that feeling well Misty. You stay safe too xxx

😍Miss Tiggy Misty 🤗Thanks so lovely that you're feeding her up for hibernation!! We had a hoggie visitor last year and n I'm hoping that we'll see it again! 🤞

We've been creating a 'woodland' theme so there's lots of places for sleepy time 😴🦔

I hope you get that steroid injection soon..foot pain is the pits!! 😔🌈😽😽Xx

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Thanks so much krazykat for your lovely reply. So pleased you like 'Miss Tiggy and you've created a wildlife wonderland in your garden for future tenants hopefully.

🤞. Thats what we did and hit the hedgie jackpot so i hope you do too. We've got a high bank at end of our garden that they like to go thru to neighbouring gardens!. How about you?.

I hope your plodding on 🐢ok with the mtx and steroids. Thanks for your good wishes for next podiatry appt in 2-3 weeks. Just hope he does it then as foot's been very painful this week. Keep safe. Xx🐢❤🦔❤🐢🤞🌈🌞🌈🤞🦔❤🦔🐢🤞

Hello Misty & hello little Miss Tiggy - lovely to meet her❤

We have our very own little visitor- meet 'Harry the hedgehog'🦔..

..not sure we have the correct sex though, as we have also spotted a total of 4 baby hogs snuffling around the garden. The babies seem to have moved on now, but Harry still likes to visit us most evenings & munch his way around the garden. He's not fazed by us at all & we feel so privileged & thrilled every time we see him.

On another note- 🤞 you get your steroid injection soon to alleviate your pain.

Take care Misty & thanks for the lovely pic of Miss Tiggy XX

Harry the hedgehog
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When Tiggy met Harry, they're a perfect pairing daisy!. Thanks so much for posting him. I totally agree what a privelege it is to be this close to wildlife and i feel exactly as you do, excited when they visit!. Its wonderful you've had so many babies visit daisy and harry is staying faithful to your garden!.

I don't know the sex either as havent picked one up have you?. Im assuming female but don't know for sure. Ha!. 😀

Thank you too daisy for your lovely wishes re my steroid injection. Hopefully my appt will be in next fortnight. My foot has suddenly worsened so need it even more.

Hope you are keeping well daisy and enjoy Harry. I shall think of you. Keep safe. Xx🦔❤🦔❤🦔❤🤞🦔❤🦔🤞

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'Tiggy met Harry' love it🦔❤🦔

I haven't picked one up myself but OH had to rescue one that had got too close to the road, this was day light & lots of tractors racing up & down so I was especially concerned.

The babies are delightful, and an added bonus of course, we've seen them the last couple of years. I think they nested in an old barn we have- as I've watched them come out from under the door in the evening.

As for Harry staying faithful- I think he knows when he is on to a good thing- as he has a whole acre to rummage around in with lots of exciting stuff to eat.🦔

I'm okish, thank you for asking Misty, just feel extremely abandoned by the medical profession at the moment but we won't go there! as I know I'm not alone!😒

Take care Misty & lovely to talk to you about our little hogs


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Its wonderful to hear daisy how you and your OH have been such hedgehog champions, rescuing them from danger!. My dad had to rescue one of ours from going down a drain in our garden. They're very inquisitive and can travel a good distance!.

This is the first time we've had a baby come so its extra special!. Im sure harry will stay as you say he's onto a good thing with your garden. They're such good pest controllers too!. With a barn too its the ideal environment for them!.

Im so sorry daisy you still have been abandoned by the medics!. I can only say keep fighting and banging away and you'll get there. I had to in the begining as i wasnt believed but i didnt give up. Sometimes changing medics can be the breakthru.

Keep safe and Miss tiggy sends her regards to harry. Xx🦔❤🦔❤🦔


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That is a cutie pic! Thanks for sharing it. Glad your appointment went well and you'll be pain free and better able to walk. I had podiatrist appointment in the morning but it had to be rescheduled to next week Tuesday, both feet are painful and I was hoping for a steroid injection so I could at least walk better and schedule a bunion removal, all the bones in left foot are mangled and needs to be straightened or removed. It's actually hard to imagine my life without foot pain.

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Thanks olderkitten for replying and glad you liked 'Miss Tiggy'.

Its hard isnt it needing appts so badly and they get re-scheduled. Even a week later seems a long time when we'te in this pain.

Im so sorry your suffering so much and facing a big op. Im hoping my next podiatry appt comes soon and i get the steroid injection from him as mine has suddenly worsened . It may or may not cure it!. Should be in next fortnight!. Ive had 2.5 years of awful foot pain and its the left one funnily enough and had no idea before how crucial our feet are!. I just took it all for granted like we do!.

This trapped nerve has come after having an op. Ive had just 2-3 weeks of normality. It sounds like you've had feet problems longer than that. I think we're very prone because of the inflammation. My feet have changed considerably recently!.

I do hope your appt goes well , you get the injection and it gives you some respite. 🤞Xx

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I was supposed to have the bunion removed years ago and I kept putting it off and now I'm suffering and no one else to blame but myself. Between my back and my feet I have a hard time walking, I'm worried that it could put me in a wheelchair and I don't want that. Oh to be young again 😆 maybe my back and feet. Take care and let me know how your appointment goes 🙂 have a wonderful day.

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Thank you olderkitten for your lovely mesdage. We make these tough decisions for all the right reasons without a crystal ball!. How can we know how life was going to turn out. Im sorry your back and feet are making life hard. I havent yet had appt come thru. Ill let you know how i get on , and you let me know how your appt goes on tuesday. Do hope its helpful. I found my podiatrist very helpful with advice re my foot op. If you can, ask him his advice re bunion op and tell him your worries. He might put your mind at rest. Its a big thing lets face it!. Keep safe. Xx❤🤞

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Hi Misty14 I went to podiatrists Tuesday and surgery to fix bunion is September 30 and as much as I hate surgery I'm looking forward to getting rid of it. I couldn't get injection in right foot for pain because she doesn't think it will help, that it might be bone related so I'm on steroid pack. It does give me energy to get things done especially since I'm anemic, I see hemotologist Monday and hoping I get iron infusion because I really need it as I've been so weak and tired for too long and that's where the steroid helps. I hope your feeling better.

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Hi olderkitten, glad you've been to podiatrist and have a confirmed date for your bunion surgery. Not too long now and it will make such a difference im sure. Sorry no steroid injection but we have to trust their judgement when they say it wouldnt help much!. Afterall , they've got knowledge and experience that we don't.

Im sorry it sounds like you've been struggling with a lot to cope with. Anemia on top of foot pain is no fun and you must be feeling awful. Good thing you've got haemotologist appt on monday as you need the anaemis sorting before your op!. 🤞 good luck for it, hope its helpful.

Ive phoned podiatry and they've referred me to my Rheumy for steroid injection as they're looking adter me anyway!. Im chasing the clinic letter today and then will ring rheumy's to see if im on an injection list. Podiatry will see me next month and my guess is ill be no further foreard as it will be a long wait. Its so frustrating when the podiatrist nearly did it for me 3 weeks ago!.

Have a lovely weekend and good luck monday. Keep me posted if you want to. Xx🤞❤🤞🙏🤞❤🤞🙏🤞❤🤞

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I hope 🙏 you are on the injection list and get relief soon. You also have a great weekend 😀 take care dear lady.

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Thanx so much olderkitten, here's hoping we bring each other luck on monday!. Xx🙏❤🤞🙏❤🤞🙏❤🤞

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