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A Liquid Lunch?

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We were in Pitlochry last week and whilst looking for somewhere to have lunch this sign caught my eye. Because of our medications sadly neither of us could imbibe, but we were tickled by the thought of a bowl of whisky for lunch. So we got merry on it anyway! 😆

Have any of you had strange lunches? If so do tell.

Hoping this finds you all as well as can be and enjoying some lovely summer weather. Love and hugs to all. 💕🀗🙏🏻😘xxx

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Guess that’s what’s termed as a liquid lunch🀗. Take care. X

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Froggie70

Cheers Froggie, bottoms up and all that! 😂🀣 Hoping you are keeping safe and well. 🙏🏻 xx

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Froggie70 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Hi Spotty-ewe, how are you? I’ve not been so good the last few weeks, quite a bad flare but what can you do? Just realised you’d headed up your post ‘Liquid Lunch’ and then I go and say the same thing. I’m away with the fairies just now. Hope you’re keeping safe and well🀗🀗

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I’m so sorry to hear you are having a bad flare Froggie. Is it the sun do you think that triggered it? Are you on Prednisolone for it? I hope it calms down soon and you feel better. 🙏 I’m not bad thanks just suffering a painful sacroiliac joint at present which flares every so often. Practice nurse offered codeine until she realised I’m on Pregabalin and constipated enough from it so told me to take maximum paracetamol which is helping. There’s always something eh? As hubby says, ‘if you like surprises you’ve got the right condition!’ 😂 Take care Froggie and I hope you feel better soon. 🀗😘Xx

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Froggie70 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Hello there. Sorry didn’t reply yesterday, having a bad weekend. Don’t think there’s a bit of me that isn’t sore although I’ve been told my tongue must be alright 😉. I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain too, hope you feel better soon. I’m not sure what’s caused it to be so bad just now although I’ve been doing a lot of overtime and am exhausted (not sure who said people do less working from home but they must be joking). I’m on MTX but when I’m bad the only other thing I’ve got to take is 500/30 co-codamol so I’m on 8 of those a day just now. Haven’t seen my consultant for 21 months, it’s been registrars so all they do is kick the can down the road. Just need to hope it calms down soon. Take care.🀗🀗

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I’m appalled you haven’t seen a Rheumy for 21 months and that the registrars aren’t making decisions in their absence. Our hospital has 3 or 4 consultants in Rheumatology and a helpline with answer service so if you are in a flare or have another query between appts you leave a message and either a consultant or the Rheumy sister gets back to you with a solution. It doesn’t sound like you have that? I really hope the co-codamol kicks in and helps take away the soreness 🙏🏻, otherwise you’ll have to use the only organ that isn’t sore👅 and get onto the hospital and ask about your next appt and whether they’ve somehow overlooked you over the last 21 months. I’m so sorry you are going through all this Froggie and working too hard too by the sounds of it. Hoping next week is a much better one for you.🙏🏻 Take care and set aside a little ‘me time’. Hugs🀗😘xx

Crikey spotty what a thought!. Bowl of whiskey for lunch!. I could do with it today to drown my sorrows but just like you i can't because of medication. Great observance spotty and thank you so much for the big smile you've given me. Have a great weekend. Xx😀❀😀❀😀

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

It is quite a thought isn’t it Misty. 😆 Glad it made you smile. I hope nothing has happened for a need to drown your sorrows? And I hope the pain is under control now. 🙏🏻 Take care dear Misty and I hope you have a great weekend too. 🀗😘💕xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Bad pain day spotty unfortunately , made worse by having to go out to do my bloods!. Still waiting to hear from hospital about my injections. It seems so endless!. Tomorrow will be a better day im sure. Keep finding those signs spotty as they're wonderful for a smile. 😀

Good luck on monday, hope its really helpful. Xx🀗❀🀗

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

I’m so sorry to hear that Misty, and I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you. 🙏 I’ll keep hunting for more signs to make you smile. 😀 Yes, I hope the phone appt on Monday will help my back as well as the other issues. I’ll let you know and hope you’ll be MUCH better by then. 🙏 🀗😘Xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thank you dear spotty and best of luck. Keeping 🙏🀞 for you. Xx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Thank you Misty. 🀗😘🙏🏻xxx

Love place, bought my husbands wedding ring there years ago and when it was stolen on the beach in Spain the same shop was able to replace it with exactly the same ring. Sadly at a very different price though. We did the whiskey tour there which was fabulous 🏎󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁎󠁿

What an awful thing to have hubby’s wedding ring stolen but at least it had a happy ending with the shop in Pitlochry providing an exact replacement. 👍🏻Pity about the difference in price though. 😫 Maybe a bowl of whisky would have made it easier to swallow! 😂🀣 Glad you have happy memories of Pitlochry and thanks for sharing your story. 🀗😘x

Hahaha .. my kind of place. I had a Belgian beer the minute I got off chemotherapy. The best thing about not being on immunosuppressants is that I can still 🍺.

