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Freedom at last!

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Hi all you lovely Lupies,

I hope you are enjoying the new found freedom we have been given at last.

Hubby and I are holidaying in our own region (about 80 miles from home) at pretty Portpatrick, where we’ve been a few times before, as a birthday treat for hubby. Despite our Fawlty Towers check in last Saturday with being allocated an apartment already occupied, and then this one with broken fridge, no kettle etc etc we’ve laughed it all off and thoroughly enjoyed our stay so far. Got in a few lovely walks apart from the Sunday when it was wildly wet and windy and although it has been cool, windy and often cloudy (ideal for us Lupies) we’ve enjoyed the walks. My balance is awful so my trusty walking poles have been a god-send. Although my right thumb and right knee have been very painful the fresh air and scenery quickly takes my mind off them and being able to go into cafes for cream scone and cuppa has been a real treat. Last night we walked up to see Dunskey Castle, above Portpatrick, after supper of fish & chips and I just had to share the beautiful scenery of sea pinks and other wildflowers with you all.

Hoping you are all enjoying some things you’ve missed now we have fewer restrictions. Love and hugs to you all. 💖🤗😘xxx

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What a beautiful view. There is nothing like sea air to make you feel alive and help you sleep. Loving the hat too. I am so delighted that you are getting some wonderful air and beautiful views. Good for the soul xxx

Thank you Cecily. The views and walks are doing all you say - I feel so much better here and all the more so to hear it is raining at home. ☺️ Coming here was a great choice. 👍🏻 I feel by wearing her hill walking hat I have my old friend Julie with me, who died of bone marrow cancer 3 years ago. I can imagine her teasing me every time I wobble and laughing with me when I feel so stupid. Just back from another walk and hubby is snoozing after a refreshing cuppa and choccy biscuits.😋

Oh how lovely that you have your dear friend with you. You must miss her dreadfully? Wonderful to have such a lovely time after such a dreadful year stuck in. When my leg is better and the loos are open I will make a bid for freedom myself. I think I would cry buckets to be able to smell and see the sea now, happy tears. Enjoy the rest of your holiday lovely xxx

Yes, although Julie was 13 years older than me she was great fun and a good artist and our hubbies got on so well together too. I do miss her so much. But she wouldn’t want me to be sad so I recall the fun we had and imagine what she’d have said in different situations. It is so good being out again and the loos are open here in Portpatrick so I hope they are in Wales too very soon.🤞 I wish you a speedy recovery with your leg Cecily 🙏🏻 and hope you’ll soon be posting pictures of your Great Escape too. 🤞🤞 Love and hugs 💖🤗xx

Bless her. Cancer is so cruel. It is so lovely that she travels with you in your mind and heart and the hat goes too. Oh I do hope so I so look forward to a trip out Even just for an ice cream would just be lovely. Watch this space 🤞🏻 Xxx

I’m keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be long until you are out and about Cecily.🤞 I was amazed at how such simple things we once took for granted like talking to a stranger you pass on a walk, or buying an ice-cream or fish and chips suddenly becomes such a treat. I look forward to seeing what you get up to once you can. 😘🤗xx

Thank you so much xxx

hope you're enjoying the lovely warm weather over on the west coast, mind the midgies

Yes, it is lovely Suzannah but still a wee nip in the air. Thankfully too windy for the midges, so we are making the most of it while we can. 😉

A wee nip? i've been freezing on the east coast

You’ll have to move to the west coast Suzannah. 😂 But seriously it is SO cold everywhere for May. Hoping it warms up soon. 🤞 xx

I would if it weren't for the midgies. they devils feast on me

Me too, and I come out in big lumps that itch like mad for days. But they aren’t half as bad down here as they were in the Highlands where we used to live. If they are out on a still night I stay in, but that is very rare down here. I also find Avon’s Skin so Soft really works well at keeping them away. Xx

What a lovely view! Enjoy!

Thanks T&T we are making the most of it. Home on Saturday.

