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Red Kite in the garden! So excited!

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For the peeps who enjoy wildlife posts - Spotty, Stiff, DKJ99, KrazyKat, svfarmer, Happy Tulip, Misty, Leuann, MEG, Cecile Parsley (sorry if I have forgotten anyone) thought you might enjoy this pic collage of the Red Kite and a couple of crows hopping about in our back garden! Although it was amazing to see them so close up and for several minutes, sadly they were squabbling over a dead bunny that the Red Kite had dispatched moments earlier. We couldn’t believe that this happened so close to our house - another example of the wildlife becoming bolder in lockdown! After we filmed this, there was an aerial display of a Kestrel dive bombing the Red Kite, who seemed intent on trying to get to the Kestrels’ nest in a massive oak tree where we think the Kestrels have babies. They were too quick for us to film. It was incredible to see such a little bird take on another bird 4 times the size! Again, we have never seen anything like this in the 20 years we have lived here! Enjoy! 👋🦅🥚😃😘

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Amazing! Who needs telly where you are?! Hope you are doing OK. Thanks for posting x

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Horsewhisper in reply to DJK99

Thanks D! We are lucky to have some amazing wildlife displays right outside the window - these birdies sure beat what was on the telly on Sunday afternoon! 😀

fantastic! x


Wow, amazing pics!

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Horsewhisper in reply to MEGS53

Thanks MEGS53 - they were fun to film! x

Love these photos! One of the view ways I can enjoy nature these days. Xk

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Horsewhisper in reply to KayHimm

Happy to oblige Kay! X

wow, we don't get those here. just sparrow hawks and buzzards, stoats raiding the nests. pheasants, just boring stuff ;)

Plenty going on near you! 😁Naughty stoats! Love the underside markings of the lady Sparrowhawk...x

What fabulous photos - you ought to host a wildlife programme from your garden 😍

Yes indeed! I used to love watching animal programmes as a kid - especially Johnny Morris on Animal Magic. Perhaps I could do something like that?! X

Animal magic now that’s a blast from the past - I used to love that show x

Amazing pictures HW!

Thanks HT! Hope all ok with you? 🌷x

I'm ok(ish). Terrible Insomnia. Been awake all night. But today is a new day.

Hope all is good with you x

I’m with you on that one - such a tough thing to manage along with everything else. I like your upbeat approach about the new day - I have to tell myself something like that before I roll out of bed and crack on with the day ahead. It’s hard though! Trying to rest as much as I can as have just added pericarditis to the list and need to manage that. So on a go slow, which is fairly easy to do as not going anywhere if doing anything! Thanks for asking xx

It is hard, and there is no shame in saying it.

I try to stay as positive as possible in the forum because I don't want to pull anyone else down, but after 2 nights of no sleep and muscles set to spilt open I doubt the bathroom will be cleaned as was planned today.

Don't do to much. Maybe just rest? I've only just got over pericarditis myself although I was lucky to have a very mild version this time.

Rest my dear, treat yourself to a film or something to help you relax. Self-soothe and ignore any housework!

I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you for the amazing photos x

Sorry to hear that you’ve suffered from it too - painful isn’t it? Mine seems to be mild, so no meds for it, just ticking along on a “go slow”. Perfect excuse to ditch the housework - totally up for that! Much prefer to spend my energy gazing out of the window watching the wild life - and getting to snap some pics to share here! Glad you like them Xx

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misty14 in reply to Horsewhisper

Just noticed your post about pericarditis horse whisper!. Sorry you've added it to your mix!. I too suffer and it can be very painful. If yours does worsen then there are anti- inflammatories they specially use for it because they work better. Celebrex and Colchicine which is a gout medicine!. I'd suffered for years and eventually was prescribed colchicine and it changed my life!. Just so you know in case you need it. Xx

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Horsewhisper in reply to misty14

Oh thanks Misty, that’s good to know that there is some other relief should I need it. I can manage with paracetamol at the moment along with lots of rest. Sorry to hear that you suffer from it too. Xx

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misty14 in reply to Horsewhisper

Long may it continue to be mild for you horse whisper. Enjoy those red kites. Xx😊


WOW!! Thank u for snapping n sharing these pics HW 🤗 u really r a gifted photographer in these tricky times!! Who got the rabbit in the end?

