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Next instalment of Fairy Garden

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Just a little lightness you may like. My grandchildren Layla (7 going on 13 in her head) Dexter (3) had their first go of doing a mini fairy garden. The massive glass was bought at a charity shop as was the fairy, and the shells were gathered by the children at Mumbles beach. We had to jiggle things around a bit as the fence wouldn’t sit properly in the slanted glass but we got there eventually. The squirrel is far too big for the scene but Dexter really wanted him there along with the tortoise. Hope it makes you smile. I also hope I do t make a hash of trying to load the photos.

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Said squirrel

Photo of little squirrel in a fairy garden
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Fairy ladder from Etsy

Fairy ladder

Looking wonderful bowen and what great finds in the charity shop.i have a little cubby hole in my stone wall which has a fairy sitting in it xxx

That’s fab Spanielmadlady do you have any photos? As you can se my IT skills are zero!

That’s magical 💫

I do but says it too large 🤷‍♀️ I will try and take one with camera tomorrow .i also have a fairy water feature x

I used to do fairy gardens when I was small. Absolutely love it. 😍👏

This is my fairy

My fairy Flora x

Aw that’s so sweet! What a lovely idea. X

Love this! So glad you posted Flora.

Healing hugs.

Thanks I will see I I can get one of my water feature x

Simply magical 😍 xxx

Beautiful and so special for all of you!

Healing hugs.

So so pretty xx

Thought I'd share my fairy garden! I cut down the tree in the middle to leave the main stump then added some more stumps around it. It's been great therapy to be creative (I played with a lot of ideas during my first diagnosed year of Lupus, whilst having a tough time with flares etc). It's still a work in progress, and I don't always have the energy or ability (bad knees) to get down to it but it's mine :)

fairy garden
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Thanks for sharing its great. Lots of space to experiment. Lovely. X

So cute

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