Enjoy!! 😀

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Spotty-ewe in reply to MEGS53

We certainly will thanks Meg. 🤗x

Your photo is what dreams are made of - so beautiful and tranquil. Thank you so much for sharing it. Your trip sounds delightful and better than any prescribed meds.

Healing hugs.

It has been wonderful Pumpkin and the bracing cool wind has kept us going with the knowledge that a lovely cream scone, Bakewell tart or other naughty item is waiting for us with a cuppa at the end of it. The fresh sea air, sunshine and laughter is indeed the best medicine we could have. ☕️🧁😆Love and hugs back to you Pumpkin. 🤗xx

Oh's almost as if I can smell the sea air and I'm experiencing freedom too just looking at your pic Spotty 🤗 Thank u for sharing 💜I'm glad u got your trusty walking poles with u 👍

Happy belated Birthday Mr Spotty!! 🎂🎊🌈😽😽Xx

Aww, I wish you could all be here to enjoy it with us Kat. What fun we’d have! I wouldn’t be without my poles with my balance. I’d be taking a very quick diving lesson without them.😂 Here we were watching a lovely horse and its owner enjoying Portpatrick sands while the tide was out. Mr S thanks you for the belated wishes. Hoping you are keeping as well as can be Kat. 🙏🏻 🤗😘xx

Colour photo


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jetjetjet in reply to jetjetjet

WE were never made to stay stay in and not go out - I did do a 13 day shelter in but i did it myself not ordered . So Glad for you all over in the Kingdom !! so from across the Puddle lobster Boy saying YAAAAA

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Spotty-ewe in reply to jetjetjet

Thank you J we are definitely enjoying 🚶‍♀️and ☕️🧁🍪🥧 🍦🍟 in places other than home.

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Spotty-ewe in reply to jetjetjet

😂😂 Will do thank you J. 🤗

So glad you’ve managed to get away, Spotty. And the weather sounds just perfect 😂. We’ve booked a few days away in Northumberland in a couple of weeks time and I’m really looking forward to getting away. Let’s hope the sun doesn’t shine too brightly. Like the story of ‘taking your friend with you’. I lost a dear friend a few years ago. She never got the right word for anything and I hear her voice regularly! Enjoy the last couple of days.

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Barbara17

Hi Barbara,Yes, it really feels great to be away at last! 👏🏻 I hope you enjoy your break in Northumberland and that the weather is ideal for you. 🤞 Very bad forecast for tomorrow, but we have plenty of magazines with us that we never have time to read at home. So we’ll still enjoy it. Haha, your friend sounded entertaining and how lovely she is still talking to you. Is she getting the right words now? Hoping you are keeping okay at present Barbara.🙏🏻 xx

I’m taking my walking poles to Alnwick early June, hoping for dry days 😎

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get the use of your walking poles in pretty Alnwick. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the break whatever the weather. Pouring with rain here today but we are enjoying a lazy morning. ☺️xx

We’re booked into Alnmouth from June 13th.

Beautiful beach there 😀

Wow! It is beautiful!

It really was Willow. Such a privilege to enjoy it. Raining today and home tomorrow buy we’ll be taking loads of happy memories and beautiful photos with us. 🥰 Have you any wee holidays/breaks planned yourself? It has been so lovely to get away from home at last. 👍🏻xx

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Barbara17 in reply to Spotty-ewe

I’m sitting in the garden in glorious sunshine just now. Granted I’m under a big black umbrella but the cat and I like it that way . 😅

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Barbara17

Sounds lovely. 🥰🐈‍⬛ Wind and rain here in Portpatrick today, but we enjoyed a trip into Stranraer for a nose around their remarkable recycle shop and then Morrisons - first supermarket I’ve been in for over a year! I bought some lovely plants to take home with us tomorrow so you can guess what I’ll be up to at the weekend. 😉👍🏻

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Barbara17 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Morrison’s are great for plants. I’ve bought all my bedding plants there this year.