A friend told me he went to a bar that couldn’t make him a martini since they had no vermouth. I told him that was no bar. It was a saloon.

Keep sending the menus!


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Spotty-ewe in reply to KayHimm

😂😂 A saloon car rather than a saloon bar! Love it Kay. 👍 Xx

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KayHimm in reply to Spotty-ewe


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Spotty-ewe in reply to KayHimm


Now you're talking ...

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Spotty-ewe in reply to PMRpro


I love Pitlochry

Me too. 👍👍 Especially their lunch menus. 😂😂

I have always wanted to go to Pitlochry. I dislike whiskey but I think the sign is hilarious. Thanks for sharing Spotty. I hope you had a nice lunch ? Xxx

We had a lovely lunch thanks Cecily and not a drop of whisky in sight. 😂 We looked around the Heather Gem factory while we were there and hubby bought me a gorgeous heart shaped pendant as it was my birthday a few days later. So if you ever get there, be sure to look around the factory’s shop. Take care lovely Cecily. 🀗😘xx

Oh it sounds lovely. Please post a photo of your necklace I love jewellery. Happy Belated Birthday lovely 🎂🍟🥂💐🎉 xxx

Here it is although the photo doesn’t do it any justice. It is really quite colourful but in artificial light and being so small an image you can’t really see it. ☹ Thanks for your kind wishes Cecily. I had a lovely day and was throughly spoiled with cards and gifts from friends, and of course cake. 🍰🧁😋 Enjoy your weekend. 🀗😘xx

Heart shaped heather gem pendant in its box.

Oh that is so beautiful and very unusual too. What a lovely gift. I am so pleased that you had a happy day and you deserve to be spoiled. Have a lovely weekend too xxx

Hope you could see it okay Cecily. It is made from the dyed stems of heather and I’ve always loved that jewellery and treated myself to a tiny pair of stud earrings when I was a guide at Eilean Donan castle, because that was all I could afford then. Now I have this lovely pendant 45 years later so I wear them together. Better late than never! 😁 Take care lovely Cecily. 🀗😘Xx

Oh wow!! Made from actual Heather? I zoomed in on it and the colours are exquisite but I honestly thought it was glass or resin. It is so beautiful, you deserve it lovely. I truly hope that I get to see Eileen Donan castle. I treated myself to a calendar of it as it is just stunning and looks different in each season. I hope you enjoy every moment of wearing your matching set of jewellery .Maybe the ring next birthday? 🙏🏻🀞🏻 Xxx

Yes, evidently after dyeing the cut heather stems, they compress them into a black, then slice the block into the desired shapes, sand the jewellery and then lacquer each piece. I’ve taken a close up so you can see it more easily and how the different dyed stems have been compressed together. So clever and so beautiful. Aww thank you for your kind words Cecily. I’m not sure I deserve it but I have waited a long time for it. A ring.🀔 Now there’s an idea. I’ll drop a heavy hint around Christmas time. 😉

I hope you do get to see Eilean Donan some day. 🀞 It is such a beautiful wee castle and was very quiet in the days I worked and lived in it. Huge car park now and sadly commercialised, but still very worth seeing. 😍 And of course it holds a special meaning for you and hubby. 🥰 🀗😘x

Close up of Heather gem heart

Oh yes now I can see the Heather. It is even more beautiful so close. Enjoy wearing it. I have been out three times in two weeks which is amazing after staying home for so long. The first outing I wore my blue topaz earrings, necklace and ring, the second time I wore my pink topaz earrings, pendant, ring and bracelet and yesterday I wore my Clogau necklace and ring with a Pearl ring, Pearl earrings and Pearl bracelet. It really cheered me up. Little pretty things make life brighter when you cannot shine yourself . Huge Cwtches and lots of love. You sparkle away lovely xxx