Crows n red kites often scrap..the crows will attack red kites in the air too when they've got young in the nest!! But to see a kestrel 'having a go' must have been awesome to witness!!

Thanks've made my day!! ❣️Red kites!! 🌈😽😽Xx

Super stuff! So pleased you enjoyed my snaps KK! We videoed the whole shenanigans on an iPhone then I captured some stills from the vid. One of the Crows managed to grab the bunny and flew a short distance before the Kite caught up with him and shoed him off. It was fascinating to watch them! I’ll see what else I can this space! Hope you are doing ok 🦅🦅🦅😘

Amazing..thanks for sharing😃 🦋

Wow, it's amazing to have all this going on right outside your window. I hope the kestrel managed to defend its chicks.

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Horsewhisper in reply to Tykle

Yes I think so and hope so - the fiery little Kestrel made it quite clear that the Kite was not welcome anywhere near their “home” tree!

Absolutely fantastic pics Horsewhisper! The detail that can be seen is fabulous! Well done getting them. Were they taken with your phone and new lense? The clarity is amazing. I had a chuckle when I saw the crows taking a respectful step back! Haha.

Hubby is out at present doing the weekly shop, but he’ll be just as thrilled as me to see them.

Thanks so much for posting these fabulous photos. 🤗😘

Thanks Spotty! I thought you’d like these and pleased to hear that hubby would be interested too! The snaps were captured from a video recorded on my hubby’s iPhone , he zoomed into the max available, but as they were so close, about 5 metres away, we didn’t need the zoom lens! Yes the crows were very bold but they knew when to get out of the way - they seemed to work as a pair - one would distract the Kite whilst the other one went in for a nibble. I “greened” out the bunny where visible so as not to cause any upset to people viewing the pics. Will see what else we can snap over the summer! 🦅🌼😀😘

Hubby loved seeing the photos too! That must have been fascinating to watch how the crows work together too. I hope you din’t have to witness the ‘kill’ because like you and Cecily I too hate watching the prey fight for their lives. I’ve given up on David Attenborough as there is far too much of the chase and the kill for my liking. I prefer wildlife programmes where they concentrate on the positive like babies being born/hatched and how they grow and develop. If they show dead creatures being brought in by the parents as food I can accept that far more readily than watching the torment and anguish of the creature before it is killed.

Thanks again for the fabulous post and we look forward to more photos you manage to snap. 🤞🤗😘

Hi Spotty, yes watching the Crows work the Kite was quite something! Fortunately we missed the kill, it was all the leaping and flapping about afterwards that drew our attention to the birds. I’ll see what else we can snap over the weekend - still trying to get the Siskin! 🐦😁😘

Thank goodness you missed the kill. 👍🏻

Crows are so intelligent aren’t they? I have always admired them although they can be very anti-social at times with other birds. However having said that we have a pair visit here and I love how they let the smaller birds eat at a ground feeder nearby and just ignore them. If they didn’t we’d shoo them away. But so far they have been very well behaved.

Looking forward to any more pictures you take. I hope you are keeping okay just now and that you have a good weekend. 🤗😘

Thanks Spotty - yes the Crows are quite characterful and seem happy to potter about the garden minding their own business. The Magpie dive bombs the little seed feeder to knock the seeds out then swoops to the floor and pecks them up! I’ll see if I can video that and grab a still from it. All good here, still nice and steady resting up which is easy enough to do whilst shielded and in no hurry to go out anywhere anytime soon! Have plenty of bird action to keep me entertained - and I wouldn’t want to miss any of it!! 🤗😃😘

Good to hear you are resting and have plenty to keep you entertained. 😆 We don’t have magpies here but that might change. We never had starlings until 2 years ago and they are growing in number all the time so we have the odd murmuration from them.

