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Fairy garden

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Here is my first attempt at a fairy garden for my grandchildren. Lord knows why it’s gone in sideways as I didn’t photograph it that way.

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Close up

Close up of house
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Bird bath - see the little frogs?

Showing bird bath and frogs
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Courage stone and see the tortoise

Photo of stone saying courage
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It’s stunning - well done

Is this better? Still sideways!

Full photo of fairy garden

Which ever way you look at it it all looks fab .so much pleasure to be had from simple things xxx

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One lucky fairy is gonna love it.

My grand daughters would love that

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Everything has been reasonably cheap to produce so far. The house was just £3, the signs and archway and bird bath just £1 each. The moss, that forms the grass, I took from the top of several pots growing Buxus trees, so cost me nothing. The stone was just .90p from a charity shop. So it’s not an expensive hobby, you must have to look at things differently. The slate clippings were from a friends drive, he gave me a small bag of them. I am keeping plastic bottle tops ready for the next one to use as stepping stones. I have to admit I’m becoming a bit obsessed! The grandchildren love looking for things to add and they are always suggesting things as it fires their imagination. Have a go! X

Even better to be eco fairy 🧚‍♀️

Your fairy garden is so pretty - thanks for sharing x

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Thank you, I just thought it might brighten up someone’s day. I now have to find some suitable fairies! I have a little white picot fence winging its way to me so can’t wait for that. It’s a work in progress. Lol!

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I will look forward to updates on the fairy garden x

Hello. I love your fairy garden. Well done! I wonder what treasures your grandchildren will find? 🧚

That is lovely and looks very well done!

Thank you. I’ve had the stuff here for ages but was nervous to start. Then I read you just have to think about what scene you want and find the bits. Made it a bit easier then. Great fun.

What a fabulous miniature house and garden …absolutely delightful! 💕👏👏

I love the birdbath.

So wonderful and imaginative. My granddaughters ages 5,3,2 and 1 would be besotted. Well done.

Oh it is just exquisite. Such beautiful detail. What child would not adore it?Well done you. 😍🧚‍♀️🧚🧚🏼‍♂️

I LOVE this n it's really brightened my day...all day!! I first saw your post last night but was too tired to reply..n then when I woke up this morning..n now!! 🤗🙌Thank u so much for sharing your fairy garden with us BL 🧚🐸🐢🐦

Well done 🙌👏🌈😽😽xx

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Thank you. It’s a work in progress so watch this space!

Absolutely magical and enchanting! Thank you so much for sharing. You started my day off with a smile. I can't wait to see your next.

Healing hugs.

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So magical and wonderful! 💜

The fairies did it 🤣

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