Your jewellery sounds wonderful 👌and will compliment the warm and loving nature you have Cecily which in my book makes you shine brightly.🌟 But yes, I agree little pretty things can make us feel so much better about ourselves. 😁 Huge hugs right back at you Cecily 🀗🀗 and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😘🙏🏻xxx

Oh thank you that is so very kind of you. I have just finished making a black Forrest cake and we have home made pizza for dinner so tonight we dine like Kings and Queens lol. Enjoy your weekend too lovely xxx

Sound delicious! 😋👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I’m moving in. Amazing what you create - and I know you do it all from scratch! 🥮🥧

My treat when I was on chemo was my brother bringing me a fresh muffin in the morning. Odd that muffins sounded so good - maybe because they were the right amount of sweetness and easy to digest. The first round I could only eat bread and cheese. Don’t ask what I’m eating now! 😅


Oh it feels so good to be able to bake again Kay. It is my therapy. For over two months with my torn tendons I just could not stand long enough to do anything and I became seriously depressed. I felt useless and worthless so much so that my counsellor referred me to Safeguarding. This past two weeks I have managed to get out of the house and I am back to baking and cooking. This week alone I have made a granary loaf with pumpkin seeds, two sourdough loaves, fish fingers, Glamorgan sausages, and a pasta bake. I feel so much better for it. My leg is still painful but I can stand longer and walk better so I have hope again. I only make cake once a week now as Neil has the sweetest tooth so I made a pact that I would make cake on the weekend if he gave up eating five packets of biscuits a week. A little bit of what you fancy does you good. I think bread is very good if you are nauseous. Xxx

Cooking must be so therapeutic when you have talent. I am happy for you that your leg is enough better that you can do what you love.

Oh, that lucky husband!

Have to give yourself a gold ⭐ for every cooking accomplishment. Today I got my clothes to the laundry and went to the grocery store. I just told myself that was my accomplishment for the day. 😅

😍 Kay

That is good going Kay. I am really trying to celebrate every little accomplishment. I actually read a book last week in three days. I used to be a prolific reader until I became ill when I could not remember what I had read the chapter before so I just stopped. It was wonderful to have that back so I have started another one. I think laundry is a huge task so well done you too xxx

That is beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Been a busy week for birthdays here. It was my Mums on the 6th then mine on the 8th. Went out for Mums as it was a ‘big’ birthday. Will go out for mine at a later date. Twice in a week is too much. Xx 🎂🎁🎈🎉

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to u GE 🀗🎊🎉🎂and your mum 🌈😜😜xx

Thank you! Xx

My youngest daughter and I are two days apart too!! 🌈😜😜Xx

My cousin is the same age as me and the day before my Mum. Her sister is the 14th and my Aunt is the 15th! July is a busy month for birthdays in my family! Xx

I did enjoy it thank you GE. Mine was on the 5th and I wore my lovely pendant and earrings to Keswick for the day - one of my favourite places and only just over an hour from us here in the south of Scotland. I hope you had fun at your Mum’s big special birthday and that you will enjoy yours at a belated date. I’ve had a few belated pressies and cards arrive in the post which is lovely as it just keeps the birthday going. 😉 I’ll be leaving my cards up until Christmas cards start to arrive. 😆 That way I enjoy them for a long time. 🥰 Have a wonderful belated birthday when the time comes. 🥳🎂xxx

Totally irresponsible promoting drunkenness by this pub.

No thanks.

Imagine social distancing after imbibing that volume of whisky (@ least 40% ABV) unless the pub is using, thimble sized, watered down homeopathic dosages?🀣😆🧐😱

Being teetotal and on medication it’s zero alcohol always for me.👍👏

😂😂 Totally agree Ingrid. Mind you if you’d had that much whisky I don’t think you need worry about social distancing because everyody else would be giving you are wide berth! 🀣🀣 x

This sign really did make me laugh 😂💕

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

So pleased it made you laugh SV. 👍🏻👍🏻 How are things going? You are often in my thoughts and always in my prayers. 🙏🏻 Enjoy your weekend.🀗😘x

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe

Ahh thanks Spotty - I’m doing ok thanks - I’ve got Pre op on Tuesday then CT scan following Wednesday , no date for surgery as yet but guess it won’t be long because of pre op next week - am loving your funny signs, hope you have a lovely weekend ❀

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KayHimm in reply to svfarmer

Been thinking about you SV 😍

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svfarmer in reply to KayHimm

Thanks Kay how are things with you ? Xx

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KayHimm in reply to svfarmer