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Barbara17

They are so reasonably priced aren’t they, and the plants look healthy too. 👍🏻👍🏻

Awesome scenery, Enjoy, relax, expand and repeat 😁

Good advice SD and exactly what we have done. 🥰 Alnwick isn’t far away now, so I hope you have a wonderful time there and do the same. 🤞 xx

Hi Spotty what beautiful senery, such a lovely photo - Sounds like you are having such a wonderful time , have a cream tea for me ❤️

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

😂 I’ll do that SV but I’m not sure my elasticated waisted trousers will stretch any further!🤣 Having a lazy day today as it is raining, but the views from the apartment are still lovely so enjoying every moment. Home tomorrow 😏 but we’ll take our happy memories away with us. 👍🏻 Have a lovely weekend. 🤗xx

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe


Lovely view, looks gorgeous and very relaxing. You say your dear friend would laugh with you about wobbling. Despite all that we go through it’s great to see we can see the funny side of things, even if it is later not at the time. I once nearly took the whole baked bean counter out at Morrison’s when my left knee gave way for no reason dropping me completely. At the time I was mortified, but later found it so funny. These memories of your friend are lovely things that our conditions cannot steal from us. Have a wonderful holiday. X

Your knee gave way for a reason - 57 reasons 😉Beansmeansheinz

Lol! Funny.❤️

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Bowenlady

What a lovely story BL. 😆 I can understand your embarrassment at the time but definitely funny to look back on. I hope your knee is behaving itself these days and not creating more theatrical entrances. 😂 Take care BL. 🤗xx

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Bowenlady in reply to Spotty-ewe

My knee is pretty consistent in its attempt to make me look either drunk or stupid Spotty-ewe. Card shop, bank, it’s not particular! The worse one was coming down the stairs with things in my arms. That was a bit hair raising, but mostly they make me laugh. People don’t know whether to help me because of Covid or drunkenness or just laugh. To be honest I prefer them to laugh so I can say “I must start taking more water with it” then explain my knee is bad. You have to admit some of the situations we get into are funny - - - afterwards! Lol!

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Bowenlady

I’m sorry to hear your knee consistently lets you down in every sense if the word. I hope you don’t end up black and blue with bruises as a result. My poor balance is just as consistent and the number of times I’ve staggered into somebody or lost my balance when turning around or looking to one side (especially when tired) is alarming. Most people are very tolerant and supportive (literally!) and like you I try to make a joke of it before explaining my problem. My physiotherapist is working on improving my balance, but I haven’t noticed a difference yet.🤭 Enjoy your weekend BL. 🤗xx

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Bowenlady in reply to Spotty-ewe

You too. Raining here in Wales at the mo but with promise of good weather tomorrow. Stay safe.

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Bowenlady

Thank you BL. Fingers crossed we all have a dry weekend.🤞 xxx

What a beautiful spot - it looks so peaceful! Nothing like a change of scenery to rest and re-charge. Really pleased to see that you managed to get away Spotty - the sea pinks and your hat add a lovely splash of colour! Lovely pic, thanks for posting! 🌊 🌸 🤗😘🤗

Thank you HW. Yes it is a lovely spot and just a short walk above the village of Portpatrick. It has been a lovely week and although we had 2 very wet days it made us relax and read magazines we brought with us that we never normally have time for. Now maybe you can help us out HW regarding gates we saw on a short section of the Southern Upland Way yesterday . A wee plaque said they were put in by the British Horse Society. They were sprung so they would close on their own and had a high lever type handle so they could be opened whilst on horseback we presumed. But there was a stump each side of the gate, just a short distance from the gate, with non-slip surface on top (like sandpaper) which we also presumed was for the rider to remount. But if they dismounted why did they need a high handle on the gate? We were a bit puzzled. Any ideas? 🥾🥾🦯🦯🐴 🤗😘xx

How lovely to just sit and relax and read! Stepping off the merry-go-round of life - a real treat for sure!