Hubby took me to our local garden centre this afternoon, when it was very quiet, complete with mask, glasses, gloves and sanitising gel, to choose a bird bath for my 65th on Sunday. I chose one with birds on it (of course!) and he’s installed it in the front garden to replace an old decrepit one we had which has gone to the back garden now. I also loved a ground bird bath in the shape of cupped hands with a bird at the wrists. So he bought me it too! I have it on our patio. So that was my second outing since 14th March, unless you include going to the surgery for blood tests the Rheumy ordered last month. I felt like shouting like Mel Gibson, “Freedom!” 😂

Have a restful and enjoyable Friday and weekend Horsewhisper.🤗😘

Your bird bath gifts sound wonderful Spotty - I’m sure the birdies will enjoy using them and you’ll get great pleasure from watching them! Have a lovely birthday tomorrow - any more trips out in “Braveheart” style to celebrate?! 😂xx

😂😂 Thanks so much Horsewhisper. Strong wind and rain forecast for tomorrow so my birthday shuld be a storm in every sense of the word. 🤣🤣 Looking forward to a nice relaxing time with tea and cake in front of the fire (in July??) 🤦‍♀️

Have a lovely weekend and take it easy yourself - with camera at the ready of course! Take care. 🤗😘

Well we did have our summer in April!! Wrap up warm and enjoy cake in front of the fire - sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! 🎂xx

😂😂🎂🍰☕️ 🤗😘

Wow stunning photos. Thank you for sharing and for not sharing the poor bunny 😞I am a real Woosie and cannot watch wildlife programmes because the images stay in my head forever of prey animals. I love that your garden attracts such beautiful birds. Xxx

Thanks CP - I too get upset at these things - as much as I love the David Attenborough programmes and it is a fact of life, I have to look away. I think lockdown has helped with more varieties of birds visiting and they are so much bolder, I think it’s because no one is about locally for them to be wary of. Xx

Wow!. That's amazing horse whisper!. What incredible birds they are and it's such a privelege to be so close to nature like this!. Great you've got a nest close by too. Keep us posted and ENJOY!. Xx

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Horsewhisper in reply to misty14

Yes indeed! We are blessed to have such a variety of birds so close and we definitely enjoy watching them do their stuff! Xx

That’s a truly memorable moment to treasure! Expect you are a Spring watch ‘watcher’ too. Red kites were featured on one of their programmes. I’m sure they have been tracked and one female clocked up thousands of miles across the North Sea and back but was sadly blown off course on one trip. I think it was a red kite but I’m doubting myself now. Did anyone else see it? X

Yes Springwatch brings such a range of nature into our homes, the camera work is amazing! I’ll see if they have the Red Kite on any of the videos on the BBC2 website and take a look. Thanks Susieliz!

You’re welcome! Will have a toot on my recordings tomorrow and let you know xx I loved the chill out section this season , mindfulness minute, just the ticket! 😊

I’ll give that a look too - I do like a bit of mindfulness - thanks for the tip! Xx

WOW 🤩 awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. I guess it’s the great circle of life. 🙄

Yes indeed - food chain and all that, something has to be at the top and the bottom. I thought of you today as I was making a batch of pistachio ice cream ready for the weekend. Shall I leave some in the cyber fridge for you?! X 😃🍨 xx

I am tasting it right now. Thanks!

Love it loveit love it, I can’t believe I missed this being awAy from forum. 😍😍😍 amazing photos 👍😍 I was only yesterday listening to radio and they were saying what a success it’s been with their reintroducing red kites and you will find them in most counties now, and that if only there were more programmes like it to save other endangered species. We have them here too and although I see them I have not photographed them , this has been a real treat , how lucky you are to have caught this in your garden. I love it 😍 most definately enjoyed , Thankyou 🙏😘🤗x

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