Pretty good, thanks. Had my last radiation treatment Thursday. CT in two months to see if treatment was effective. xx

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svfarmer in reply to KayHimm

I’ve been thinking of you too and and sending big hugs 🀗❀

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

Thanks SV. I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday and Wednesday.🙏 I’ll see if I can find any more signs by then to make you smile. 🀗😘Xx

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe


😹 Nice one!! Well spotted Spotty!! 😜🀗I think in my earlier days I would have liked to have tried that!! People cook with alcohol after all..we have sherry trifles n brandy butters..I've seen loads of chefs cooking with wine etc

Would probably have been a very warming broth of some sort..with chunky vegetables n a warm crusty roll!! 😋

I dinnae think it'd get ya pished!! 😹🌈😜😜Xx

Happy Belated Birthday too 🎉🎊🎂🌈😜😜xx

Aww, thank you Kat. I’m still celebrating with cake and all sorts of other naughties! 😋 Such a good excuse. 😁 Hugs 🀗😘xx

😂😂 These days a teaspoonful would get me pished, in fact just the smell of it🀣🀣. After years of abstaining it doesnae take much ya ken. 🥃😆 Have a lovely weekend Kat 🀗😘xx

My husbands favourite “soup” lol😂

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Jhpc

😂😂 Love it! 🀗😘x

A very pretty place- I lived there many years ago. Hope you had a great day and enjoyed the scenery.

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Spotty-ewe in reply to TillyO

We did thanks Tilly. It was lovely to be back even if only for a short time. I lived in Aviemore in the mid 70s before moving to the west coast and then Inner Hebrides, so we might have been ‘neighbours’ if you were in Pitlochry around that time. 😆 It must have been a lovely wee town to live in. 👍🏻🀗😘x

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TillyO in reply to Spotty-ewe

You’re used to fantastic scenery then - it was in the 90s I lived there but it’s a small world - keep safe and stay well

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Spotty-ewe in reply to TillyO

You too Tilly. Xxx

Fab sign Spotty! It did make me giggle! I’ve just made Bailey’s ice cream for the weekend and have just sat down with my usual afternoon mug of mint tea. Sod the gastritis I thought, despite not being able to drink hardly anything, like a lot of people on here, I poured myself a wee schnifter of Baileys and knocked it back in one! It was very nice! Aaaaah! Feet up with a cuppa, while everyone is out. 🥳😄❀

😹Nigella strikes again!! 🥃You'll regret that later!! 😹

Please oh please pop some in the cyber freezer? I'm pants today 🙏🌈😜😜xx

..already regretting it! But hey it was worth it! I’ll be churning the Bailey’s ice cream mix tomorrow morning - it’s currently mellowing in the fridge at the moment. Whilst I was having my afternoon cuppa earlier, I had some Nigella Cropley thoughts about how I could liven up the texture a bit. So
..I chopped up some Cadbury’s Fudge bars into mini chunks and crumbled up some Biscoff Cream biscuits - I spread all the fudge and biccy pieces onto a plate and popped it into freezer. In the morning and towards the end of the churning cycle, I’ll add the frozen Cadbury’s Fudge Biscoff Cream pieces into the Bailey’s mixture! I think it will be “chewy-crunchy” or even “crunchy-chewy” with a backdrop of smooth Irish cream! By all means read this out to your hubby KK!!!😂 oh I’ve had such fun writing this! And I’ll have even more fun eating the ice cream!

I’ll definitely put a litre of it in the cyber freezer and you ‘n hubby and Spotty and the rest of the Lupie Crew can dig in!! 🍚 🍚🍚🥰🥰🥰🀣

😹ha ha thank u..have just read it to hubby n yes we'll be both be round for a helping!! 👍Spotty shouldn't have any though!! 😜😹🌈😜😜Xx

Don’t listen to Kat, of course I can have a portion of your delectable ice-cream. 🍚 The amount of alcohol will be small enough to be sorted by my milk thistle. 👍🏻👍🏻 Not a problem. 😁 She wouldn’t appreciate it as much as me anyway, so perhaps I should have her protion too? 🙏🏻 😂🀣xx

See this why she shouldn't have any...it's her liver!! We MUST protect Spotty at all costs!! It's what friends do after all!! 😜😹🌈😜😜Xx

Thanks for your concern Kat, I do appreciate it but I’m sure my liver will handle it just fine this time. 👍🏻👍🏻 Bring it on! 🍚🍚😋 😂🀣x

