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Something totally different.

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Hello everyone

This weeks pic is of a baby elephant following his herd to a water hole in a Game Reserve in Botswana. He loses his footing and the rest of the herd encircle him whilst he gets up to keep him safe. They are so protective of each other.

I hope you agree the baby looks cute and i hope you are all enjoying the late summer sun we're having and keeping safe too.


P.s. still waiting for podiatry appointment to come thru!. Will chase it if it doesnt come this week!. So frustrating!.

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Beautiful photo. Animals are so protective of their young. Not such nice weather here at the moment. A lot cooler and a fair bit of rain.

Hope you get you podiatry appointment soon. Xx 🐘

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Thank you so much ge, we're having a 3 day heatwave down south. In need of rain. Sorry your weather has changed so quickly into autumn.

I m glad you liked the elephants and can't we learn so much from these majestic animals?.

Keep well and safe all of you ge and i hope to have podiatry appt news next week. Xx🐘❤🐘❤🐘❤🐘❤🐘❤🐘❤🐘❤Xx

Elephants are fabulous!

They are stills!. How can they be hunted?. Any appt news?. Keep safe. Xx❤🐘❤🐘

How lovely, Elephants are so special aren’t they, they’re so family orientated. Watching them in their own habitat on my trips to visit family in Kenya was been very special indeed, they’re so graceful and beautiful to see.

How did your GP chat go ?


Hi dianne, that must have been such a special experience . We could really learn a lot from wildlife like elephants as to how to behave better!. They're so graceful and beautiful too. I do hope your appt this week goes well. Ive sent you something in the post that i hope you will get in time!. 🤞

Do hope you've had your special cuddles this weekend.

Thank you so much for remembering my gp appt. It went very well thanks. He's let me stay on 4.5mg steroids and do no further reductions whilst we navigate having these two jabs that are coming up. My arthritis isnt as good on 4.5 mg as i was on 5mg so im relieved. He really proved too that hes there for me. The difficulty is they're waiting for results of trials and us on mtx may have to come off it for a week either side of having jab. Waiting for final decision and a bit of a nightmare!.

Im thinking of you lovely , hope all goes well and take care. I hope to have podiatry news next week. Big hugs. Xx🐘❤🐘🤞

I’ve just seen this! You’re a sweetie, thank you Helen, I’ve just sent you an email. Big Hugs 💕💐🐘 xxx

Hello lovely dianne, i am so pleased my little envelope arrived on your test day and it went well.

Thats a long time to be at the hospital but lovely that your friend came to see you and have a chat!. I do hope you get good results. 🤞. Do you know when you'll get them?. Hope not too long.

These days are very stressful, we worry before test and then after for the results!. No wonder your tummy was going and then that just adds to more worry!.

Thank you for your lovely message, will reply later in the week as i rang podiatry today and left my details and hopefully soon they'll ring me back. Still no appt!.

Hope you can ask your consultant questions soon. Its tough having to wait for an appt slot. So much easier if we could email them!. I can't email my doctor's at the hospital. I guess they'd be swamped!. If its a long time you could write to her and set them out!. Just a thought as ive done this in the past!.

Its amazing you mesdaged me after such a big day dianne so rest up and recover and ill pop up again soon. Big hugs. Keep safe. Xx🤞❤🤞💐🙏🌺

Thank Helen, I’m going to call the Secretary today to see what’s happening, if I can get through to her!, she gave be her email too so I could do that, it’s an option isn’t it👍 I spent the afternoon on my bed, out of the heat so I had no distractions and wanted to thank you and my email was overdue , I did fall asleep after I sent it 😴☺️

They said I should hear in a couple of weeks.

Good luck with getting your appointment… fingers crossed 🤞 everything crossed 🙏

Take care my lovely 💕🐿💐🐘🦔xxx


Hi Misty,

Join you on thoughts on the 'waiting game' & chasing 😕 or is that a reflection of being tired (that's me )... Hope your appt come soon....

