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Latest garden project, after enforced retirement

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Well the veg trug is doing very well and providing 3 hungry people and 2 hungry tortoises with fresh salad and kale every day, so I've come up with another mini gardening idea, I made this sitting at the garden table. Thinking of making an indoor version with cacti for the conservatory.

Long suffering husband and father just rolled their eyes and humour me πŸ˜€

15 Replies

Hi Creaky;

Your garden is looking GOOD!

I think I may know where you could get some fresh, straight out of the garden tomatoes to go with that salad.


"The Barefoot Gardener"

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creaky in reply to Tiras

I'll do you a swap πŸ˜€

hi creaky

I also grow my own veg and salad I only have a small plot, my courgettes have starting flowering already and runner beans doing well I find it therapeutic.

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creaky in reply to julie1234

Hi julie1234,

It's great to see things growing isn't it, my new veg trug means that I can tend my veggies without Having to bend at all. I'm growing salad leaves, carrots, courgettes, beets spring onions and kale.

Not very much of anything but it's great to be able to do something.

It's helped me to get more interested in the rest of the garden again, poor husband is now getting bossed around ☺

Hi creaky

Isn't that weird we are growing exactly the same things, do you live in england if so have you had a problem with slugs, my courgettes have got flowers coming, oh and if you have something for them to grow up runner beanss are really easy to grow.

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creaky in reply to julie1234

Yes I've started some beans, but are not doing very well yet, its been very dry here for the last couple of weeks, I don't think I've done enough watering.

Funny that you are growing the same, hope they are all doing well☺

Hi, I'm a novice gardener on an extended gap year. I suppose my time off has got me interested in gardening. We also have an array of veggies on the go. My radishes have come up amazing in just 9days. We also have a major problem with slugs! They everywhere! I've been forced to hunt round the garden with a bucket and grabbers! Watch out for insect bites. I got a couple of pin prick sized nibbles on my legs which have now turned into what looks like huge purple bruises!

Hi fibee

I live in South Wales, my garden has stone walls, so a great home for snails, but I get my fair share of slugs too.

Little bliters would eat everything if they could.

My veggies are growing in a veg trug/ trough thing which is waist high, on legs. It's standing on sharp gravel which slugs don't like very much.

As yet I haven't had any damage to my veggies. They did Polish off a lovely clump of Californian poppies the other night😞

I can't use slug pellets even if I wanted to because I have two tortoises who are free to roam, they ate all of the hostas!

So I use copper the around my pots and beer traps, sink a little dish of beer into the ground near young veggies and fill it to the brim with beer, the idea is that the slugs are attracted by the beer fall in and drown.

My husband goes around at dusk with a bucket picking up every slug and snail he can find. He then kills then with salt. I can't watch that, I'm too much of a softy!

Apparently you can buy wildlife friendly slug pellets, but I could risk the tortoises eating it, or the cat for that matter, I don't like having anything toxic around but each to there own, it might work for you. Good luck πŸ€

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fibee in reply to creaky

Have you had much luck with the beer method for slugs?

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creaky in reply to fibee

I catch a few, but husband does the real work with his bucket at dusk 😊

I keep reading these post about gardens, I am glad we have something in common. I live in the southeastern part of the U.S., it has been hot here already and dry. I have about 1/2 acre in garden. (Creaky has seen a photo of some of it). I have tomatoes, squash, okra, corn, green beans, pumpkins, gourds, cucumbers, potatoes, and dill to use to make pickles.

The garden needs rain badly. It is in the mid to high 90's Fahrenheit here today.

I hope everyone's garden does very well!


"The Barefoot Gardener"

I could send you some good Welsh drizzle today πŸ˜€

I will swap for some of your sunshine.

Posting about my garden feels like a small act of defiance, I will not let lupus define me, and I am very angry that we all have to put up with so much, so if these posts encourage just one person to take pleasure in growing something, (even a pot of cress on a window ledge) then it's one in the eye for Lupus! πŸ˜€

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Tiras in reply to creaky

I agree 110%!

May others see, we won't let lupus stop us. No matter what it may throw at us.

Live Life To It's Fullest!


"The Barefoot Gardener"

Hiya :-)

I live in the West Midlands, edge of the Black Country bordering Staffordshire. My garden is the regular, part paved, part lawn with borders, shared fencing with neighbours. Nevertheless, it is a sizable garden.

Our latest project is a pond. My partner, bless him, is doing all the heavy work. Just piles of dirt here and there at the moment, but it is half filled in with rainwater already! We have more than a drizzle here, plenty to share with others. Been waiting all week for dry weather.

The carrots and potatoes are in the raised bed which is just under waist high. My partners tomatoes are doing great. Bit of a slow starter, my lettuce and pak choi are only just coming through. Have sowed dwarf beans and courgettes which I am eagerly watching on a daily basis for signs of life!

We have 2 musk turtles which, when it is hot and sunny enough, we take out for some exercise and much needed UV. They are comical to watch. They are so persistent and will burrow deep into loose soil. They live harmoniously with our other community fishes in the indoor tank.

Well, I tried slug hunting last night at dusk. I am really squeamish of worms and wriggly slimy things, but, with gritted teeth and some long arm grabbers I must have picked up, up to 30 baby slugs. Tiny things. I feel bad and satisfied at the same time!

Apart from slugs, the wood pigeons are cheeky and so bold! I am suspecting that they have been pecking off the young tops of my bedding plants and lavenders.

Anyway, happy gardening everyone!

Fibee xx

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creaky in reply to fibee

Fibee your garden sounds great, I love that feeling I get when the little shoots first come through.

I would love to see a photo of your pond when it's finished.

I can't do the bucket run for slugs and snails, I don't like killing them with the salt so my husband does that.

We have all sorts of rain in Wales, but drizzle is our speciality, it can go on for weeks sometimes!

Your raised beds sound great, I would like to try some pak choi.

Your turtles sound like they are great fun, my tortoises are both spur thighs. I've had Fred since I was 3 so 49 years now. Ebony was given me about 10 years ago with 4 other tortoises by a lady who sadly could not care for them any more due to her age.

Anyway I then had far more than I could manage, so I re homed the others.

I'm glad that you are enjoying your garden, I really think mine improves my physical and psychological health. Happy gardening πŸ˜€

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