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Flare up due to a viral infection

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Morning lovely Lupies. I am just wondering if anyone also has a flare up of their Lupus when you have a viral infection. I have been feeling dreadful for the last couple of weeks, increased pain, breathing difficulties and chronic fatigue. I have viral laryngitis at the moment and it has knocked me for six.

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Yes yes yes. Did I say yes? Yes.

I hope you feel better soon. 💛


Thanks so much for replying Doaty. Your post made me smile. Just what the doctor ordered 😊

Oh yes! That is the main problem I have with lupus. The infection lasts much longer for me than for other people. I also feel unwell days before I realise that I have a viral infection. In contrast, my husband has only symptoms for a day or two. Working in a school makes it so hard because I am constantly fighting off something.

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I can completely relate to constantly fighting something off too. I work in an hospital, so lots to fight off. Thanks so much for replying to me.

Viral infections seem to be the main trigger for me. I've had several massive flares in the last 15 years, and at least 3 of them were triggered by something 'flu-like' - with temperature, coughing, snotty nose, exhaustion etc. It's taken me a stupidly long time to recognise this pattern, but now that I have I am going to try to work out how to avoid it. I have a tendency to keep going and 'deny' illness (for example by continuing to swim in cold water even when I feel like death). I am going to try to address that behaviour in the interests of saving my kidney function...

It’s so hard getting the balance right at times isn’t it? Hope things become a little better for you soon.

Oh most definitely!!!! I am in my fifth week of being ill after laryngitis and a chest infection. I thought I was getting better yesterday so did a few bits round the house, by the evening I was in so much pain and so exhausted that I couldn’t even manage a shower before bed at 7.30. This morning I am so weak and washed out I have come back to bed. It’s ridiculous. Just got to ride it out.

Hope you feel better soon.

I really hope you start feeling better soon. I’m taking it one day at a time at the moment and trying to make myself listen to my body.

Always, just be kind to your body! x

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It’s a lesson I’m still learning but I am determined to try harder at being kind to my body x

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