You too are absolutely hilarious! 🀣

Did you see the spoon Kat offered me further down the thread in this post? Now is that fair when she said we’d be sharing? 😂😂The banter was good but I still wish I’d had a portion of your lovely ice-cream. 🍚🥄 😘😋 Take care HW 🀗😘xx

Aaah bliss HW. 🥰 If I have a naughty wee dram (just a thimble full) once in a blue moon, I always take milk thistle for a couple of days afterwards and so far so good. 👍🏻👍🏻 The ice-cream sounds heavenly. 😋 I’m with Kat and hope you’ll supply some to us in the cyber freezer. 🀞😆 Enjoy the rest of the weekend but no more sneeky snifters! 😂😂 🀗💕xxx

Hello Spotty, so good to hear from you! Yes indeed, I will definitely put some in the cyber freezer - it’s gonna be a cracker once I have added small chunks of Cadbury’s Fudge & pieces of Biscoff Cream biccies to the churned mixture!! A bit naughty on the sugar front, but hey! A little of what you fancy and all that
hope you are keeping well? 🙏😄🀗😘🀗

I’m salivating already HW! 😋 What a tease you are with all those wonderful creations so tempting but always just out of reach. 🀚Looking forward to raiding the cyber freezer! 😂🀣 🀗😘🙏🏻xx

Hang on Spotty..you can't have any coz it's got alcohol in it!! 😜Best that that I have you're portion I think..just be safe!! I'm just looking out for ya 😉😹🌈😜😜xx

Lovely to know you’re looking out for me Kat, but I think I’ll risk it just this once. 😋 And just to make sure you don’t have a reaction to it yourself I’d better check out your portion too before you are let loose on it. 😉🍚🍚🥰 Go on, you know I’m right. 😂😂

U know it's got dairy n chocolate in it too..n u know how u react to those things!! 🀮Whereas I'm great with all those things..so u see it just makes sense that I have the larger portion!! 😋😹🌈😜😜Xx

Who me? I think you are confusing me with somebody else. 🀷🏌‍♀ The only reaction I have to those things is putting on weight. Hot chocolate gives me migraine but cold choc def not. 😋 Whereas you have your sylph-like figure to think about. 🧘‍♀ You don’t want to be putting on weight now do you? So you just have a wee taste and I’ll have the rest of your portion, just to help you out. 😉 😂😂🀣

My docs have been concerned about my weight loss..that's why I absolutely have to have loads..it's doctor's orders you see?!?! What can a girl do?? 🀷😹🌈😜😜Xx

That’s not good Kat but I think your docs had good hot meals and suet puddings in mind to put on weight. Ice-cream really isn’t any good for gaining weight because the body uses up a lot of calories keeping your core temperature warm after eating lots of ice-cream and the more delicious the ice-cream the worse it is. 🥎 Didn’t you know that Kat? So let me help you out. 🍚🍚🥄 😂xx

😹😹😹😹I can see you've done your research!! 😹😹Oh thanks Spotty I've had a lot of fun this afternoon 😜😹

Think we can share can't we? I'll bring the spoons...here's yours

Your spoon

Oh no..sorry this is the only one left so guess it'll have to be mine!! 😹See u at the cyber freezer!! 😹🌈😜😜Xx

My spoon 😋

I’ll be there with my serving spoon - sorry it is the only one I could find. 😂🀣Yes, it has been a lot of fun thanks Kat. Enjoy your evening. 🀗😘💕xxx

🀣🀣🀣🍚🍚🍚🀣🀣🀣love your 🥄 🥄🥄banter!!!

Absolutely love Pitlochry I don’t feel I’m really in Scotland until I reach there.

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Dordor16

👍🏻👍🏻🏎󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁎󠁿 🀗😘x

Yip, we play hard ball on the soup front up here in Scotland 😉😂🥃

😂😂 Don’t we just! 🥃🥄 😉 🀣 🀗x

Spoon?! I'm bringing a soup ladle 🀪😅

😳 😂😂 👍🏻👍🏻😜🀪

Thank you🀗🀗. We have a rheumatology line where you leave a message but sometimes they don’t call back so I’m loathed to phone it. Take care💐💐

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Froggie70

Nothing to lose by leaving a message is there Froggie? Maybe worth a try and maybe you’ll get a reply this time. 🀷🏌‍♀ 🀞 If not I’d try again a few days later. Take care Froggie. 🀗😘x

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