In case you need another baby elephant boost...Love this film maker, really patient to get wildlife footage & getting to know his wildlife...

ml 😊

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Spotty-ewe in reply to maggielee

What a fabulous video Maggie. Thanks for posting it. It is so lovely to see how caring the elephants are to one another but also the relationship with man who can offer a helping hand. Wonderful. 👍🏻 Take care. 🤗xx

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misty14 in reply to maggielee

Thanks so much ml for posting the elephant film. Its just wonderful seeing how there ,there for each other. We humans could learn so much. The little ones are adorable!.

I remember watching it because i love Gordon Buchanan's films. He gets so up close and personal to all kinds of animals!. He's had quite a career!.

Oh maggie, im exhausted at the mo with my foot pain and do understand how difficult it is to chase up appts/tests. Have you made any progress with seeing a gastro?. Its awful the waits, a month for me is nothing by comparison!.

🤞 ypu make progress soon. TAKE CAREXx🐘❤🐘🤞❤🐘❤🤞❤🐘❤🤞

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maggielee in reply to misty14

Elephants are quite amazing & beautiful.

Sorry to write that my progress is soooo very slow. I have an appointment now for October no sooner (I tried) or I have to go private...I would in a shot, but I think I am going to need possible tests (still waiting in a busy system for a colonoscopy) & this then these symptoms may cross over back to colorectal surgeon or rheumatology. Can't figure it it's autoimmune or cancer related 🤔😷

Hard this waiting, as I also dealing with work & meetings to finish it due to still being poorly for so long, and no answers if I will be well enough to return ecckkk. Oh frustration....

You take care too 😀ml

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misty14 in reply to maggielee

Oh ml, so sorry your still waiting for a colonoscopy . Thats a shockingly long time!. I hope your appt in October is early in the month. Its so hard waiting in need , suffering with our lives on hold. Its hard too for our nearest and dearest who live with us!. I find time goes doubly slowly when waiting for appt's and it seems awful to always be wishing our lives away to get to them.

I agree re private , tests on top makes it soooo expensive.

I did go privately for my foot to have a steroid injection and i may have to again as im just not hearing from podiatry and he said a month which is soon so something's changed!.

I do so agree re symptoms so similar re cancer or auto-immune. No way of knowing till we have tests!. I just hope for you that its AI so will be keeping my 🤞crossed for you.

Hope you can sort out work and retire so you can concentrate on getting better. The stress can't be helping. Don't forget the CAB to help sort things out too.

Keep safe and take care . Xx🤞❤🤞

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Krazykat26 in reply to maggielee

Wonderful footage Maggie 🤗Thank you for sharing it with us 🌈😽😽xx

Lovely pic Misty 🤗I learnt an interesting fact about elephants. Did u know that there are more muscles in an elephant's trunk than in the whole of the human body?

Wonderful gentle creatures n so caring!! One of my favourite animals 🐘 Thank you for posting 🌈😽😽xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Im so pleased kat that elephants are your favourite animal and you liked this week's pic!. They really are beautiful and i love the little ones!. Ive learnt something then thanks kat as i didnt know that they have more muscles in their trunk than there are in our bodies!. This is why they can do amazing things with their trunks and keep them so mobile.

Did you see on Animal Park , longleat are caring for one of the oldest elephants in this country?. Keep safe and well and plodding. Xx🐢❤🐘❤🌈🤞🌈🤞❤🐢

Lovely pic Misty. Elephants are such majestic animals. I remember a child painting her elephant purple and when I asked why she said, “they are too special to paint grey.” And wee Jumbos are even more special. Thanks for posting Misty. So sorry to hear the podiatry appt isn’t forthcoming. I hope you get one arranged when you chase it. 🙏🏻 Take care. 🤗😘xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thanks so much spotty, glad you liked this week's pic and its invoked lovely memories. I think they're beautiful .Do you remember the song ' Nellie the Elephant'. ?. That was lovely too. Do hope you have a lovely time with your visitors and thank you for your podiatry wishes. I hope to have better news next week. Keep safe. Xx🐘❤🐘❤

