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Rheumatoid arthritis

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Hiya everyone, I’m going through the diagnosis for lupus and I have my first rheumatologist appointment on the 10th January, but recently my toes, knees and fingers have been killing me, I struggle to type on my phone some days and when I’m writing I have to stop because my fingers are in agony, I struggle to walk as my toes kill, I smashed my phone yesterday as my fingers couldn’t hand my phone and it just went straight out of my hand, any advise on what can help, I’m just really struggling,

Thankyou Elisha x

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Something as simple as an Epsom salts bath may help? I know it sound quite limited in relation to how bad your pain is but they always help me when every joint in my feet and toes feel like they have been smashed with a hammer.

The skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs the magnesium into out joints and acts as a smooth muscle relaxant. I'm on a multitude of painkillers but find an Epsom salts bath really effective. Just drink plenty of water beforehand.

I can't think of anything else, sorry. Hope you feel better soon!

Thankyou so much, where do you get them from, and water is all I can drink anyway as I’m illergic to sweeteners and they is sweeteners in nearly every drink now xxx

Boots, amazon, superdrug

I buy them from amazon because they get delivered and I don't have to carry them through town.

If you've not had one before use a small handful and take a glass of water in with you.

I have low blood pressure and the first time I used them I went a bit over the top, threw three handfuls in, became all dizzy after about 20mins soaking and slept for 12 hrs! Stupid me!

Basically make sure you are well hydrated before hand and have water with you. I don't soak for longer than 20 mins because I get a mild headache if I stay in longer.

Sometimes I get a bowl and just soak my feet which is quite nice.

Let us know how you get on!

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MEW53 in reply to happytulip

Just a tip, make sure you have plenty of ventilation in the bathroom, cos they can be quite overwhelming. Good idea to have someone in the house when you try for the first time.

Okay thankyou, can you wash ur hair in the water or not? And okay that’s fine I will try it And of course I will xx

It will probably dry your hair out.

Okay xxx

You can get cases for phones that protect them from a lot of abuse - my daughter is a paramedic and was always having trouble until she got one.

Okay thankyou and what sort of case, xxx

Hi Leeshalou, I’m sorry you’re struggling. I have had RA too for 9 years. I’d also second Epsom salts. Boots.com also sell them and can deliver to home. They can be heavy. You could also try just soaking your hands in a basin of warm water & feet in a bowl. But be careful if carrying the bowl. Amazon also sell arthritis gloves which are fingerless. I find these help especially when I’m working & need to try and type. It may be worth asking your rheumy if you can see an OT, they helped me hugely in the beginning and taught me to pace myself and how to lift things correctly. Oh and there’s also a range called Oxo Easy grip which I think amazon sell. This includes home & kitchen utensils/gadgets x

Oh okay Thankyou so much xx

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