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Santa & the Spoons

Dear Santa

We know you are so busy at this time of year

That you have no time to spare for us lupies, I fear

But I have an idea, that if it comes of right

Might just fit in with your one, big night

We lupies are always so short of some spoons

Especially right now, when stress levels zoom

So if you can squeeze another sack on the sledge

You could give this years Christmas the edge

Please bear in mind, we're not fussy at all

Plastic or wooden, we'll take one & all

So Rudolf & Pranzter, Donna & Blitzen

Find those lupie chimneys, please don't miss them

And bring us our spoons, full of good cheer

So we'll be ready to welcome in the New Year

Best Wishes to all you lupies out there, & may the spoons be with you this Christmas. X

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Fab poem x


wonderful, thank you for sharing:)

Have a fab christmas time





Brilliant! :) Merry Crimbo!


That's brilliant, have it published, it is a good one! Have a good Xmas!


Super and best wishes for 2013 to everyone out there


Aww that is fab!! Hope Santa has read it!! :-) xxx


Great poem ! Happy Christmas ! xx


Brought a smile to my face, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my fellow Lupies x


I'm glad you liked my poem. It's amazing what comes into your head when your exhausted, but can't sleep!


Woo Hoo

I love it. Brought a long awaited smile to my face x


That is great!

I am going to share it with my Lupie friends if that's ok with you?

I will credit you :D

Have a pain free Christmas :D xxx


Of course, MrsB, the more the merrier. X


BRought tears to my eyes as im here in bed praying for some spoons x


Aw brave, sounds like you deserve some nice, shiny silver spoons to me. X


i hate the fact i have the very odd day of plentiful spoons and from nowhere their all gone;( i need them right now ,i had a xmas present massage on monday and its since then i flared up after only a few days out of a flare,i wander if the massage has anything to do with it?im so gutted i had one now;(


You poor thing, I hope you feel better soon. I guess a massage is relaxing for any normal body, but maybe it's just to much to take for a poorly lupus bod. X


Hi that was just what I needed a good laugh


Great poem! I think Santa gave me some spoons, because I got through Christmas week without too much pain, and even a few nights of unbroken sleep too.......

Here's to a better year ahead...... Sending hugs to all on this Blog Site xxxxxxx


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