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Oh yes I remember ‘Nellie the Elephant’ which I sang countless times with infants. Good fun. Thanks for your kind wishes Misty, and I’ll be in touch about midweek. Take care. 🤗😘💕🐘💕🐘💕🐘💕xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe


Now this is just super cute Misty, such intelligent and nurturing animals - hope your appointment comes through soon xxx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thanks so much svfarmer for your lovely wishes. Im hoping to have better news this week for my appt.🤞I love the elephants and specially thought little 'nellie' looked adorable. Glad you did too.

Do hope your still being well looked after by your 'furry nurses' and your still feeling much better. Have a good week and keep safe. Xx🐘❤🐘❤🐘❤🐘❤

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

Yes my furry nurses are marvellous , Thankyou so much xxx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer


Hi misty , more lovely creatures 💕, everyone lives elephants.Sorry you don’t have an appointment yet , do chase it up so don’t get forgotten in the system. 🤗🤗🐘🐘

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Hello weathervane, glad you liked the elephants. Hope your feeling better. Im chasing it up this week as something's changed as im just not hearing anything!.

Thank you for your kind thoughts

I will report back. Keep safe. Xx🐘❤🐘

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weathervane in reply to misty14


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misty14 in reply to weathervane


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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Hi weathervane, looks like ive been referred to rheumatology for the steroid injection but don't know how long to wait or if they've agreed to do it. Podiatry will see me in Oct now and ill probably go having achieved nothing knowing my luck!!. Besides they're so busy!!. I want to see his letter before i ring Rheumy. It got lost in post!. Ypur going to see podiatry soon ?. Hope you have a good appt.

Just thought id let you know. Hope your feeling better. Xx❤😀❤

Hi misty, frustrating for you getting passed around ☹️. I hope they contact you soon. I have a call with the rheumy next week and an appointment with the podiatrist on the 24th , I think its for the insole , or maybe the ultrasound?

I have tried the temporary one she gave me but its just not comfortable.

I think we should be provided with a permanent parking spot at the hospital we are there so often 🤣

Take care , 🤞🏻🤞🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼 for your appointments xxxx💕

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thanks for your lovely message weathervane. Can't we easily feel like a parcel being passed around?.

I so agree re a permanent parking place needed at hospital and gp surgery. Its expensive with all our appts. You have more than me.

Im glad you've got Rheumy call next week and podiatry coming up. Ill be interested in what she says. Those insoles are no good so i hope they're changed for you.

Hopefully tomorrow ill get podiatry letter and then next week i will phone rheumy dept and see if im on injection list!. Don't we also get tired of chasing things but its the only way to ensure we get help?.

Good luck weathervane and let me know how you get on. Have a lovely weekend. Its Strictly soon, the ads have started!. Yay!. 😀

Keep safe. Xx😀❤😀🤞😀❤😀🤞❤😀

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weathervane in reply to misty14

I will let you know how i get on with the rheumy call , though have a bad feeling i might have to change treatment ☹️I can’t wait for the start of strictly it something to look forward to on a Saturday 💕💕💕

Have a lovely weekend , we were meant to have thunderstorms all of today but so far it’s fine, hoping for a lovely weekend xxxx😘😘

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Its tough weathervane when we have to change treatment so i do hope your Rheumy call goes well. Worrying for you so hope too its at begining of the week.🤞Hope i might be able to help if you get an alternative drug!.

Im looking out for when Strictly intro show is on, soon now!. Just love the show and all the sequins and sparkles.

Have a happy weekend despite the weather, we're meant to have it wet too!. Keeping 🤞 for you. You might like 'cutie pic' this week as its a fun one. Take care. Xx🤞❤🤞🌈🤞❤🤞

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