About those gates, yes the high level handle enables you to open and close them from horse back and having the gates sprung, will ensure they automatically close behind you and click shut. This is really handy and makes gates from horseback so much easier! If the gate opens away from you, you can give it a good shove and nip through before the gate swings shut. If the gate opens towards you it’s a bit trickier as you need to pull the gate towards you whilst asking your horse to back up, pivot round and get through it quickly before it swings shut on your horses hocks! I suspect the stumps are there for riders with horses that are not used to or that keen on doing gates, so that the rider can do the gates on foot and remount easily from the stump. How thoughtful! Hope that provides a suitable answer? My old horse (he’s 25) adores doing gates - he’ll shove them with his chest and pull them with his chin. He even positions himself right next to the latch so that I don’t have to lean very far! He gets a lot of fun out of doing them and showboats to the rest of the herd “look at me!” Love him to bits! 🐴❤️😊🤗😘👍

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation HW. 👍🏻 And what a lovely and clever old horse you have. No wonder you love him to bits. Isn’t it him that your daughter painted and you posted for us? What is his name? He sounds amazing. I know you’ve given him a hug from me before, but please give him another. 🤗🐴💖 🤗😘xx

Oh well remembered Spotty! Yes the picture my daughter painted is of Max, my old boy. I will definitely give him a hug from you as he totally understands hugs! After my son was born nearly 14 years ago, I was out of the saddle for a few weeks (obvs!) When I was ready to start riding again, I went into Max’s field with my jods on, he put his head over my shoulder and pulled me into his neck and chest and held me there! It was just lovely! It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it! He is so in tune with me and I tell him everything. My besty for sure! 🐴❤️🐴❤️🤗😘🤗

Oh wow, that is a very special bond and affinity you have with Max. 🥰 So very special HW. He clearly loves and understands you as much as you do him. That is so special and you are so lucky to have each other. 💖When I was 11-13 I lived next door to Margaret, a year or two older than me, with a lovely brown pony named Marina. When Margaret was on holiday I looked after Marina and groomed and exercised her. The first time Margaret was away I though Marina was ill because she lacked interest in exercise and I could barely get her into a canter. But as soon as Margaret returned she was so excited and full of beans and I got a row for not exercising her! She clearly had been pining for Margaret. Margaret and I used to ride double on Marina and it was great fun. Margaret would give me a leg up and then she’d manage to get herself on sometimes knocking me off again as she swung her leg over! 😂 Anyway, Margaret moved away and I lost my friend and Marina. I heard through the grapevine that she sold Marina and bought another larger pony. I was really surprised and very sorry to hear that. It ended as a double tragedy because her new pony broke a leg in a horse trial she comepeted in and had to be destroyed. And my source who lived near to the family who bought Marina said she saw Marina standing with her head hung over the fence looking very forlorn and daily losing weight. It broke my heart to hear that. So it is heart warming to hear the opposite with you and Max - best friends for life. Love and hugs to you both. 💕🐴 🤗😘xx

Aaaww thanks Spotty, they are special animals with a high sense of perception and understanding, like doggies, they have it too. Such a lovely story to hear about your time with Marina and that you noticed her lack of interest when Margaret was away - and perked up on her return! Having fun with a pony, there’s nothing like it! 🐴😁When I had to arrange for Max’s ancient buddy to go to horsey heaven, Max wouldn’t “speak” to me for a whole month. I could catch him, groom him, ride him etc., but he totally disconnected from me, he was grieving and I had to give him the space to get through it. Like people really. He soon got back to his normal self which was a relief. So sad to hear that Marina mourned the loss of her pal, they do grieve and miss their friends like we do. Thanks for sharing your story Spotty, always such interesting posts 🐴🤗😘🤗

Thank you HW, that’s kind of you to say. Yes, horses and dogs are indeed special animals and I miss regular contact with either. So always lovely to hear your stories and experiences. Poor Max losing his old friend and companion but so glad he bounced back and reconnected with you. He’s so lucky to have such an understanding and loving owner and friend in you. 🥰 It is so sad that so many poor horses and ponies don’t, especially in some countries where animal welfare is not a priority. I hope you are keeping okay HW. I’ve enjoyed the ‘chat’ as ever. Love and hugs to you and Max. 💖🤗😘xx

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