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Does anyone else feel like they're stuck in a volume of fairy tales in reverse?

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Cinderella who can't leave the house before midday, & never gets to go to the party; Sleeping beauty, whether it's insomnia or hypersomnia, there's not much beauty with either; Rapunzel with rapidly thinning hair; & how many wolf stories do we really need! Let me know if you think of any more, & keep laughing fellow lupies, it's the only way through.

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The princess and the pea spring to mind. I must have a firm mattress and a soft pillow, otherwise i can't sleep.

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roobarb in reply to Melinda

There's a great Princess & the P substance t-shirt available from Fibromyalgia UK. Sounds like it would suit you Melinda. X

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Melinda in reply to roobarb

Definately. can't stand lumps, humps and bumps. Will keep me awake to the wee hours. I'm sensetive. x

I think of my life more as a horror film, lupus is the zombies & I'll b damned if I'm gonna let them get me ;0)

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roobarb in reply to Sher78

Glad your still fighting sher. X

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Sher78 in reply to roobarb

:0D x

Hey sometimes I'm the grinch 'happy happy smiling people all waiting for Christmas' it's too cold outside for me to go Christmas shopping lol thankfully the grinch only appears for a few minutes xx

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roobarb in reply to Ghogh77

I love that film!

I love "the vampire diaries" & feel like one of Klaus' hybrids - part wolf part vampire - without the super human strength!

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roobarb in reply to Nanuuk

Take enough steroids & you might get there yet.

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Looby in reply to Nanuuk

I just luuurve the new pic, Nanuuk....where've you been? I have missed your wisdom and good sense!

How about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She slept. I feel Dozy most of the time along with grumpy some of the time and I'm sick of seeing Doc.

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Tigerlily4 in reply to helentad

Lol Helen ;)

Brilliant, thanks helen. X

I feel like Belle from beauty and the beast. I am trapped with this beast. Maybe one day I will fall in love wit the beast and we will live happily ever after?? I doubt it. :-(

I agree with the princess and the pea, dam mattress and pillow, can never get comfy!! Xxx

I feel like Cinderella but there is no prince charming and I can't go to the ball ;)

how many do we have to watch and read over the christmas holidays.